Pros And Cons Of Bathroom Hanging Pendants (Designer Insight)

bathroom with pendant lighting, tile flooring and tub

Adding a hanging pendant light fixture can be a simple way to incorporate stylish lighting into your bathroom design. Hanging pendants make a statement and cast a warm, focused glow perfect for tasks like applying makeup. However, the condensation and moisture in bathrooms can actually damage pendant fixtures over time. Assessing the pros and cons of bathroom pendant lighting will help you decide if this lighting option is right for your space.

In this article, we’ll examine the benefits of pendant lights to highlight mirrors, vanities, and decorative elements in your bathroom. We’ll also review the potential issues around moisture, cleaning, and finding fixtures made to withstand the humid environment. With the right placement and care, a hanging pendant can introduce gorgeous accent lighting to transform the look and function of your bathroom. Weighing the key factors around bathroom pendant fixtures will ensure you make the most informed lighting decision for your home.

Pros of Bathroom Pendant Lights

bathroom with twin mirrors and faucet

Extremely Elegant Aesthetics: This is actually the main reason why so many interior designers as well as homeowners are going crazy for bathroom pendant lights – their exceptional aesthetics. 

These light fixtures have their natural capability of transforming a mundane space into an invigorating, eye-pleasing one. Moreover, bathroom pendant lights are available in a myriad of materials, designs, and finishes, which can complement any bathroom style – whether it is vintage, modern, minimalist, retro, boho, etc.

Space Saving: According to designers at Addison West, bathroom’s with hanging pendants can save space and simplify surfaces, offering a stylish alternative to traditional lighting fixtures. They go on to explain that even room’s with a lot of natural light will need more than a single lighting source.

You Can Effortlessly Establish a Focal Point: Establishing a focal point inside a bathroom can be challenging, but with pendant lights, doing so would be a snap. Bathroom pendant lights can draw the occupant’s eyes to them every time they use the bathroom.

Personalization: According to Del Mar Fans & Lighting, there is a wide variety of styles available, including rustic, nautical, industrial, and contemporary designs, allowing for personalization to match the interior décor.

For a tranquil bathroom with a muted color scheme they recommend using a drum pendant, sleek sconces, and a refined chandelier over the tub. they also advise combining wrought iron lights to complement a nature-inspired design.

Extreme Versatility: When you place the bathroom pendant lights strategically, you will observe how versatile they are. Depending on the type of light fixture as well as the choice of the light bulb, bathroom pendant lights can act as effective ambient or task lighting, which can augment the practicality of your bathroom.

Straightforward Customization of the Pendant Lights: If you are the type of designer or homeowner who is fond of customizing your own light fixtures, pendant lights won’t disappoint you.

From selecting the size, material, shape, and style of the pendant to adjusting its suspension height, you’re free to do it until it meets your desired style preferences and illumination requirements.

Cons of Pendant Lights

black bathroom with mirror pendant light and window

Potential Restrictions in Height: Those bathrooms with lower ceilings may not be able to accommodate these precious pendant lights. To achieve proper clearance, the ceilings have to be high, otherwise, the occupants may accidentally bump their heads into the pendant lights.

Can be Challenging to Clean and Maintain: Wiping or simply tidying up bathroom pendant lights is quite bothersome as the dust and moisture may accumulate over time on the lighting fixtures. Moreover, pendant lights normally have complex structures, which makes it harder for some areas to reach and clean.

May Generate Unwanted Shadows: If the pendant light fixtures in your bathroom are poorly arranged, glare and shadows may be generated, which can badly affect the lighting and activities in your bathroom. Thus, expert placement of the pendant lights is always necessary.

Selecting the Right Size: The lighting experts over at Lumens share that choosing the right size and number of pendants for the space is crucial, and it’s important to ensure that the chosen fixtures complement the overall design and dimensions of the floor plan.

Requires a Different Level of Installation Skills and Expertise: The installation of bathroom pendant lights, especially in those bathrooms with pre-existing lighting systems, necessitates precise rewiring and major structural customizations. Thus, this may force you to hire an expert to do the job, which may add extra labor costs.

Before finalizing your decision to choose pendant lights as your bathroom’s main illumination source, you have to weigh their pros and cons first. From an interior designer’s standpoint, you’ll also want to carefully consider its style and how it integrates with your bathroom’s overall design and hardware finishes.

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