5 Charcuterie Board Sizes For Every Dining Occasion

Charcuterie board sizes

A mainstay in Spanish tapas houses and pubs, charcuterie platters has become the quintessential serving platform for many homes. Families love offering bite-sized foods to whet members and guests’ appetites before a festive meal. Like everything else, choosing the right charcuterie board size is essential. After all, one doesn’t need an oversized platter to serve “appetizers” for two. This article explores the different charcuterie board sizes available to the modern family.

Personal Size Charcuterie Platter

Different charcuterie board sizes

A tapas platter for one person is relative. Some folks love to fill their plates to the brim, piling cuts of meats, poultry, cheeses, nuts, fruits, and other finger foods on the surface. Others are more “restraint,” filling their boards with only a few slices or pieces of each food item.

Hence, the notion of a personal size charcuterie platter depends on the person’s eating or “grazing” preferences. A cheese board smaller than 8 inches (about 20 centimeters) is sufficient for most charcuterie lovers. 

So, how do you know the serving board is enough for personal enjoyment? Ideally, it should accommodate the following food items.

• Three to four slices of prosciutto, salami, or other cold-cut meats
• At least 2 ounces of cheddar, goat’s cheese, parmesan, manchego, Butterkase, or other sharp-and-soft cheese combinations
Several pieces of buttery crisps or hearty crackers
Several pieces of cherries, strawberries, oranges, and other fresh and dried fruits
A small bowl for pumpkin seed, chickpeas, and other nuts (unless allergic)
A small bowl of olives, spreads, and dips

These recommendations are for each person, although you can modify the charcuterie according to your preferences.

Couple Size Charcuterie Platter

Round serving board

One can always start an intimate dinner with a thoughtfully curated charcuterie of the couple’s favorite foods. For example, you could prepare salami, ham, mortadella, pepperoni, prosciutto, or calabrese with hard and spreadable cheeses. Olives, breads, and crackers should keep the date interesting.

A round charcuterie plate for couples should measure at least 8 inches in diameter or about 20 centimeters across but not exceed a foot or 31 centimeters. It’s the same sizing if using a rectangular cheese or tapas board (i.e., 8 x 12 inches or 20 x 31 centimeters).

Again, the minimum (or maximum) platter size depends on the food and portion sizes. Although charcuteries are “appetizers” or “finger foods,” some individuals enjoy these items with a Netflix marathon. Of course, you can always “refill” the platter.

Small Gathering Platter Size

Rectuangular platter

Defining a “small group” can be challenging because almost everyone has a unique perspective on such a gathering. For example, some might consider three people the minimum for a “small gathering.” Pushing it beyond 12 persons can be a crowd. However, some put the minimum number of participants for a “small gathering” at six. After all, “partying” with only three individuals is “less fun” than having six.

A couple size charcuterie dish (about 8 to 12 inches or 20 to 31 centimeters) should be enough for 3 to 4 people, although serving several meat cuts, cheeses, fruits, crackers, breads, and spreads on this board could be challenging.

You can serve tapas, finger foods, and appetizers on a next-in-size platter measuring 12 to 18 inches or about 30 to 46 centimeters if the couple-size is too small for the group. This cheese and meat tray should be sufficient for up to 10 people, which some folks still consider a “small group.”

Family-size Charcuterie Serving Board

Like a small gathering platter, family-size charcuterie serving boards are relative. Everything depends on the household or the number of family members picking items from the tray. 

The Health Resource & Service Administration defines a “family” as having at least two members living together and having birth, adoption, or marriage associations. 

Hence, a couple-size platter should be sufficient for a 2-person family (i.e., husband and wife or two cohabiting partners). This serving board is also perfect for a 4-member household, with two members being kids or teens.

A 6- to 10-member household can benefit from a charcuterie board measuring 12 to 18 inches or roughly 30 to 46 centimeters.

Again, charcuterie platform sizing depends on the number of “snackers” and the type and amount of food served. It’s worth pointing out that food items occupy space, and you can only put so much of a kind on the plate without robbing other food items of their place.

Large Party Appetizer Board Dimensions


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Assuming a small gathering’s upper limit is 10 people, we can look at a large party as having at least 11 participants. Hence, a couple-size or family-size charcuterie board won’t suffice. You’ll need a more substantial platform to arrange and serve finger foods to at least 11 hungry guests.

You have two options depending on the party size. For gatherings not exceeding 20 guests, charcuterie platters measuring at least 18 inches or 46 centimeters should be enough to serve bite-sized delicacies. And if the host offers more delectable treats, a 24-inch or 61-centimeter board would be ideal.

However, parties and social gatherings exceeding 20 participants should have oversized charcuterie platters over 24 inches. In some instances, hosts transform an entire table into a charcuterie platform. It’s like a serving table sans the plates and bowls accommodating the food items.

Experts call this “oversized charcuterie” platform “grazing table.”. Of course, we cannot call it a charcuterie board anymore because it’s a table. However, stacking colorful and aromatic foods on a full-length table is a sensory experience. It’s inviting, beckoning guests to dig right in.

How big the “grazing table” depends on the number of guests, food quantity and variety served, and event length.

Charcuterie Serving Board Size Chart

Here’s a neat table to help you determine the most appropriate charcuterie board size for your needs. Note that the number of people served by each platter size is arbitrary. You can pick a larger or smaller serving board based on guests’ “charcuterie” behaviors, food types, and amount.

Charcuterie Board Size Number of Persons
< 8 inches  1
8 to 12 inches  2 to 4
12 to 18 inches  6 to 10 
18 to 24 inches 10 to 20
> 24 inches > 20

What Size Board Do I Need?

The “ideal” charcuterie platter size depends on how many people share the same meat & cheese board. 

For example, a couple or parents with two kids can pick a charcuterie serving tray measuring 8 to 12 inches. If you’re entertaining several officemates offering delicious tapas, a larger 12- to 18-inch charcuterie platform would be more appropriate.

Suppose you’re throwing a party to celebrate your kid’s birthday and expect over 20 guests. In that case, no charcuterie tray is ever enough to serve appetizing creations. You might want to consider a “grazing table” instead.

Hence, most households have several serving boards of varying sizes to accommodate changing requirements.

Best Size for a Charcuterie Serving Board

Large platter

No best size charcuterie serving platter exists because everything is relative. A family might consider a standard 8×12-inch meat & cheese board the best, but another household might prefer a 12×18-inch platter.

So, the best charcuterie board size is what you use most often in the home. If you find serving delicious and mouthwatering appetizers on a 8-inch or 10-inch platter more frequently than a 12-inch version, that’s your “best size.

Humankind continues to amaze with their imagination, turning a 15th-century meat products and cured meats serving board into a chic platform. Today’s charcuterie platters no longer limit their spaces to meats. Cheeses, nuts, fruits, dips, and other “finger foods” now call these platters of all sizes “home.” Visit our cutting board sizes guide for more related content.

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