Granite Countertops That Look Like Carrara Marble

The alluring white marble from Tuscany has been gracing luxurious kitchens for many years, but while unforgettably sublime, Carrara marble can be a high-maintenance countertop. That is why granite countertops that look like Carrara marble are becoming a known alternative for homeowners who love the look of marble but want a more robust countertop material.

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In this article, we’ll look into why you should choose granite slabs that look like Carrara marble, and we’ve also listed 12 types of white granite that look like your popular Carrara marble. [toc]

Why Choose a Granite Countertop that Looks Like Carrara Marble?

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The natural stone’s hardness and other characteristics make granite that looks like the popular Carrara marble a perfect renovation alternative. 

 The Sparkling Effect: The sparkling effect was brought about by the mica content found across the slab. 

 Safe Stone Material: Recent studies show that granite has significantly less radon content, and levels are minimal enough to cause any harm to users. 

 Twice as much marble: Under Moh’s scale of mineral hardness, marble is 3 while granite is 6, and some types can reach up to 8. As a reference, stainless steel knives have a hardness of 7. 

 Less likely to Stain: While marble and granite are both recommended to have a sealed countertop surface, staining is still possible, especially with wear and tear or a very porous material. Granite is less porous than marble and is less likely to stain due to the very small size of its pores. This results in more overall durability.

 Resistant to Acid Damage: Granite’s resistance to acid damage is due to its composition, as it is mainly made out of quartz, while marble, which is made out of calcite, easily reacts to acid. 

• Less Expensive: When comparing the two natural stones, Carrara is generally more expensive at $50 to $100 per square foot compared to Granite’s $40 to $60. This will depend on your local suppliers and location.

Carrara Countertop Lookalikes

Bianco Romano Granite: The term “Bianco” is a popular surname in Italy, which translates to white, as the fitting name for this popular material that can pass as Carrara marble. You’ll need to look for a Bianco Romano granite slab with a predominantly white or ivory backdrop, as there are Bianco Romano granites that have a more yellowish or beige tone. 

What makes this type of granite closely similar to the Carrara marble countertops is the refined and delicate swirls of veining in gray or bluish tones. You may want to find a Bianco Romano slab with less specks, but if you don’t mind the tiny fragments sprinkled on your stone slab, then expect an addition of warm burgundy specks on your countertop. 

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Arctic Valley Granite: The eye-catching stone may not have that delicate veining but has a more noticeable number of veins distributed across the slab, usually in a diagonal position. Look for Arctic Valley options that have patches or swirls of gold veining or specks to add a metallic element to your slab.

Casa Blanca: Most Casa Blanca granite slabs come with a busy patterned surface, but you can find a version with fewer specks and an almost translucent blue and grayish veining. What is distinct about white granite is that the surface lightness is increased due to the mica content of the stone, also known as the sparkling effect. 

Fantasy White Granite: Note that this white granite differs from the White Fantasy option as it has fewer speckles and veining. You’ll find just the right slab with that delicate and continuous veining for these granite countertops.

Diagonal veining across a slab is also characteristic of Fantasy White Granite, which can easily add dimension and movement to a minimalist kitchen or bathroom. Take note that Fantasy White has dominant gray veining with an off-white backdrop, which will be darker compared to the typical color of Carrara marble.

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River White Granite: When you are looking for a warmer white for your countertop that looks like Carrara marble, you’ll love River White granite. This showcases shades of gray and maroon specks. The veining has a more distinct appearance and narrower spacing between veining than your Carrara marble.

New River White: With enticing veining and crystalized patterns, the New River White can be an alternative to marble as it showcases interesting natural patterns. You’ll sometimes find several reddish specks among the grayish specks. The veining is usually subtle and flowing, just like in Carrara Marble. 

Ambrosia White: Characterized with thinner veining and finer specks. The gorgeous white granite is perfect for traditional and casual kitchen or bathroom settings, as it has that relaxed quality. The coloring is more of an off-white and has light gray and green veining. Like the New River White, Ambrosia white sometimes has maroon specks.  

Carrara Morro: If you want subtle graining and fewer veining and specks, the Carrara Morro granite can deliver that simple and almost minimalist stone slab. The white, milky quality of Carrara Morro can transform any modern bathroom design that has that dreamy, spa-like ambiance. The marble-like quality makes it a clean and fresh material to add to any kitchen space as well.

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Balthus Granite: Like sand granules in a white backdrop, Balthus Granite is distinct with its small patches of burgundy and gray colors that seem to elegantly swirl in directions. The white stone may not have much veining compared to the Carrara marble, but it has a delicate quality to it. Visually appealing and more durable, it is worth investing in as an alternative to your marble slab.

Pitaya White: Similar to your Carrara Morro, the Pitaya white granite has fewer specks and a small number of patches. The white color contrasts beautifully with the dark spots, giving it character, a balanced organic yet modern look, and almost a more youthful version of the Carrara marble. When glossed, the specks stand out more, especially when illuminated.

Because granite is very hard and durable, many people want these countertops in their kitchens. In addition, granite is a beautiful rock. – Igneous Rocks: From Fire to Stone, Darlene R. Stille

Salinas White Granite: The mid-range granite slab is perfect for those looking for soft swirls of gray and tan hues. The specks are grain-like in size, leaving a delicate look to the countertop design, much similar to your Carrara marble.

This makes it the perfect granite countertop that looks like Carrara Marble but is more versatile and durable. You can choose to add it as a surround or backsplash in kitchens or vanity areas.  

Sea Pearl Granite: A gorgeous combination of swirling veining and soft specks and layers of gray and beige tones, the Sea Pearl Granite is simply a luxurious-looking slab that’s perfect for that high-end countertop.

Each slab of Sea Pearl Granite is unique, with variations in its patterns. This natural interplay of color and form adds character to the stone, allowing homeowners to enjoy a one-of-a-kind countertop in their living spaces.

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