Table Overlay Size Calculator

Finding the perfect table overlay or tablecloth to elegantly dress your dining or event table just got easier! Our handy Table Overlay Calculator is here to take the guesswork out of determining the correct size and dimensions you need. No more frustration with overlays that are too small or too large and awkwardly drape off the edges. Whether your table is rectangular, or round, this easy-to-use tool will ask you for a few simple measurements and then do the math for a custom fit.

Table Overlay Calculator

How To Use The Table Topper Calculator

To get started with the calculator, you’ll first pick if your table is rectangular or round. Then simply enter the length and width for rectangular tables, or the diameter for rounds ones. Last, put in how much fabric overhang you want beyond the edges. An overhang makes sure your table is fully covered.

Once your dimensions are entered, hit calculate and the tool does the math for the total overlay size needed. It adds double your overhang measurement to the table length and width or diameter. So if you want a 10 inch overhang all around, 20 inches total gets added to the original table size for the overlay.

For example, say your rectangular table is 60 by 30 inches. You enter an overhang of 10 inches because you want plenty of drape. The calculator would spit out an 80 by 50 inch overlay.

Or if you have a 48 inch round and enter that 10 inch overhang again, your fitted overlay would come out to 68 inches round.

So in a nutshell, just pick your shape, provide the size and overhang, and the calculator figures out the overlay dimensions needed to generously cloak your table. It takes the guesswork and math out of getting that perfect floor-sweeping fit.

Tips For Choosing The Best Overlay Size

Choosing the perfect overlay length for your dining table can seem tricky, but keeping some key factors in mind makes it easier.

Consider the Functionality: Think about the event first – are you hosting a fancy dinner party or a casual family meal? Longer drops around 10-15 inches add drama for formal occasions, while shorter 6-8 inch ones suit laidback gatherings.

Table Shape and Size: Next, consider the elements. You want guests to dine comfortably without catching their clothes or elbows on the fabric. Also check if the overlay fits your table shape evenly. Round tops complement circular tables better than square ones. The drop should be consistent around the entire table.

Room Setting: Evaluate your space too. A compact area or tight squeeze around chairs calls for a shorter drop to prevent it dragging on the floor. But in a spacious, ornate room you can opt for a luxurious floor-length style.

Fabric Choice: Don’t forget about the fabric itself. Lightweight materials wrinkle easier, so may work better with petite overlays. Whereas opulent brocade or velvet make a statement with longer drops.

Personal Preference: Most importantly, go with what delights your eye! Choose the length that makes you smile and brings your decor vision to life. When functionality and aesthetics harmonize, that’s how you know you’ve nailed it.

With these flexible tips in mind, you can determine the perfect overlay size to suit any occasion, space or style. So explore different options fearlessly until you discover “the one”!

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