Deck Stain Coverage Calculator: Estimate Material Needs

Staining a deck can seem tricky, but this handy calculator makes it easy. Just follow these simple steps to figure out exactly how much stain you’ll need.

Advanced Deck Stain Coverage Calculator

Average stain coverage ranges from 150-300 sq ft per gallon. Check your product label for specific coverage rates.
sq ft per gallon

How the Stain Calculator Works

First, take out your measuring tape and get the length and width of your deck in either feet or meters. Pop those numbers into the calculator. While you’re at it, check out the tooltip next to “Stain Coverage” if you’re unsure about how much area your particular stain covers.

Next, decide if you want to do one thick coat or two lighter coats of stain. Choose from the dropdown menu. You’ll also need to account for spillage, drips, or stain that gets lost in the cracks. The calculator builds in a 10% wastage factor, but you can adjust that up or down.

When all the details are dialed in, hit that glorious “Calculate” button and see your results magically appear. It’ll even tell you how many gallons you need to do the job right.

Still not sure? Use the “Print Results” or “Email Results” options to take your stain calculation on the go for easy reference at the hardware store. This user-friendly design works great on desktop or mobile too. No matter how you slice it, this calculator makes quick work of estimating stain so you can focus on perfectly prepping and staining your beautiful new deck.

Please double check your results before ordering materials as this calculator is for entertainment purposes only.

Tips For Applying Stain

Staining your deck can protect its beauty and add color, but only if done properly. Follow these key steps for stunning results:

Choose Wisely – Select the right stain type for your wood and desired finish – transparent, semi-transparent, or solid. Match the color tone too.

Clean – Thoroughly Use deck cleaner or soap and water with a stiff brush. Pressure wash away ground-in gunk but don’t damage wood.

Prep the Surface – Sand lightly to smooth fibers. Repair cracks and holes. Tape off areas you don’t want stained.

Mind the Weather – Stain when it’s dry for 48 hours with temps between 50-90°F. Rain can ruin a fresh coat.

Stir Well, Test First – Thoroughly mix the stain and sample on a hidden spot before proceeding.

Apply In Sections – Work in manageable 2-3 board-width sections for best coverage. Maintain a wet edge to prevent lap marks.

Brush With the Grain – Apply stain along wood grain for a natural look and proper absorption. Use a brush on cracks and corners.

Backbrush Right After – Back-brush immediately if using a roller or sprayer to ensure penetration.

Don’t Overdo It – Wipe up excess stain so it doesn’t get tacky. Two thin coats are better than one thick one.

Let It Dry! – Follow manufacturer’s recommendations before permitting foot traffic or replacing furniture.

Seal and Store – Consider adding a protective sealant. Clean tools properly and seal excess stain.

With the right supplies and techniques, you can make your deck shine with a rich, uniform stain that lasts seasons to come. Stay patient during the process and attend to every plank. Your hard work will pay off in curb appeal and outdoor enjoyment!

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