Shutter Colors For Gray House (Options for Light & Dark Shades)

Find out the different shutters for gray house including what are the best shades, suggested options for light, dark, and blue gray exteriors.

different shutter colors for gray houses

The go-to neutral is a timeless hue that has gotten even more popular with its sublime coupling with today’s favorite contemporary beiges, whites, blues, and blacks.

In architecture and interior in particular, gray colors are versatile, presenting a plethora of design possibilities where not only does it go with any style or color but works well with modern materials. 

When it comes to a home’s exterior, a gray house can be matched with any color along with a wide spectrum of shades to choose from, pewter, classic gray, dove, charcoal, slate, and ash, just to name a few. From cool to warm tones, there’s just a perfect gray color palette that works with one’s taste. 

One of the more prominent architectural features of an exterior of a home is window shutters. Shutter colors for a gray house can impact the overall look of the building. We’ve shortlisted the best shutter colors that are great for the neutral color. 

What Are The Best Color Shutters For a Gray House? 

gray house with dark green shutters

Gray, in general, has always been perceived to have a cool temperature due to the fact that black and white shades as black are the absence of color and white reflects heat. However, there are undertones to consider to affect the shutter color choice.

A good general rule when choosing a paint scheme is to have a complementary balance between warm and cool colors. – Old House Journal July-August 1994

Although, a general rule is to have a contrasting tone to balance the neutral and avoid having a dull and monotonous look while emphasizing the architectural feature. 

White: Best for clean and crisp window shutters and a safe choice if unsure of an exterior paint’s undertone. White and gray are not actually contrasting colors but neutrals that don’t possess a hue, as contrasting colors are opposite in a color wheel.

For instance, orange and blue. But since the gray exterior wall does not compete with the white color, the brighter color becomes more prominent or readable, making the shutters stand out.

Black shutters on gray house

Black: Much like wearing a black suit, black shutters can be flattering, especially when the trims are also in the achromatic color.

Black window shutters not only translate to less maintenance but make a home look dramatic and even warmer, as black is known to absorb heat.

The bold neutral also projects that luxurious and classic quality while adding definition to the shutter window design. It’s a versatile color that complements natural stone and stucco. 

Navy Blue: When longing for just a hint of color and not being too prominent, navy blue window shutters paired with a gray backdrop is a perfect choice. Best for coastal cottages, navy blue brings that cool vibe to a gray house.

Dark Green: In nature, dark green and gray shades work well, such as in tree forests, and are most present in many natural settings.

The familiarity of the combination and the calming quality of dark greens makes it a favorable option, especially for traditional homes.

A dark green that’s almost black can be the perfect cool contrasting color for a gray house with white trimming.  

Dark Brown: Another color inspired by nature is dark brown, and like dark green, an almost black dark brown adds contrast to a white accent.

When emphasizing a few window shutters, a dark brown color is a perfect option helping the architectural feature to be distinct while adding an earthy, warm quality to it. 

Red shutters

Rustic Red: The rustic red window shutters convey a similar earthy and warm tone to the dark brown color but have a more striking contrast due to the presence of a strong primary color.

This shade is great for medium-dark grays with dark blue accents. Cottage-like gray houses are a style that loves to incorporate a pop of color. 

Shutters for a Light Gray Color House 

light gray house with sage green shutters

White Shutters: Best for the classic gray painted exterior and any other grays with warm undertones. Classic gray has an undertone of purple and light pink, and with a white or off-white window shutter, it balances these warm undertones. 

Sage Green: With a muted quality, sage green or sometimes referred to as green-gray, complements a light gray colored home, as it adds a warm and homely vibe to a light gray backdrop.

Black: The black, red, and light gray is a classic combination that works well with expansive gray homes with stone facades and white trim.

Choose a black window shutter, light gray stone with a red door that emphasizes the texture while drawing the eyes to the main door. This is among the front door colors that work well with a light gray house and black window shutters.

Burgundy: The red-purplish color allows the fenestrations to pop up from the light gray backdrop. The warm color also balances off the cool tone of a light gray house. 

Shutters for a Dark Gray House 

gray house with black window shutters

Cream: A soft cream or ivory color can create a warm and inviting look that complements the cool tones of dark gray. This combination can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your home. Cream pairs well with gray painted brick as well as siding.

Ivory: If aiming for contrast and balance of color temperature without using pure white color, ivory is a perfect alternative as it has that pinkish undertone it adds a hint of a warm hue.  

Dark Blue: The dark blue window shutters works well with both a white and black trim or accent. Dark blue shutters can add a subtle pop of color that complements the cool tones of dark gray. This combination can create a nautical or coastal feel. 

Red: Red is a striking color against a neutral-toned backdrop. The red shutters can create a striking contrast against a dark gray house. Deep shades like maroon or burgundy are some of the more popular red color tones. 

Shutters for a Blue Gray House

big house with blue gray walls and lawn

Sage Green: Sage green shutters can add a natural and earthy feel to the blue-gray exterior. This combination can create a rich quality to an exterior, especially when aiming for white trim. 

Deep Red: Deep red shutters can add a rich and luxurious feel to the blue-gray exterior. This combination can create a striking and elegant look.

White: For that coastal feel, white window shutters suit any blue shade. White shutters are a classic choice that pairs well with almost any exterior color. White shutters leave a clean contrast against the blue-gray siding.

Black: Black shutters are another classic option that can create a bold, dramatic look against a lighter version of a blue-gray house. 

Gray: Another option is to choose a shade of gray that complements the blue-gray siding. A light gray can provide a subtle contrast, while a darker variation can create a more dramatic look since gray-on-gray combination for the blue-gray house.

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