10 Yellow Bathroom Paint Colors to Transform Your Space

different yellow bathroom designs

Whether it is one of those days that you wished there were an ideal antidote to those groggy mornings or if you are looking for something that can revitalize uninspired white spaces in your bathroom – incorporating yellow paint colors can easily bring sunny vibes and boundless energy into your bathroom interiors. 

Moreover, a yellow palette for your bathroom works well with various accent colors and complementary shades. It is the perfect color to pair with contrasting and complementary shades. It is a happy color that brings warmth, playfulness, and a cheerful vibe to the space.

Light Yellow Paint

luxury kitchen with light yellow color scheme and tub

Lighter hues and pastel shades of yellow paint will give you something to smile about because it pairs beautifully with the white wall and floor tiles commonly found in bathrooms.

Chiffon KM3498-1

Chiffon KM3498-1 by Kelly-Moore Paints is a pleasing shade for those who do not necessarily want to go all-white and prefer a light-colored bathroom interior. This soft and light-yellow paint color is a good substitute for beige and will allow other elements in your bathroom to take center stage.

Pineapple Delight 211-3

Pineapple Delight 211-3 by Pittsburgh Paints pairs perfectly well with bluish-gray cabinetry since they contrast each other without appearing too busy or overdone. Add a touch of white to the mix for your countertop, lighting fixtures, and window treatments. This color scheme brings a nice crispness to the combination.

Italian Straw 11-3

The soft butter shade of Italian Straw 11-3 by Pratt & Lambert Paints mixed with white cabinetry and window trims create a very soothing and mellow palette, especially with a touch of light gray in the marble flooring. 

Light Yellow 2022-60

Light Yellow 2022-60 by Benjamin Moore is a pale yellow with warm tones that will make your bathroom feel cozier and inviting. This color has neutral tones that will pair well with any bathroom style and cabinetry.

Touch of Sunshine 082-2

If you want something outside of pure color tones, consider Touch of Sunshine 082-2 by Mythic Paint. It has a hint of green that is perfect for a nature-inspired bathroom. Using this color and accessorizing the space with fresh flowers, beautiful baskets, and some green glass will give your bathroom a garden-fresh vibe.

Using light yellow paint in bathrooms captures the essence of a sunny vibe that creates the impression of light and warmth. This shade can make your room look bigger, give a high-energy feel, and be more welcoming.

When it comes to injecting warmth into your home’s design, color expert Jennifer Ott has a piece of advice: go generous with soft, muted yellow tones. Toned-down yellows with a warm hue complement virtually any decorating style. Plus, you don’t have to be shy about splashing them on all four walls!

However, the beauty of soft yellows, according to Ott, lies in their versatility. Lean towards shades with subtle green undertones, and you get an invigorating, fresh vibe that immediately evokes the crisp feeling of spring’s first blooms. Can’t you just imagine throwing open the windows to that gentle, renewing breeze?

Or, for a cozier ambiance, soft yellows with hints of orange offer a warm, golden glow – like sunlight filtering through sheer curtains. Those sun-kissed tones create an enveloping, calming atmosphere perfect for winding down.

Whichever mood you want to capture, Ott stresses using color strategically as a powerful tool. With the right hues, you can intentionally draw the eye to aspects you want to showcase like architectural details or décor statements.

Muted shades, on the other hand, can elegantly fade into the background to let other spaces breathe. So don’t be afraid to get playful and guide that visual focus! With some clever application of color theory principles, Ott assures you can artfully establish that ideal balanced design through a mix of bold pops and complementary muted tones.

Dark Yellow Paint

dark yellow bathroom with vanity area

Dark yellows can create a calming space that gives off a peaceful atmosphere in bathrooms. These dark shades can amp up the moodiness and add a little drama to the space.

Goldfield 292

First on the list is my favorite shade from Benjamin Moore – Goldfield. This hue is the perfect dark yellow paint that works beautifully with every shade you put next to it. Goldfield by Benjamin Moore has a lovely softness to it that is not too strong or too saturated.

India Yellow

India Yellow by Farrow & Ball is a striking, punchy color with a deep mustard tone that offers an earthy vibe that is perfect for both modern and country-style bathrooms. If you want a pop of color, this deep mustard shade works beautifully with natural oak furnishings and cabinetry.

French Quarter Gold 287

French Quarter Gold by Benjamin Moore is one of my top pics when it comes to earthy shades of yellows because it has a rich hue with a green undertone that reflects different shades throughout the day. This color makes you feel greeted with a morning smile every day.

Funky Yellow SW 6913

Another must-try shade is the Sherwin-Williams’ Funky Yellow, which has a little bit of a green undertone, which also changes the light. This hue has so much depth that it creates a cozy feel without being overpowered. 

Babouche 223

Babouche (#223) by Farrow & Ball is a rich color that offers a ton of depth that would make any bathroom a bright and inviting space that would certainly make bath time more fun. 

Although dark yellow paint may not be everyone’s choice, these colors can make a great backdrop as an accent color that draws the eyes exactly where they are wanted. These colors can also look amazing and create bathrooms that are warm and appealing.

Designer Tips For Using Yellow In The Bathroom

luxury bathroom with tub windows and mirror

Whatever shade of yellow you choose to add to your bathroom, know that this color promotes happiness, confidence, positivity, and creativity. Using this option and other colors that match with yellow in the bathroom can completely change the ambiance of the space.

It is wise to consider other important factors like the undertones such as orange, green, or even gray. Lighting can also impact the effect of this shade in the bathroom. Shadowy lighting will tone down the color as it creates some shades with gray undertones that look muted.

As the sun moves across the sky, so does the lighting effect, which changes from bright and cheery in the warm morning light to glowing during the late afternoon, and the evening light can make yellow paint appear ultra warm.

Yellow is a bright, sunny color that can evoke feelings of optimism, happiness, and warmth. It’s often used in kitchens and bathrooms to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere. – Interior Design 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Transforming Your Home, Barbara Moreau  

Pale shades or muted yellows will work best on all four walls, while brighter and bolder yellow is ideal for an accent wall. To tone down its effect, try incorporating some cool colors, such as deep grays or muted blues and greens.

Use bright and bold yellows sparingly on just one or two walls to help accentuate some interesting details in bathrooms. On the other hand, you can be generous in using soft yellows and allowing them to be applied on all walls, giving your bathroom a fresh and crisp vibe.

Are you looking to infuse your home with some sunny optimism? Then you’ll want to take the advice of Justyna Korczynska, designer at Crown. “Incorporate touches of warm, yellow tones,” she recommends. “It’s the perfect hue for bringing an uplifting sense of positivity into your living spaces.”

And Korczynska would know – after all, she’s an expert on how color can shape the ambiance of an interior. Her take? Sunny yellows aren’t just cheerful pops of brightness. Those golden hues actually cultivate “a sense of calm with feelings of restfulness and well-being” too. So don’t be afraid to play with yellow accents, whether it’s throw pillows, artwork, or even painting an accent wall.

Warm up your charcoal gray or black and white bathroom with a bit of soft golden-yellow. This color palette brings a splash of refreshing vibrance to the gray backdrop while creating a striking contrast. Incorporate it with patterned monochrome wall tiles in black and white for a chic, eye-catching, and inviting design scheme.

minimalist bathroom with tub and pendant lights

Use yellow as an accent wall color to cut the monotony of the neutral colors in your bathroom and beautifully add vibrance to the entire space.

When choosing a color that complements perfectly with yellow, choose a primary hue with an equally muted shade, such as a cloudy sky-blue paint finish, for your vanity cabinetry.

The bathroom is an excellent place to incorporate this energetic yellow paint color because it adds a lively touch of freshness to your space. It is a perfect color for warming the cool ambiance of the room, and it pairs well with contrasting and complementary shades.

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