Curtain Size For Sliding Glass Door

Sliding doors have become a part of modern architecture and offer homeowners plenty of benefits other than aesthetics. These doors connect homeowners to bright environments and allow natural light into the home while saving on utility costs by not having to turn on the lights during the day.

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Sliding doors also make homes look more inviting, welcoming, and spacious. But to complete the look of these contemporary doors, homeowners should consider installing curtains on them.

There are many curtain ideas to find online, but it is important to measure the door before choosing the right coverings. This will help homeowners find practical and attractive curtains to complement their interior decor and sliding glass doors. 

So after taking the measurements of the door and right before jumping into a design, pattern, and style for a covering, one has to determine the sizes of a curtain. It’s also important to consider rods and the number of panels needed.

What Size Curtains For Sliding Glass Door?

Sliding glass door curtain size

The most common sliding door size is five or six feet, translating to a 60-inch width or 72-inch width. Most often it will be six feet or 72 inches.

To determine the size of the curtain panel you need, add four inches to every side to leave a slight overhang distance so that you can push the curtain back from your doorway easily. For this, you’ll come up with a width of 80″ for a 6-foot door width.

Or, you can just measure the width of the doorway and then divide it by the number of panels. Once you have the calculations, you can multiply the result for the desired fullness, if you have one (regular drapes, 1; drapes that heavily pleat when they’re pushed back, 2 or 3).

For an 80-inch wide door, which is divided by four panels and with a regular fullness, your panel must be 20″ wide each and should be 84″ long.

For an 80-inch wide door that’s to be installed with two panels and with a regular fullness, every panel should be 40″ wide and 84″ long.

For four panels having double fullness, choose panels that are 40″ wide and should be 84″ long. For two panels and double fullness, you can have 80-inch panels for each, and should be 84″ long.

If you’ve already decided on the number of panels to use for sliding glass doors, you should also think about the full look you want to achieve for your curtains. Some homeowners prefer covering the opening completely or getting a panel that is twice the size they need, making the curtain drapes appear plush.

However, one must also take note that it can be cumbersome to have additional material to the curtain at the same time. Thus, it would help to pick a simple style.

Standard Sliding Door Curtain Size

Standard sliding door curtain size

Knowing the dimensions of the sliding glass door can help you determine the size of the curtains you need. A standard door is more likely 6.8 feet in height, as a standard sliding door is 80 inches in height.

You can start measuring from the top to the bottom to ensure getting the right measurements of the door’s height and check that yours is a standard height.

The width of a standard sliding glass door is five feet or six feet or 60″ or 72″, but many are 6 feet wide.  But if you can’t eyeball this, get a measuring tape to double-check. Once you’ve determined the length and width, you can start choosing curtain fabrics and curtain rods.

Standard two-panel sliding glass doors measure 72″. So for the curtain size, each must extend 3 inches above the doorframe and then 1 inch just below the doorframe. This will allow the curtains to graze the floor while not covering the top of the frame.

It means that a curtain that is four inches longer than the height of the door, which is 80″, is what you need. Thus, 84-inch sliding glass door curtains are what you should get.

Nevertheless, sliding glass door curtains typically measure the standard 84″ or the large 96″. Ensure that the curtains are framing the sliding doors for a stylish and functional look.  They must also extend four inches past the door and then two inches on each side.

How Many Curtain Panels For A Sliding Door?

Large slider door with white curtains

You’ll more likely need at least two panels for a slider. Sixty to seventy-two inches is the typical sliding glass door size and most rods will have a support center post, which is a requirement for rods that are longer than 60 inches. A curtain can’t slide between the center post, so you’ll need one panel to cover each side.

Meanwhile, some homeowners prefer traverse curtains that aren’t limited by a center post. The curtains for traverse rods are called pinch pleats. For this, you could have one curtain panel, which can be easily pushed off to the side when you want to.

Then, there are people that use four panels that allow the arrangement of multiple panels that can block sunlight, but if your slider is used frequently, moving your panels aside might be a burden.

Meanwhile, homeowners are opting for unique three-panel curtains, as they can add more visuals versus one or two-panel curtains. This gives them more freedom in terms of choosing the right amount of light to enter their homes based on the sun’s position.

Many three-panel curtains also have a medium thickness, allowing light to still shine through even when closed, unlike blackout curtains that can make a space appear dark or sheer curtains that don’t provide sun shade. For more details visit our guide to layered curtains here.

How Long Should Curtains Be For A Slider?

Another important measurement to take when considering curtains is the length. A curtain’s size is measured and determined by the dimensions of the glass slider. So as standard frames are 80 inches in height, a panel should be 84 inches in height. 

How Do You Calculate Curtain Size?

To determine the size of the curtains for a sliding door, calculate the correct panel width by measuring the frame’s diameter from each outer edge. One can easily do it, though.

• Add five inches to a 60-inch wide door for a curtain 65 inches wide.
• For doors wider than 72 inches, you can add eight to 12 inches to the width.
• For an 80-inch wide curtain panel, you can just add eight inches to a 72-inch wide door.
• NOTE: Wider doors would need greater stacking distance.

What Size Curtain Rod For A Glass Slider

Curtain rod size for sliding door

As the standard length of sliding glass doors is either 60 or 72 inches, the curtain rod you’ll need should extend from 3 to 6 inches on either side. If you have the common 72-inch or 6-foot sliding door, your curtain rod size should be from 78 inches to 84 inches.

On the other hand, it must measure from 66 to 72 inches if your sliding glass door is 60 inches or five feet.

For irregularly sized doors, add three to six inches on each side. Remember, there are also curtain rods with a fixed length, although others will have springs inside. This allows adjustments for the desired length.

Homeowners should also consider getting the correct curtain rod diameter because it will look cheap and might break if the curtains are heavy if it’s less than one inch.

See more related content in our article about the types of curtains on this page.

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