Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator: Easy Renovation Estimates

Designing your dream bathroom starts with understanding exactly how much it will cost. Our easy-to-use Bathroom Remodel Calculator breaks the process down into simple steps so you can get an accurate estimate without feeling overwhelmed.

Bathroom Planner Cost Calculator

Material Costs

Installation Costs ℹ️Enter the average installation cost per sq. ft. or as a total cost.

How the Bathroom Remodeling Price Calculator Works

First, enter the length and width of your bathroom space in feet. Think carefully here – every inch matters when you’re working with flooring, walls, and other materials priced by the square foot!

Next comes the fun part: picking your perfect materials! Choose flooring, walls, fixtures, cabinetry, shower, and bathtub options ranging from standard to premium to luxury. If you have specific items already in mind, you can enter custom costs too. As you make selections, you’ll see prices update automatically based on the size of your space.

For example, let’s imagine a 10 x 8 foot bathroom for a total of 80 square feet. Going with $5/square foot tile flooring would cost $400 total. Painting the walls at $1/square foot means another $80. Add in $1000 for standard bathroom fixtures, $500 for basic cabinets, a $2000 standard shower, and $1500 for a basic tub.

Don’t forget essential permits and any surprise expenses that may pop up! Our calculator incorporates fees and wiggle room costs upfront so your final number is as accurate as possible.

You’ll also enter installation charges per square foot for the flooring and walls. Plus, provide the total costs to install fixtures, cabinets, shower and tub. For our 10 x 8 bathroom, tile flooring installation at $8 per square foot totals $640. Painting the walls at $4 per square foot costs $320 for installation labor.

As you make choices, watch your estimated total update in real time. Our detailed breakdown shows costs for materials, permits, installation and the overall project estimate so you know exactly where your dollars are going.

Knowing precise bathroom remodel costs upfront makes planning for your dream space a breeze! Our calculator simplifies budgeting so you can focus on designing. Just follow our step-by-step process to get the accurate total price you need to make those renovations a reality.

Modern bathroom remodel with shower and tub

Best Tips for Managing Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Renovating your bathroom can be an exciting endeavor, but also a costly one if you’re not careful. As someone who just finished remodeling my own bathroom on a tight budget, let me share some of the key things I learned to keep costs under control.

First things first—know exactly how much you can spend upfront. I made the mistake of not properly budgeting ahead of time and nearly gave myself a heart attack when the quotes started coming in. Leave yourself a nice buffer too (I’d say at least 15%) for any unexpected surprises along the way. Trust me, there will be some!

Now comes the fun part – deciding what upgrades are essential to you versus just nice-to-haves. For me, a large walk-in shower with multiple showerheads was non-negotiable for my dream bathroom. But I opted for more affordable porcelain tile instead of pricey natural stone. Little swaps like that add up.

Another easy way to save? Scope out discount home improvement stores instead of designer showrooms when choosing fixtures and materials. I found an adorable vanity at 40% off just because it had a small scratch on one side. A little DIY work later and you’d never know! Finding a discounted item like this can easily save you $200 to $500 and may be an easy fix.

I also got creative with ways to update what I already had rather than replacing everything. My contractor was able to refinish my existing bathtub and tile for just $400 total—nearly 10 times cheaper than installing all new! Sometimes older things just need a fresh coat of paint. Whatever you do plan for the future by buying materials that will stay in style longer. This will help reduce the need of a remodel later.

Another thing to consider is the layout. Keeping the plumbing in the same place can save thousands of dollars compared to relocating plumbing fixtures elsewhere.

And unless you know your way around plumbing, I’d avoid taking too much on yourself. I attempted to demo my old tile on my own and it took forever and turned into a dusty mess that seriously strained my relationship. Know when to call in the pros and get quotes from a few different companies.

The big takeaway? Bookmark those home renovation posts for when inspiration strikes, then make well thought-out choices guided by your actual budget and needs when it comes time to remodel. With some creativity and deal hunting along the way, you can create a bathroom you’ll genuinely enjoy at a price you can afford. Just learn from my mistakes—measure twice and protect your budget!

Did you find this bathroom remodel cost calculator useful? Let us know if it worked for you and what you’re planning in the comments.

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