11 Exciting Laminate Countertops That Look Like Quartz

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A countertop material that provides you with a wide range of designs and price options, laminate countertops that look like quartz can be a cost-effective option for homeowners. Thanks to the technological improvements in its manufacturing, laminate is fast becoming an alternative to the more costly natural stone and engineered worktops. 

The engineered material, quartz, is made in response to our need for a more affordable and accessible material that looks like natural stone. However, quartz can still be a pricey material, and factors such as raw materials, brand name, installation, demand, etc., can raise the price of the material and can even be more expensive than the real thing. 

Laminate countertops, which are basically made from layers of materials compressed with resins and overlayed with image sheets, are fast becoming a formidable countertop material. Unlike its predecessors, laminate counters have become tougher and better-simulated quartz and other types of stones.

Reasons To Consider Laminate Countertops

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Aside from lower upfront costs, there are many reasons why you should consider laminate countertops as an alternative to quartz. 

You have the option to install laminate countertops yourself or professionally: If you’ve been doing home improvements for quite some time, installing laminate countertops is relatively easy, especially when installing the softer versions, such as formable laminates. 

High-quality laminates are already available: Many homeowners may not be aware, but high-quality laminates are already fire-resistant, antibacterial, abrasion-resistant, and overall, more robust than your typical laminate.

These are usually called compact laminate sheets or high-pressured laminates that have undergone high-pressure and high-pressure temperatures during their production. These make them perfect as kitchen worktops and other busy countertop areas. 

Digitally and offset-printed laminated sheets produce quality images: High-quality laminate types of kitchen countertops that look like quartz usually have a more vivid crystal or veining simulation of true stone.

Some quartz has unnatural veining and crystal positioning due to their uniformity. The newer versions of laminate countertops have more realistic simulations and can be installed on the sectional edges of the countertop. 

You can find the best laminate design to match your preferences: From honed to high gloss as well as mimicking the engineered stone’s textures and crystal designs. The most popular vein and crystal effects on quartz stone are tumbled, frosted, flamed, and faceted quartz. 

The lightweight material is easier to handle and transport: When you have lighter materials, it means you can easily install them in higher-level rooms. This also makes installing for a DIY project easier, and you won’t need specialized tools to cut your countertop material. 

Option for non-complex and expensive construction jobs: Resurfacing floors with laminated materials has quickly become a popular home improvement option. This also goes with resurfacing countertops.

This is by installing the laminates over the old countertop, which reduces the need for a major renovation. Given that the existing countertop is in good condition as well as having a structurally sound substrate. 

Fast and quick installation: In connection to the reduced need for demolition and other complex construction procedures, laminate countertops look like quartz and can be installed without professional assistance. 

Suitable for temporary installations: If you’ll be renting a property for several years, you’ll find a suitable laminated countertop material that matches your preferences. The cheapest laminate kitchen counters can last 5 to 10 years, while better quality worktops can last from 15 to 20 years.

Laminate countertops can be found in more kitchens than any other type of countertop material. The main reason is that laminate is versatile and inexpensive. – Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Cabinets & Countertops, Editors of Cool Springs Press

More affordable than quartz countertops: While there are now luxury laminates, on average, laminate countertops are still cheaper compared to quartz. Usually, you can spruce up your kitchen countertop at $14 to $40 per square foot compared to your average quartz countertop price of $100 to $200 per square foot.

In addition, quartz is a difficult DIY project, so you’ll likely need a professional installer. Plus, the weight can add to your shipping and transportation costs. 

Popular Laminate Designs That Mimic Quartz 

kitchen with island windows and laminate countertop

Calcatta and Carrara Laminate: One of the earliest natural stones that quartz has simulated is the popular marble stones from the Italian region. The white quartz is distinct with its gray, blue, and gold veining.

The luxurious look of these quartz stones makes them one of the most in-demand and expensive designs. If you’re aiming to have that expensive look without spending a fortune, then a laminate countertop that looks like the Calcutta and Carrara quartz is ideal. Check out the Formica 180fx Series for more color options.

Crystal or Sparkling Laminate: Not only are quartz countertops known for their simulation of natural stone, but the engineered material is known for its crystal-filled design. The sparkling laminate simulates the glass and metallic fills. High-quality laminate countertops that look like quartz will have that three-dimensional effect, adding depth to the worktop area. 

kitchen with seating pendant lights and cabinets

Statuario Laminate: A more defined and masculine quartz pattern is the Statuario quartz. Like the Calacatta and Carrara laminates, the Statuario laminate simulates the bright white backdrop of the stone but this time has the distinct wider veining with darker gray and black coloring. 

Black Laminate: Matte black quartz with distinct white and gray veining has been popular lately with waterfall types of kitchen islands because of its urban and minimalist quality.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, a black laminate that simulates the matte finish and white veining is the perfect alternative, as formed laminates can follow forms even with countertops with tricky corners or shapes. 

Terrazzo Laminate: The terrazzo material is making a comeback as newer and fresher color designs are being introduced. Popular in the 1950s, you’ll find old schools and other public buildings still showcasing the distinctive glass and stone chips installed in a white or beige backdrop.

With its revival, you’ll see modern kitchens with terrazzo-inspired quartz. If you’re looking for an alternative to the quartz material, you’ll easily find laminate countertops that mimic the terrazzo material.  

Pionite Stone Finish: These textured laminates realistically mimic natural stone with an elegant depth and dimension that feels luxurious to the touch. Pionite offers several stone-inspired patterns to match any style.

The White Carrara features timeless white backgrounds with subtle grey veining reminiscent of the iconic Italian marble. For a darker, bolder aesthetic, the Graphite Grafix pattern layers rich charcoal greys with sparsely dispersed light grey accents.

Both patterns provide beautiful, natural stone looks that withstand everyday use at affordable costs. With the realism of quartz and the practicality of laminate, Pionite stone finish laminates offer the best of both worlds. See more options at Panolam.

Wilsonart’s High Definition (HD) laminate: This product authentically emulates luxurious natural stone with intricate designs inspired by quartz, marble, and granite. Flowing veins of gray, black, and white swirl across the Bianco Romano pattern, resembling time-honored Italian marble. The Cipollino Bianco pattern evokes modern quartz counters with its eye-catching movement of gray and crisp white.

Unlike natural stone, Wilsonart’s HD laminates stands up to everyday wear-and-tear without losing its rich colors or textures. The durable, scratch-resistant surface retains its just-polished sheen for years of beauty with little maintenance required. Elevate your home with the sumptuous elegance of natural stone floors minus the hassle.

Arborite Premium Collection: Mimicking luxury quartz, these elegant countertops by Arborite offer a lot of different options. Two of the standouts are the Carrara Venato and the Aria.

The Carrara Venato pattern features arctic white backgrounds with graceful grey veining. Its striking marbleized appearance flows beautifully in modern and traditional spaces alike.

For a slightly bolder yet still refined look, the Aria Quartzite pattern layers on more dimension with hints of white and grey speckles across cool toned grey backgrounds. The overall effect has an organic warmth and depth to it.

Variations in Laminate Countertop Materials 

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Like any other type of countertop material, laminate countertops have their limitations. However, it is important to note that several types of laminates are now on the market. The variation of laminate materials will cover several factors, such as thickness, composition, and manufacturing process.

For thickness, for instance, compact laminate sheets usually have a maximum thickness of 30 mm, while the standard laminate will have a 1.5 mm thickness. Special processes such as offset printing and realistic printing can also affect the quality of a laminate countertop. 

However, the typical limitations of laminate countertops are: 

 The material surface has low heat resistance

 It is susceptible to scratches and dents

 Can be affected by certain chemicals

 Water or moisture can seep through the seams and other imperfections

 Not advisable for outdoor bathroom or kitchen countertops

 Not as durable as quartz

 Can stain easily

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to use real quartz countertops you can read more about its advantages to help make your decision.

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