49 Dream Kitchen Designs (Pictures)

When I think about dream kitchen designs, I picture an expansive space with luxurious countertops, beautiful cabinetry, high-end appliances, and a large eat-in island. Some of my favorite luxury kitchens offer rich wood cabinetry, such as cherry wood, with natural stone counters and gorgeous patterned tile work for the floors and backsplash. I love kitchen designs of all types and hope you’ll be as inspired by the images shown here as I am!

different dream kitchen designs

In the photo above, the gorgeous crystal chandeliers and quality natural stone floors are reflected in this design, which naturally exudes the charm of classic kitchens. The antiqued white of the panel doors blends seamlessly with the yellowish tone of the wall paint, while the stone tiles used on the backsplash are of the same material as the floor, creating a unified look.

The countertop is gray granite for the kitchen island, and the main counters are white granite with two small crystal chandeliers hanging above the island.

Dream Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen with large island and tropical view

A spacious modern kitchen that highlights the natural beauty of wood tones to blend into the scenery visible through the large windows. Teak wood was used on the simple cabinets, with visible natural tone variations giving it a more natural look. For the countertop, green-toned granite was used to blend with the greens of the plants outside naturally.

Million dollar kitchen design

This grand and spacious kitchen is adorned with chandeliers that illuminate the room. It has glossy cherrywood floor laminates, the most neutral shade compared to the dark chestnut stain on the island, which is topped with a countertop in a black stone finish.

Kitchen islands have gained in popularity over the last decade since they provide a gathering place for friends and family, offer additional room for food prep and can even double as the eat-in kitchen alternative – House Poor No More: 9 Steps that Grow the Value of Your Home and Net Worth, Romana King

The surroundings are light, with the solid oatmeal color painted walls that hold the white framing of the windows overlooking a garden. The remaining overhead and base cabinets attached to the wall have a solid white finish, with dainty yellow lights that add aesthetics to each overhead cabinet’s top shelf.

Kitchen in luxury home

This classy kitchen follows a sleek, classic style with a brown, black, and white color scheme. The high ceiling is emphasized with overhead cabinets and pendant lights. Like the base cabinets and the island, the wood is stained with dark cherrywood.

The countertops are of black granite stone finish, matching the black leather upholstery of the bar stools in a cherrywood frame. The floor balances the glossy finish of the cabinets, countertops, and backsplash’s matte stone finish in an off-white shade.

Beautiful kitchen with custom wine rack in island

This kitchen is dominated by brown wood in various tones and finishes. The floors are lined with wooden tiles in a golden pine stain with a glossy finish. On the other hand, the overhead and base that surround the kitchen are stained in a darker walnut shade.

The counters and backsplash are solid brown stone, while other accents, such as the faucet, oven, and refrigerator, have a stainless steel finish. Most surfaces are glossy and reflect light from the three pendant lights set at the center of the ceiling, except for the island in the middle. Aside from its glossy gray stone two-level countertop, the kitchen island’s surrounding cabinets and wine rack have a matte wood finish and walnut stain.

Custom kitchen styling with two level countertop bar and square island

This open kitchen space provides a view overlooking the ocean outside. The light blue walls perfectly blend with the blue sky and ocean outside the windows enclosed in white frames. The whole floor plan is surrounded by mahogany-stained wooden cabinetry.

It is in the overhead and base cabinets attached to walls, a square island, and another counter that acts as a divider between the dining hall and the kitchen itself. The countertops are glossy black stone finish, with a matte and flat brick stone finish for the backsplash.

Curved eat in dining kitchen island with dark surface

This kitchen gives a classy country-style feel with a homey vibe. It can accommodate many people with two tables, one from the island’s semi-circle cut gray granite countertop. As said, this island also serves as a place to lounge or eat, surrounded by chairs in wengue wooden frames and a weaved oatmeal-colored cushion.

On the other hand, the other table is also wooden and wengue stained, surrounded by very light pastel blue chairs with the same cushion texture and color. The place is accentuated with plants and overlooks the outdoors through big glass windows. Overhead cabinetry in frosted glass doors houses white kitchenware, while surrounding overhead and base cabinets provide more space for storage.

Beautiful country style kitchen

This design has a subtle mix of textures and patterns that follow a light and warm brown, white, and gray color scheme. The tiled oak wood floors have a warm tone and matte texture, while the carved natural wood frames of the chairs in white cushions match the white base of the kitchen island with a brown stone countertop.

The kitchen is surrounded by cream cabinets, at the center of which lies the oven in stainless steel, with pillars in stone cladding and a diagonally aligned tiled gray, brown, and white backsplash.

Kitchen with granite counter and wood island

A full kitchen with a seemingly washed-out look, it combined gorgeous paneled walnut wood cabinets with a green soapstone countertop with flat nosing, adding a very modern touch to the otherwise classic appeal of the cabinets.

There are two kitchen islands, both of which have oatmeal-painted bases topped with cararra marble, contrasting themselves from the rest of the layout. It can also be noted that most appliances in this floor plan were concealed within the kitchen cabinets, giving a very uniform look all throughout the space.

Wood tone style kitchen

This kitchen mixes beauty and functionality for people who love to be productive. A working station on the side blends well with the light cherrywood wood stain that is used for every piece of furniture in this space. The countertop has a glossy gray granite finish that beautifully reflects the green, yellow, and orange flowers on the vase at the center of the table.

Beautiful kitchen with dining island

Following the unique architectural design of the house, the kitchen also follows the unique modern look of the whole house. The kitchen cabinets are very simple and modern, with plain off-white cabinet doors and small gold pulls, topped with a gray granite counter with a rough-looking pattern.

A large island stands in the middle with a cooktop and sink, while the high ceiling highlights the space’s size and makes the floor plan feel more massive than it really is. Additionally, the open floor plan of the space contributes to the spacious appeal of this kitchen.

Beautiful custom chefs kitchen with huge stainless steel oven

An open floor plan helps make this kitchen space look bigger, and, at the same time, enables you to enjoy the gorgeous view of the sea while preparing your food. The exposed white gabled ceiling and skylight also enhance the feeling of space. The kitchen cabinets are modern and modular, laminated in a textured gray color.

The island has a gray stone countertop, while the main counters use a butcher’s block counter in a light maple color.

Kitchen layout with pendant lights

This kitchen is surrounded by dark cherrywood-stained cabinetry for the base, overhead cabinets on the side, and a table attached to the island. The countertops are made of brown stone with a backsplash lined with small tiles in shades of dark brown and black. The whole layout gives a simple but sleek vibe with its plain rectangular handles with an aluminum finish.

Cream color kitchen counter with wood cabinets

This kitchen offers a very homey and country feeling with a neat touch. Everything is inside overhead and based cabinetry in a solid coffee brown finish. The tiled backsplash is adorned with country-style patterns, while all countertops are in a white granite solid finish.

Curved counter kitchen with tile backsplash

This long and spacious kitchen has overhead cabinets in an oatmeal color with small brown and white tiles lined throughout the backsplash. The countertops are in an oatmeal granite finish with base cabinetry, and ovens in aluminum. The space is well-lighted and creates a spacious feel with an open view of the rest of the house.

Dark kitchen cabinets with light coutertops

This space combines a small dining area with a kitchen. The design uses classic paneled cabinets and gives it a modern twist by using a matte black finish instead of the usual wood finishes.

To add more contrast, the counters have a striking white solid surface, while the backsplash follows the black and white theme with its patterned tiles and white mosaic tiles.

Kitchen cabinetry made of deep graining wood

This kitchen uses contrasting dark wengue stained wooden seat frames and cabinetry and lighter colored walls, white brick stone cladding for the backsplash, white stone countertop, and oatmeal-colored seat cushion to achieve balance.

Most of the furniture is in straight lines, but curves can be seen on the pillars on the island and the carved steel pendant lights on the ceiling.

Ktchen with high end touches

Dream kitchen designs that maximize views of the outdoors are always in demand. This design features walnut stained wooden overhead and base cabinetry, matched with window frames of the same color.

The countertops have a brown stone finish, a color that matches the patterned tiled backsplash. The big stained glass windows overlook the greenery outdoors, providing a relaxing indoor cooking space.

Kitchen with splendid granite counters, wood flooring and curved island

This kitchen is surrounded by warm shades of wooden cabinetry, with natural lighting from the clear windows overlooking a backyard full of greenery. The windows are enclosed in solid white frames and stand out against the mocha-painted walls behind them.

The overhead and base cabinets are seamless and have golden pine stain, a shade a few shades darker than the laminated pine flooring. All the warm browns in the room is balanced by the black stone countertop and aluminum finish of the refrigerator.

Elegant kitchen with oversized island

The use of both mahogany and wengue stains in the cabinetry for this kitchen sets the foundation for its classic appeal. Cabinets have a wengue frame with mahogany panels, providing deeper dimension. The backsplash is lined with matte white stone tiles, and the countertop has a white stone finish with brown and black blotches.

The island, on the other hand, follows the same color scheme. However, this time, the pillars and base have a solid wengue finish, with a textured and glossy mahogany countertop and a faucet with an aluminum finish on top of it.

Gorgeous kitchen with yellow granite

This simple and classic kitchen makes use of neutral colors in dark shades. The cabinets have a solid dark brown finish, while the countertops have a glossy green granite finish.

The backsplash, on the other hand, is covered in brown tiles aligned diagonally, a good match to the dark oak-stained wooden frames for the chairs with gray upholstery. Some plants and big vases that hold onions and garlic are added to accentuate this kitchen.

Kitchen with stone surface and backsplash

This kitchen has a clean and subtle country vibe with its white and green color scheme. The cabinets and the island’s base have a solid white finish, while the countertops have a gorgeous green stone finish that matches the chairs’ upholstery, which is held by a woven wooden frame in a wengue stain.

The backsplash is covered in bricks with a matte finish in colors between white and oatmeal. Green plants and a bright green curtain are used to add more life to the deep, neutral colors.

Kitchen with oversized island and wooden cabinets

This kitchen is dominated by warm tones from the walnut wood stain used for the island’s base and cabinetry. The same wood stain is used for the bar stools’ frame with black leather upholstery that matches the black stone countertops with a glossy finish.

The backsplash is covered in white textured bricks in a matte finish to balance the warmth and dark colors. The floors are also covered with a lighter pinewood stain.

Kitchen with bar stools backsplash and cabinets

This kitchen is surrounded by cabinetry in a deep mahogany finish. It has a cream backsplash, except for the part directly above the stove, which has a backsplash that has the same finish as the stone countertop. The island serves as storage for more kitchenware and also comes with bar stools that have a wengue stain with a walnut finish at the top.

Kitchen in luxury home with black marble countertops

This open kitchen space is mostly covered by cabinetry in a cedar finish. The floor is covered in lighter pine wooden laminates, while the countertops and backsplash have a black glossy stone finish. The fact that the living room is openly seen from the kitchen gives the layout more light and space.

Kitchen with white facade and stone finish backsplash

This kitchen is lined with cherrywood stained cabinets, with a gray stone finish for the backsplash and countertops; most pieces are plain, like the plain white finish on one side of the island, facing two tall black chairs. The glossy pine floor adds luster to the mostly matte surfaces here.

Kitchen with curved table and backsplash

This kitchen has a mix of country and modern feel. It has a backsplash covered in metallic and textured silver tiles, like the stainless steel finish for the microwave, fridge, oven, and faucets. A plain gray stone is used for the counter finish, defined by its sharp edges.

The L-shaped kitchen island has a lower curved countertop extension that serves as a table for dining, where three wooden chairs with white upholstery have paisley patterns.

Kitchen with highly polished flooring and island

This spacious kitchen is covered in warm shades of brown. The cabinets and floors have a golden pine stain and glossy finish, even warmer with the yellow lights. The backsplash is made more subtle with its matte finish but has the same warmth in the small brown and oatmeal colored tiles that cover it.

The kitchen island was made to balance, with its dark countertop in a black stone glossy finish and the solid cream finish on its base and pillars. Space is maximized as a hollow space is carved below the island to make room for the bar stools with steel frames and wooden seats.

Kitchen with soapstone island and cabinets

The large kitchen island, fully clad in soapstone, would be the biggest show-stopper element of this design. Despite using simple wengue kitchen cabinets and oatmeal glass tiles for the backsplash, the natural grains and patterns on the countertop material help add more texture and add an interesting pattern to this otherwise simple style.

Kitchen with thick slab granite and cabinets

This sleek kitchen uses a chestnut stain for its seamless cabinets that cover two islands, overhead, and base cabinets. The backsplash is covered with small tiles in shades of blue, black, and brown, while the countertops on the two islands are covered in a gray granite stone finish.

Since there are two kitchen islands, one is well utilized for storage and more space for chopping, while the other island serves as a table to four bar stools with gray cloth upholstery and wengue framing.

Large kitchen with two tone wood color

This classic kitchen is surrounded by big and deep cherry wood-stained cabinets. The floors are noticeably stained with the same cherrywood stain in a lighter shade and with a matte finish, giving the design an antique feel.

Aside from the black stone countertop on the kitchen island, the rest of the room is balanced by lighter colors, like the white island base, door, and window framing. The walls are covered in a solid oatmeal finish, while the backsplash is covered in decorative matte tiles in varying shades of light gray and brown.

Gorgeous granite kitchen island with stainless oven hood

This kitchen uses very neutral colors and is given more life by texture. The walls are gray, with white cabinetry that has rectangular panels. The backsplash is covered with small tiles in varying hues of gray and brown. The countertop, on the other hand, has a heavily textured gray stone glossy finish, which is matched but balanced by the white stone floors that are more matte.

Spacious kitchen made of wood with island

The beauty of this kitchen is the natural warmth created by the natural color of timber used throughout the floor plan. Exposed wooden beams, door frames, window frames, and kitchen cabinets all use the same color tone of wood.

Usually, with so many wood elements in a space, it could be too overwhelming, but the presence of lots of windows in the space helps balance the look.

Kitchen with white cabinets and island

This kitchen plays with shades of white, green, gray, and brown. All cabinets and the island’s base are covered in a solid white finish, while the flooring is of chestnut-stained glossy wood laminates.

The island is topped with a gray stone in a glossy finish that perfectly matches the stainless steel finish of the oven and refrigerator. The backsplash is artfully covered by green tiles in a matte finish.

Light wooden kitchen large picture window

This sleek kitchen has big stained windows that overlook a beautiful outdoor scene. The rest of the area is toned down, focusing more on the beautiful view and functionality.

The cabinets have a washed-out pinewood finish, topped with brown granite stone for the countertops. The cabinets are seamless, and the countertop edges are cut squarely. The floors are in a solid oatmeal color with a matte finish.

Long rectangular dining island with thick slab granite in kitchen

This indoor kitchen creates an open feeling with a view of the backyard on one side. Brick stone cladding and a solid white finish cover the walls and the deep mahogany cabinetry.

The deep mahogany color is toned down by the chestnut stone tiles in a matte finish, which matches the coffee color of the bar stool upholstery in wengue framing. The countertop on the table has a thick brown granite finish.

Kitchen with custom tile backsplash

Cabinets with dark walnut stain and black metal handles surround this kitchen. The oven has an aluminum steel finish and a matte stone finish backsplash artfully aligned diagonally with a golden frame and accents. The rest of the backsplash has the same matte stone finish but is aligned horizontally. The countertop is covered with a brownstone glossy finish.

Mint green kitchen with extra large center island

This classic and elegant mint green kitchen uses a solid mint green finish for the cabinetry, the base of the island, and the wine rack beneath it. These pieces are adorned with golden panels and pillar accents.

Purple accent pieces contrast the elegant touch that the combination of green and gold brings, and the strong contrasting colors are balanced by white stone flooring and an oatmeal-colored stone finish for the countertop.

Painted white and stained mahagony two tone kitchen

Dream kitchen designs are all about top-of-the-line materials and finishes. This simple and sleek design uses plain and simple pieces of noticeably premium quality, making the space look classy despite the lack of texture. The cabinets on the side are solid white, with aluminum handles that match the gray backsplash.

The only texture found in this space is the wooden dark chestnut floor laminates that match the color of the deep cherry wood cabinetry on the dining side, the framing of the high chairs, and the dining table. The chairs are noticeably comfortable with their leather upholstery.

Rectangular kitchen with oven glass windows

This beautiful kitchen is especially well-lighted from natural lighting outside and with the amply installed ceiling lights and chandelier. The layout gives a feeling of transparency and an illusion of more space with its big glass windows and doors overlooking the backyard.

One side of the island also has glass panels showing the colorful kitchenware inside. The floors are covered in golden chestnut stained wood laminates, a good match for the olive-green walls. Both of these bright colors go well with the solid white cabinets topped with gray stone countertops against a matte white finish on the brick texture of the backsplash.

Rustic luxury unique kitchen

This kitchen takes its beauty by artfully mixing different shades of wood in one area. The cabinets and the window’s framing are stained with cherrywood wood with slight touches of walnut on the panels, paired with ebony stained bar stools on one side of the counter. All the wood textures and colors are balanced out by whites.

The center island is a petite square table with a solid white base adorned with pillar carvings on each corner and the same brown stone countertop. The backsplash is covered by oatmeal colored diamond-shaped tiles with brown accents.

Small green custom island in kitchen

This kitchen looks playful as if it were captured straight from a doll house. The cabinets have a chestnut stain finish, while the wooden floor laminates have cherrywood stain, while the backsplash has a brickstone matte finish in varying shades of brown.

The warm shades of brown are balanced by the green island base topped with a white stone countertop. The rest of the room is accentuated with greens, yellows, and reds on kitchenware and chairs.

Traditional distressed wooden kitchen

This elegant kitchen follows a golden brown and white color scheme. Big clear windows in solid white framing overlook lush green trees. This is the only off color amidst the golden curtains, golden brown stone countertop and backsplash, and golden pinewood floor laminates. These are surrounded by white cabinets that are adorned with intricate patterns.

Unique curved kitchen with island in wood

Dream kitchen designs should have an open layout with plenty of space for large appliances and a center island. This design is surrounded by cherrywood cabinets and a island base, topped with beautiful gray and brown granite and backsplash that add texture to the plain white walls and floor tiles with a matte finish.

A carpet, fruit basket, and stainless steel furniture add variety to this uniform color scheme.

Upscale white-colored kitchen with traditional style

White cabinets and walls surround this lovely kitchen design, accentuated only by the oven and handles’ aluminum finish. The countertop for the base cabinets attached to the wall has a black solid laminate finish, a good contrast to most of the whites in the room.

The island has a white stone countertop, on the other hand, with a matte chestnut-stained wooden base that matches the floor’s color perfectly.

White cabinet and black counter in kitchen

This elegant all-white kitchen has exposed wood trusses that accentuate the solid black-and-white color scheme of this design. All countertops are covered in a solid black stone finish, with the cabinetry alternately covered in solid black and white laminates. The white matte walls of this expansive space are given life and luster by the glossy tiled backsplash just above the stove.

Kitchen with black appliances and wood counter island

This beautiful kitchen perfectly mixes yellows, whites, and blacks to achieve a classic modern space. The cabinetry is stained in golden oak, with an aluminum finish for its handles, a good match to the bar stool’s feet that hold a white space for sitting. Unlike most kitchens that use aluminum or stainless steel finish for their refrigerator and oven, this design uses a solid black finish that contrasts with the white floor tiles.

Yellow ceiling kitchen with deep grain wood cabinetry and two level granite surfaces

This spacious cooking area makes use of golden chestnut stains for its cabinets, a good match to the yellow walls that surround the room. The yellow shades give warmth and an appetizing feel to this space, a good mood setter for preparing meals for the family.

The countertop contrasts the bright colors with its black granite stone finish with a backsplash that has a tiled oatmeal-colored matte finish.

Unique custom shaped island in kitchen of luxury home

This classic and spacious kitchen has eye-catching pendant lights enclosed in a crystal ball that hangs directly above the island and serves as the dining area, creating a cozy space for dining.

The countertops have a black granite finish and match the black upholstery on the bar stools, which have a cherrywood stain and are a good match to the dark cherry cabinets.

The cabinetry is further balanced by the white window frames and oatmeal-colored stone for the backsplash and tiles for the flooring in a matte finish.

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