7 Essential Round Table Overlay Sizes for Different Shapes

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Ordinary-looking tables have no place in wedding receptions, anniversaries, ceremonies, and other formal gatherings. Even family events like birthdays, reunions, and holidays deserve more than a drab piece of furniture in the dining room. What you need is a topper that improves the table’s visual appeal by adding texture, enhancing the theme, and boosting colors and contrasts. Unfortunately, ensuring an attractive piece is almost impossible without knowing table overlay sizes. Thankfully, this article explores the sizes available for various tabletops, including finding the correct size for dining furniture.

Table Overlay Size Chart

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Charts are excellent “cheats” for determining the appropriateness of any item (the tabletop overlay) relative to another (table). It’s the perfect solution for people who want quick answers. And for that, here are some sizes families and homeowners will want to know about table toppers.

Here is the round table and round topper chart:

Summary of Sizes for Common Drop Lengths

Table Diameter (inches) Drop Length (inches) Overlay Diameter (inches)
48 8 64
60 10 80
72 18 108
36 30 96

Drop lengths (overlay overhangs) can be adjusted due to personal preference or the occasion. Here are some commonly used measurements.

  1. Standard Drop: 8-12 inches
  2. Casual Drop: 6-8 inches
  3. Formal Drop: 15-18 inches
  4. Floor-Length Drop: Changes based on table height, usually 30 inches for a standard table height (30 inches)

Here is the round table and square topper chart:

Round Table Diameter (in inches) Square Table Topper Size (in inches)

(Recommended drop in brackets [ ], in inches)

54 x 54 60 x 60 72 x 72 85 x 85 90 x 90
30 12 15      
30 (cocktail-type) 12 15 21 27.5 30
36 9 12      
48   6 12    
54     9 15.5  
60     6 12.5 15
72       6.5 9


The chart may seem confusing, but we’ll teach you how to use it.

The first column (i.e., 30, 30-cocktail-type, and 36) reflects the table’s diameter in inches. Note the 30-inch table stands about 42 inches off the floor, requiring a longer topper “drop.”

The second to the sixth columns (i.e., 54 x 54) reflect the table topper’s dimensions in inches. Hence, a 72 x 72 piece measures 72 inches or about 183 centimeters. 

The numbers in the matrix (i.e., 12, 9, and 15) reflect the recommended table overlay drop or how long the topper’s edges should “fall” along the table’s sides.

So, how do you use this sizing guide? First, pick your table’s diameter (i.e., inches). Next, check the recommended table topper size on the 2nd to 6th columns. Notice only two options are available: 16 (under 60 x 60) and 12 (under 72 x 72). Hence, you can get a 60-inch or 72-inch table scarf for dining table measurements with a 48-inch-diameter.

If all else fails and you still want help check out our overlay calculator, which lets you experiment with different drop sizes and choose between square or round topper shapes.

Standard Overlay Measurements

outdoor patio with table and chairs

Table overlays come in various sizes, and picking one depends on the homeowner’s or event organizer’s requirements. For example, an 85-inch by 85-inch topper would sit nicely on a 60-inch-diameter table, offering a 6.75-inch drop (two makes 12.5 inches) along the furniture’s sides.

If you want a topper that nearly touches the floor, a 90 x 90 version is a better option, and the 5-foot-wide table will still look spectacular.

Most overlays are square, ranging from 54 inches on all sides to 90 inches, although some can accommodate oversized tables. 

30” Table

30 table overlayIf you have a 30-foot-diameter dining surface, you can buy a 54-inch table scarf. The 2 feet variance can produce a 12-inch cascading effect on all sides. Because these table styles have tops 28 to 30 inches from the floor, a 54 x 54 topper’s leading edge should cover about a third down from the tabletop. 

If you must cover about half the furniture’s lower section, a 60 x 60 topper would be ideal. This overlay gives you a 15-inch drop on all sides or about 3 inches longer than the 54 x 54 version.

48” Table

48 table overlayFamilies with a 48-inch-wide table can add a 60 x 60 or 72 x 72 overlay, with the former offering a “short” 6-inch drop and the latter a more “stunning” 12-inch vertical flow.

54” Table

54 table overlayFour-and-a-half-foot-diameter tables will look more appealing with a 72 x 72 or 85 x 85 overlay unless you find a 90 x 90 version more stunning for a near-the-floor look.  The latter offers an 18-inch drop, translating to a 10- to 12-inch gap between the floor and the table topper’s leading edge.

60” Table

60 table overlayHomeowners have three table overlay options for a 5-foot-wide dining furniture. You can use a 72 x 72 piece for a 6-inch drop on the side or an 85 x 85 variant to cover about 12.5 inches of the table’s upper section.

Alternatively, a 90 x 90 table scarf should look equally stunning, with its 15-inch droop covering about half the table’s vertical length.

72” Table

72 table overlayPerfect for large gatherings seating 10 to 12 guests, 6-foot-diameter dining tabletops can accommodate an 85 x 85 topper for a 6.5-inch drop. This scarf is perfect for showcasing the underlying tablecloth’s unique designs.

On the other hand, highlighting the topper’s textures will be more effective with a 90 x 90 version.

6ft Rectangular Table

72 table overlayRectangular banquet tables for six can look visually appealing with a 60 x 60 overlay in a diamond orientation. The scarf’s corners should give a stunning contrast to the rectangular table cloth’s straightedge. 

You can pick a 72 x 72 table scarf, but should not be longer than the underlying tablecloth. Ideally, you’ll want these two geometric elements to complement each other.

Overlay Sizing Formula

table overlay sizing formulaTable overlay sizes take their cue from the furniture’s dimensions. Hence, custom-built tables might have a different size than the units presented here. The good news is homeowners can determine the appropriate topper size, regardless of table size.

One must measure the table’s diameter (for round furnishings) or width (for rectangular pieces). Next, determine how long you want the overlay to hang on the table’s sides (i.e., 6 inches from the top surface) and multiply this by two. Combine the two values to get the “ideal” table overlay size.

I think the dining table can be a splurge, or a save, depending on your budget and how often you plan on using the table. An affordable option is to dress up a less expensive or a simple but elegant table with great table styling. – Design the Home You Love, Lee Mayer, Emily Motayed

For example, suppose you have a 58-inch-wide table, and you want the scarf to flow 10 inches from the table. In that case, multiply 10 inches by 2 to get 20 inches. Add this to 58 inches, and you’ll get 78 inches. That’s the table scarf you must look for. 

Determining Drop

round table inside dining space

If you’re shopping and found a beautiful overlay for your table but don’t know its drop, you can determine it by subtracting the table’s width or diameter from the topper’s size and dividing the result by two.

For example, subtracting 50 inches (table size) from 80 inches (topper size) gives you 30 inches. Dividing 30 inches by two results in 15 inches. That’s the drop.




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