How to Clean Marble Countertops (Essential Tips)

Over the years, marble has been considered a luxurious and beautiful material that adds a statement of style to any space where it is installed. It is widely used for flooring, countertops, backsplash, vanity, and wall cladding in honed and polished form. Those who have them will inevitably want to know how to clean marble countertops so they maintain their beauty for years to come.

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Marble countertops are seamless and splendid and can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. However, many of us fear the cost of cleaning and maintaining them. There is a perception that their surfaces are difficult to clean, but they are not. That said, care has to be taken in its maintenance. Let us look at some ways of maintaining and cleaning the beauty of marble.

Cleaning The Marble Surface

When there is a spill, wipe off the surface with mild soap and warm water before it stains. There is nothing that cannot be cleaned with soap and water.

This will remove the grime but may not work on stubborn stains. In case there is a spill, and it starts developing a stain, mix a few drops of ammonia with hydrogen peroxide and rub it till the stain vanishes.

Solution For Common Marble Stains


Here are the top solutions for common stains and spills:

Oil-based stains, grease, oil, and cosmetics can be removed with ammonia, detergent, or soft liquid cleansers.

 Organic stains such as coffee, tea, and fruit can be cleaned with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with a few drops of ammonia.

 Rust metallic stains can be cleaned with poultice.

 Paint stains can be removed with lacquer thinners, or dried paint can be carefully scraped with a razor blade.

Tips to Maintain the Shine and Polish of Marble Counters

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A spray sealant can be used once a month to protect your marble from etching and staining. Sealant delays the process of staining, thus giving you time to act and clean the stain before it penetrates.

Use special countertop pads on your stone surfaces in case of a party or heavy meal arrangement is also recommended to avoid stains and spills. Some extra effort will save a great deal of time and energy.

Other Essential Marble Cleaning Techniques and Products

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You can always clean marble countertops easily with these essential tips and tricks. From using the right cleaners to knowing just how much effort to put into it, we’ve got you covered. Get ready for shiny brilliance that’ll make your marble counters gleam.

Marble countertops – you have to keep them clean constantly. You’ve got lots of options when it comes to keeping them looking their best. Of course, there’s mild soap and warm water, but for unique situations, you may need some extra special cleaner.

Household geniuses always know that baking soda is the perfect tool to feed your problem spots, especially when you plan to do a kitchen deep cleaning session. You can create a dirt-fighting paste with just a splash of water and some baking soda; make sure it’s thick enough to stay put.

Get scrubbing with a soft sponge – don’t worry, it won’t do any damage – and rinse away the grime. Use this trick to remove even the toughest stains from your stone surfaces quickly and easily.

Besides baking soda, buzz through the cleaning aisles and grab a specialized stone cleaner to tackle these surfaces. Just make sure it’s pH-balanced so there is no acidity because that can cause damage. If you want one labeled especially for marble, follow its manufacturer’s guidelines.

Effective Solutions for Marble With Stubborn Stains and Scratches

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Despite our best efforts, sometimes stains and scratches are unavoidable. These causes of headaches always on your marble countertop can ruin the look – but don’t stress. There are solutions out there to help you restore the original beauty anyhow. So don’t throw in the towel just yet – you can bring back that aesthetic glow.

Marble is softer than granite and not as durable; therefore, it’s usually used for pastry-making areas only. – Home Decorating For Dummies, Katharine Kaye McMillan, Patricia Hart McMillan

Do you have organic stains like wine or spaghetti sauce that you dropped? You can mix hydrogen peroxide with a few drops of ammonia and dab it on the stain, according to Cleanipedia. Hang tight for a few, then wipe it off with a soft cloth or sponge – obviously. Don’t forget to rinse the spot afterward – residue could be left.

For minor scratches, watch your step – a gentle touch is key to preventing any additional damage. A microfiber cloth and a splash of dish soap should do the trick. Scrub it and you’ll be back in business.

Afterward, gently massage the scratched area by rubbing it in a circular motion – lightly, of course. This may help reduce the appearance of minor scuffs, but for those deeper scratches or excessive damage, it is probably best to go to a pro; after all, if you want your marble back in pristine condition – it pays to seek expert advice and get that repair job done right.

Marble Etching and How to Avoid It

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Etching on a marble surface is one of the biggest fears. Marble is made up of calcium carbonate, which reacts with any acid; therefore, even the slightest drop of lemon juice, alcohol, or tomato juice on these countertops, if not cleaned immediately, can eat up the calcium carbonate, creating dull permanent spots on the surface.

The Marble Institute of America advises against using products containing acidic substances, including bleach and vinegar, on these surfaces. In case of an etch, marble polishing powder can be sprinkled on a wet surface and subtly rubbed with a soft, damp cloth till the shine returns.

Substances to Avoid on Marble


Natural everyday substances that can damage the stone are alcoholic beverages, fruit juices, vinegar, tomato products, carbonated drinks, mustard, tea, coffee, salad dressings, cosmetics, and bleach. Avoid abrasive cleaning pads and rough steel wool, which can scratch the surface.

Best Practices for Maintaining Marble

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Taking care of your marble countertops is essential for maintaining their luxurious gleam and dazzling beauty. With a few simple tips, you can ensure they last a lifetime – and always look their best.

To protect your stone from damage, steer clear of rough steel wool and abrasive pads. They can scrape off its smooth finish in an instant. So, go with a sponge or microfiber cloth instead – they are soft yet powerful enough to get the job done.

Constantly polish up your stone surfaces each month to keep them looking dazzling. A delicately formulated spray sealant can make all the difference and buy you more time, too; any spills are dealt with before they have the chance to leave their mark.

So, take a few minutes to provide it with proper maintenance now and again – after all, following the manufacturer’s directions will give you glamorous results.

Are you planning on hosting gatherings? You can always decorate your countertop with special pads and mats – trust us; it will save you tons of time on the clean-up afterward. Keep your surface spotless and pristine. In that way, spills and stains won’t ruin the fun.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Tools and Materials for Marble

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When sprucing up your marble countertops, the right tools and materials are essential to keep them looking perfect. From warm water and mild soap to baking soda and specialized cleaners – yes, they work – but don’t skimp on the type of tools you use; they make all the difference.

For a streak- and residue-free shine on your stone slabs, go gentle on those countertops—skip the scouring pads or steel wool altogether. Instead, opt for a soft sponge or give that microfiber cloth a whirl. It will get your quality stone sparkling with no risk of scratching.

When cleaning solutions, be aware of what’s in them. Skip any cleaners with acids or bleach-based ones on marble – ouch, that can do serious harm – etching the surface permanently. For best results, go for pH-neutral products specifically made for this stone.

Keep in mind that when you use any type of cleaning product, make sure to go by the manufacturer’s directions. Before applying it over the entire countertop, do a spot test on a small area to guarantee it won’t have any unwanted results.

Always pick the right scrubbers and substances to keep your marble looking as fresh as ever; never worry about their stunning beauty or toughness being compromised.

Everyday Marble Care and Maintenance Tips

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Aside from simple cleaning, simple everyday maintenance habits can go a long way in preserving the appearance and longevity of your marble countertops. Here are some types of countertop protection for everyday care to keep your masterpiece looking its best.

Use Coasters And Trivets: Protect your stone surfaces by popping a coaster or trivet beneath glasses, bottles, and hot pans. This precautionary step helps guard against heat, moisture, and accidental scratches on pristine surfaces.

Avoid Cutting Directly On The Countertop: Marble is a soft stone easily scratched by sharp knives. Avoid any regrettable damage – always use a cutting board when prepping food. In this case, getting a cutting board might be a good idea.

Regularly Dust the Surface: Always keep your stone surfaces looking pristine. Please give them regular dusting with a soft, dry cloth or microfiber duster to prevent any build-up of dirt. It’ll make such a difference – in no time, they’ll be sparkling again like new.

Periodic Resealing: Check the sealant on your stone surfaces periodically – over time, the protective coating may start to wear off. Don’t let it go too far – keep an eye out and consult the manufacturer for their recommendation on how often you should be resealing based on your particular stone type. An expert could also provide valuable advice if need be.

Taking a few moments each day to care for your marble countertops can preserve their beauty and extend their life. Who doesn’t want a timeless classic in the kitchen? With just a bit of daily attention, you can keep those stone surfaces shining!

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