Plan Your Dream Swimming Pool: Construction Cost Calculator

Figuring out how much it will cost to build your dream swimming pool can be confusing. That’s why we created this easy-to-use pool cost construction cost calculator to provide you with a reliable cost estimate.

Swimming Pool Planner Cost Calculator

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How to Use the Pool Calculator

To start, simply input your desired pool dimensions – length, width, and depth – in feet. Next, select the type of pool you want: concrete, fiberglass or vinyl. Each material has a different base price per square foot. If you’re looking to deck out your pool, you can also enter customized costs for special features like lighting, heating, and decking.

Don’t forget essential construction fees like excavation and permit costs. Just plug these expenses into the designated fields. Here’s the math that makes this calculator work: First, it automatically determines the surface area of your pool by multiplying the length by the width. Then, it takes that surface area and multiplies it by the base cost per square foot for your selected pool type.

For example, concrete runs about $150 per square foot, fiberglass is $120 and vinyl: $100.

To get the total cost, the calculator adds up the surface area calculation, base price by square footage, excavation fees, permits, and any fancy addons you selected like lighting or heating.

In the end, you get an estimated total construction cost clearly displayed at the bottom. This provides you with a reliable ballpark figure to budget and plan for building a custom swimming pool tailored to your backyard.

The estimator pulls typical industry averages for pricing. But actual final expenses depend on specific factors in your area, as well as custom designs. Use this as a starting point to understand costs before requesting quotes. With some preparation and insight, you’ll be ready to dive into your dream pool project!

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Tips to Save Money On a Pool

Constructing a new pool in your backyard can be an exciting endeavor, but it can also put a real dent in your wallet if you’re not careful. With some strategic planning and savvy decision-making though, you can make that pool of your dreams a reality while actually saving money in the process.

When first deciding on a pool, carefully consider the type that best suits your space and budget. Vinyl liner pools tend to be the most cost-effective in-ground option. Their pliable vinyl walls make shaping easier and cheaper compared to concrete or fiberglass. Though pricier upfront, fiberglass pools offer significant long-term savings since their non-porous shells require far less maintenance than other materials. Or go the versatile concrete route if you prioritize customization over price.

Once you pick a structure, think small. Wheel back that grandiose Olympic-sized plan to a more modest size. The bigger the pool, the bigger the construction price tag. You can also save by opting for a shallower depth rather than an 8-foot dive pool requiring extensive excavation.

You’ll be amazed at how much sweat equity can pare down costs too. Put those DIY skills to work by handling tasks like site excavation, landscaping finishes or installing pool accessories yourself if qualified. Just be sure to hire licensed contractors for the pool shell itself for safety and compliance reasons.

And nothing motivates bargain pricing more than good old fashioned competition. Get several bids from reputable pool builders in your local area – at least three. The variation in pricing can be eye-opening. Don’t shy away from negotiating either. Many companies expect it, so put on your haggling hat and hunt around for current promotions or seasonal discounts too.

When it comes to features, sometimes less is more for your bank account. Fancy add-ons like water slides, elaborate lighting, custom tile work, and spill-over spas can drain a pool budget fast. Consider starting with a basic operational pool for now, then upgrading features later as funds allow. Remember, there’s nothing stopping you from embellishing down the road!

How did you like this pool cost calculator, did it work for you or was it missing something? Leave your comments below to let us know.

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