Plan Your Dream Kitchen With This Remodel Cost Calculator

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting endeavor, but also a complex one filled with important decisions that carry major financial implications. To make the process more manageable, our user-friendly Kitchen Remodel Cost Calculator aims to provide you clarity amidst the chaos.

Kitchen Planner Cost Calculator

Material Costs

Installation Costs ℹ️Enter the average installation cost per sq. ft. or as a total cost.

How The Kitchen Planning Calculator Works

First, input the length and width of your existing kitchen space in feet. This allows the calculator to determine the total area, an essential piece for estimating costs of materials sold by the square foot – think new floors, countertops, backsplashes, etc. Those few details set the stage.

Next, the fun begins! Start selecting your dream materials and amenities. Custom cabinets running $300 per square foot? Premium granite countertops for $100 per square foot? Top-of-the-line appliances for $5,000? Input your choices and watch your total add up in real-time.

But a remodel is more than just shiny new toys. Our calculator factors in “unsexy” but necessary costs too like permits and contingency funds for surprises. You tell us your expected permit fees based on local regulations. And enter whatever extra cushion you’d like to cover unexpected issues – 10% of total cost is a good rule of thumb.

As you tweak dimensions or swap laminate for quartz, our calculator immediately updates your total spend. This empowers you to weigh tradeoffs between higher grades of materials vs overall budget and make informed decisions that balance vision and cost constraints.

The calculator also  includes estimated installation costs for cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, and lighting. These costs are based on average rates and ensure a more comprehensive cost estimate. You can hover over the blue tool tip to see what the average in the U.S market is. Installation prices will vary depending on where you live and local labor costs.

Breakdown of Material Pricing

Here is the cost per square foot for materials:

  • Cabinets:
    • Basic: $100 per sq ft.
    • Premium: $200 per sq ft.
    • Custom: $300 per sq ft.


  • Laminate: $50 per sq ft.
  • Granite: $100 per sq ft.
  • Quartz: $150 per sq ft.


  • Tile: $5 per sq ft.
  • Hardwood: $10 per sq ft.
  • Vinyl: $7 per sq ft.

Appliances & Lighting Costs

  • Appliances:
    • Standard: $2000
    • High-end: $5000
  • Lighting:
    • Basic: $500
    • Premium: $1500

When computing the prices you also have the option to add a custom price for any of the inputs. This is useful if you know the exact cost of a particular kitchen element to get more accurate results. As you input your details you’ll see a real-time cost calculation.

Tips For Remodeling a Kitchen

I’ve remodeled a kitchen and learned a few things the hard way, here’s a few helpful tips. Set a realistic budget and stick to it – unexpected costs pop up often. Focus first on the must-haves like durable counters and functional appliances, then move to the nice-to-haves if the budget allows.

Quality materials will make a difference when it comes to longevity and ease of maintenance. This is especially true if you plan on living in the home for a long time. Many do remodels right before they sell a home and don’t get to enjoy them for long.

When designing your new kitchen, think about how you cook. Increase your kitchen’s efficiency by adding smart storage solutions and planning the layout using the kitchen work triangle concept – ideally, your sink, stove, and fridge are just a few steps apart. Proper lighting and ventilation make all the difference. Include a mix of lighting types and consider installing a high-end range hood – you’ll appreciate these touches every time you cook.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: even well-planned remodels often go over budget. Pad yours with a 10-20% contingency fund in case you need to make changes down the road. And for specialized tasks, do yourself a favor by hiring licensed interior designers, electricians and plumbers. The last thing you need is avoidable mistakes! If this all sounds complicated, it doesn’t have to be. Take your time, do your research, and make informed decisions.

Accessible, transparent and always up-to-date, consult our Kitchen Remodel Calculator early and often to turn even the most elaborate renovation dreams into executable reality. This tool is for entertainment purposes only, make sure to double check its results for accuracy. Do you find this calculator useful, or is there a problems you had? Let us know what you think about it below in the comments.

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