15 Modern Farmhouse Fireplace Decor Ideas To Try

Room with ceiling fan, decorative custom fireplace, decor pieces, sofa, and armchair

There are a few crucial factors to consider while enhancing a modern farmhouse fireplace decor – first and foremost, the fireplace must be the focal point of the space, with a practical and visually pleasing mantel.

Numerous modern farmhouse fireplace mantels are composed of reclaimed wood or natural stone, with different modern farmhouse living room decor ideas, such as corbels, brackets, or wrought iron fittings.

According to home decor experts at The Spruce, an effective way to create visual depth and draw the eye is to layer decorative items of varying heights, such as candlesticks, beads, and rustic branches.

Use vertical elements to add dimension and create intrigue and visual interest. The Spruce recommends to try to use contrasting sizes to create cohesiveness and balance. You can also tie in the colors and finishes of the decor pieces with other items within the room’s design for a curated look.

A mix of metallic, wood, glass, and natural items can infuse warmth while also creating an elegant table setting. By thoughtfully building up decor in layers, you can transform an ordinary table into a beautiful focal point.

Regarding accessories, hearths frequently combine old and modern objects. Antique candlesticks, for example, may be matched with sleek metal vases, or rustic wooden signs may be hung above a modern abstract picture.

Generally speaking, the idea behind modern farmhouse fireplace decor is to produce a warm, welcoming environment that feels both contemporary and timeless.

Stacked stone clad fireplace with composite mantel and contemporary furniture

The focal point of this photo is a beautiful gray stacked stone fireplace. The combination of the black frame insert and brown composite mantelpiece works with the furniture and built-in cabinetry to add a touch of luxury to the atmosphere.

Jessica Bennett from BHG suggests using artwork, mirrors, or a feature wall above the fireplace mantel to create a striking focal point in your living room. Artwork can showcase personal style and spark conversation, while mirrors can add sophistication, increase the reflectiveness and light in the room.

A TV on the built-in cabinet is an afterthought to the stone statement wall. The white walls create a clean and bright backdrop for the gray stones, allowing it to stand out. 

The cream-white sofas in the room provide a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. The white wood center table adds a touch of refinement, whereas the gray armchair gives more seating and a subtle splash of color to the space. The room’s general color scheme is neutral, with tones of white and gray prevailing.

Spacious room with paneled fireplace, tall ceiling, couch, and built-in book shelves

The focal element of this image is an authentic modern farmhouse-style masonry fireplace with a stone surround. As you see, the insert is huge and magnificent, with a natural stone finish that adds a rustic appeal to the room. The cream-white paneled walls, with the neutral backdrop of beige paint, allow the central feature wall to take center stage.

Built-in cabinets on either side allow for you to share your favorite decor items, houseplants or decorative items. Less is more when displaying accessories, so make sure to leave plenty of room on the shelves rather than pack them full.

According to Kelly Roberson of BHG , built-ins are perfect for displaying personal items like family photos, books, and seasonal decorations such as pumpkins and garlands, making the space feel welcoming and lived-in.

A mixture of beige and gray sofas with a white and gold center table effectively brings warmth and comfort to the seating space. The mix of these neutral colors produces a warm ambiance ideal for unwinding with family and friends. Plus, open shelving has been installed and embellished with frames and vintage decorative elements to lend a personal touch to the room.

Reclaimed planks with matching table in beautifully decorated room

This beautifully decorated room creates an attractive place for entertaining and socializing in front of the fire. Horizontally laid wood planks create an intriguing accent wall with plenty of character. Furniture pieces such as the coffee table and armchairs tie the theme together.

Meanwhile, open shelving and the mantelpiece provide the opportunity to introduce small green houseplants, candles, and other related decor items. Wicker baskets are a thoughtful touch for those empty corners that need something to spruce them up.

Jennifer Maze from Country Living recommends showing off collectibles or themed items, such as cow figurines or dish collections, for a unique and charming look.

Gas insert unit fireplace, wood floating mantel, hardwood plank flooring, and coffered ceiling

This photograph shows a comfortable modern farmhouse-style living area with a white stone fireplace wall and surrounds and a black metal insert frame. House plants are arranged above the reclaimed wood mantel to provide a touch of nature and life to the space.

The cream-white sofas make the area feel cozy and inviting, while the dark brown hardwood floors offer warmth and contrast. The exposed wooden ceiling beams add a rustic touch to the area, making it snug and inviting.

White shiplap and rough wood mantel surround fireplace wall, deer decor, and black armchairs

This photo shows a modern farmhouse-style living room with a fireplace against a white nickel gap shiplap wall. An eye-catching mule deer sculpture hangs above, bringing a one-of-a-kind touch to the room.

A large houseplant in the corner adds freshness, a touch of green, and texture to the space. A pleasant entertainment space is created by hanging the TV on the side. The reclaimed wood center table gives the room a rustic feel, whereas the black sofa adds a modern and fashionable touch. The room’s general color scheme is neutral, producing a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

Fireplace whitewashed wall, chandelier, sectional sofa, ottoman, and accent chairs

Here’s a contemporary and elegant living area with a whitewashed brick fireplace wall with a black-framed electric insert as the focal point. Mounted on the bricks is a TV, giving an ideal space for entertainment and relaxation.

The blue sofas with brown throw pillows provide brightness to the space while also providing comfy seating. The gold minimalist chandelier gives a sense of beauty to the room while also providing a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

A wooden armchair with tan upholstery and blue throw pillows fits the modern design scheme and gives another seating option. The blue upholstered center table brings a contemporary feel to the area and is ideal for extra decorations. The white walls give a clean and cheerful background, allowing the colors and textures of the furniture pieces to shine out.

Brushed grey stone and marble fireplace, shag rug, armchairs, and rustic sconces

The focal point of this modern farmhouse-style room is a pleasant living area with a grey stone surround as well as a black-framed fireplace. The stone mantel gives a wonderful space for adding decorative items, with a pair of vintage-designed candlelights on each side of the hearth and vintage mirrors contributing to the tranquility.

Two cozy gray armchairs with white throw pillows provide a delightful seating arrangement, creating an ideal place for leisure. A houseplant and candles on the reclaimed wood center table bring a touch of nature and coziness to the space.

Empty farmhouse room with shiplap horizontal board fireplace with stained mantel

The fireplace’s black metal frame gives a streamlined and sophisticated touch to this modern farmhouse decor, whereas the white shiplap surround adds a classic farmhouse vibe. The off-white walls create a neutral and peaceful backdrop for the crisp white planking and floating mantel, allowing them to take the spotlight.

The wooden mantel is both useful and stylish, allowing plenty of space for exhibiting ornamental artifacts while also lending a touch of warmth to the space.

White room with electric insert, bright mantel, ottoman, loveseat, and textured carpet

The pristine and airy white walls and ceilings create a clean and airy backdrop to the modern minimalistic farmhouse-style space, producing a feeling of spaciousness and serenity. The off-white sofa and beige carpet lend warmth to the space, whereas the metal center table with brown surface adds a sleek, contemporary touch.

The horizontal shiplap walls that surround the fireplace design lend a traditional farmhouse atmosphere. The open shelf mantel above the design in the golden brown wood finish provides a useful and elegant feature to the space, providing adequate space for exhibiting artistic objects while also bringing a sense of warmth.

The brown armchair, with its beige throw pillow and sleek metal floor lamp, makes a comforting and inviting nook, ideal for reading and relaxing.

Gray fireplace surround with mounted television, and black framed glass sliding door

A gray-framed fireplace with shiplap walls and a TV above it anchors this modern farmhouse living room. The pristine white ceiling and white farmhouse wall colors provide a clean and bright backdrop for the area, whereas the hardwood floors give warmth and character.

Bench seats with storage provide functional seating possibilities while also adding storage space to this living area, making it ideal for tiny spaces. A classic shiplap wall combined with a modern hearth frame produces a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic that is guaranteed to impress.

Beautifully decorated room with light wood surface and white paint and geometric ceiling feature

A sleek, compact black-framed fireplace with a white-painted reclaimed wood surround graces this modern farmhouse living room. Two gray two-seater sofas offer maximum comfort – one sofa is facing the electric insert, and the other is in front of the TV.

An attractive floor lamp beside the TV provides extra lighting, while hanging white and rose gold pendant lights lend a stylish and beautiful accent to the space. The white walls and ceiling provide a bright and open atmosphere, adding to the room’s modern and minimalist vibe.

Exposed wood ceiling beams in expansive room with sofas facing each other

The vaulted white ceiling with exposed wood beams lends old-world appeal to this modern farmhouse living room. A modest fireplace fitted with a white painted mantel provides a charming focal point, made even more inviting with a TV mounted above.

Plush gray carpets underfoot and off-white sofas offer comfortable seating, while end tables on either side provide space for decor or drinks. Vintage knick-knacks on the shelves to the sides add a touch of quirky personality.

Floor-to-ceiling windows wash the space in abundant natural light and provide breathtaking views of the outdoors. Pops of greenery from houseplants on the white center tables infuse the room with life and a refreshing touch.

The combination of traditional and contemporary elements creates a light-filled, inviting living room with timeless rustic charm.


Cozy fireplace sitting area with comfy couches

Golden beams stretch across the white ceiling, lending a farmhouse vibe to the airy, modern space. Glass cabinets topped with aged trinkets add a refined yet earthy elegance.

At the heart of the room, a petite fireplace wrapped in white wood holds court below a mounted television. The crackling flames cast a warm glow about the space, complemented by abundant greenery sprouting from ceramic tables.

Specks of green and vintage baubles offer pops of color to the mostly neutral palette. A bright white sofa beckons you to sink in and relax against the verdant throw pillows.

Dining room fireplace, table, chairs, bench, and pendant light

A minimalist white chandelier elegantly sophisticates this modern farmhouse dining room. The modernist fireplace and tile surround emanates warmth and welcomes guests to gather around the wooden dining table set with beige upholstered chairs.

An arched display filled with antique candles adds a charming traditional touch above the fireplace. The blending of sleek and vintage designs creates a comforting, classic dining space for connecting with loved ones over shared meals.

Painted brick insert wall, leather armchairs, sofas, and low table

The long horizontal fireplace anchors this modern farmhouse living room with its sleek white and gray stone surround. A TV mounted above provides entertainment while open wooden shelves offer efficient storage.

A dark wood coffee table dotted with vintage knickknacks adds character and supports the light, airy space illuminated by ample recessed lighting. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the room with natural light and spectacular views of the outdoors.

For seating, cream sofas dressed in sage green pillows combine with two black leather armchairs on wooden frames to mesh modern and farmhouse aesthetics. The mix of materials and textures makes this a comfortable, inviting room.


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