Sage Green Kitchen Walls (37 Paint Color Ideas)

This gallery of sage green kitchen walls showcases the best paint color ideas, designs, the shades that go best with sage walls, and the complimenting hues.

Sage kitchen and dining area with glass table, chairs, white cabinets, oven, stove, and windows

Are you looking for a color that can make your kitchen unique and different from the standard white? Sage green is an amazing color to consider and check out! 

A white kitchen is a clean standard look for most homes, but you can get as quirky as you want if you choose to. Sage has become a popular color option for many things, from the color of one’s journal to a home’s walls.

Designers have become fond of this color and kept on pushing them to different aspects of today’s lifestyle. And it’s not surprising since the color is pleasing to the eye and accents a space without overpowering it. 

Sage green is considered a versatile color that can produce a particular vibe depending on what you pair it with. It is currently on trend, and whether it’s a passing fad or not is still unknown, but you can chalk it up to the future. [toc] 

Sage Green Walls In Kitchen Ideas

Sage green kitchen cabinets with darker walls and marble island

One of the ways to incorporate a sage green color scheme in your home, particularly in the kitchen, is through its walls. The color has this calming effect that you would want to experience when dealing with chaotic elements like fire (Yes, when cooking!).

With sage green kitchen walls, your layout will feel bigger than it actually is. Its light color features this welcoming and comforting ambiance you want your kitchen to have.

Here are some of the different ways you can incorporate a sage green kitchen wall into your home. 

Use the hue completely on all kitchen walls

Make the sage color a feature wall or green accent wall

Use the shade for wall tiles matched with white/grey wall tiles

Monochromatic (two-tone) sage-hued and dark green-hued walls

Use the shade for wall tiles and wooden cupboards with brass handles

If you’re looking for sage green paint colors to consider, there are several worth mentioning.

Evergreen Fog (SW 9130)Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog (SW 9130)

Oil Cloth (CSP-760)Benjamin Moore Oil Cloth (CSP-760)

Behr Bitter Sage (N390-4)Behr Bitter Sage (N390-4)

French Gray (No. 242)Farrow & Ball French Gray (No. 242)

Mizzle (No. 266)Farrow & Ball Mizzle (No. 266)

Clare Money MovesClare Money Moves

Lichen (No. 19)Farrow & Ball Lichen (No. 19)

Light Sage Paint Colors

Kitchen with light sage walls, center island, range hood, stove, countertops, cabinets, and window

If you’re going for light sage green kitchen walls, you can do so to have a more enhanced and modern feel to your home’s space. You can build a sage-toned color palette and match your light-colored kitchen walls with dark colors to add depth and contrast to the room. 

Besides the usually painted walls, you can also choose a patterned design for your walls to have something interesting and different. But if you want to stick with lighter paint, here are some incredible selections. 

C2 Paint New Leaf (C2-670)C2 Paint New Leaf (C2-670)

October Mist (1945)Benjamin Moore October Mist (1945)

Hollingsworth Green (HC-141)Benjamin Moore Hollingsworth Green (HC-141)

Sage Wisdom (CSP-775)Benjamin Moore Sage Wisdom (CSP-775)

A deep tone can balance the color when it comes to light-sage kitchen walls. You have to consider the possible colors that go with the hue so your kitchen won’t look like just a splash of colors. Read more about colors that go with green here.

What Colors Go With Sage Walls

Kitchen with wood cabinets, sage toned wall, backsplash, oven, stove, windows, and ceiling lights

Sage green is simply a muted version that easily pops out when matched with metallic colors and adds warmth to this combination. This means that it also goes well with gold and brass finishes. The color can effectively be used for traditional, contemporary, rustic, farmhouse, and Bohemian room designs.

Considered the color of the year 2022, sage green is everywhere, and it’s matched with different colors. Here are several colors that go well with this trendy hue.

Wood Tones

Behr Studio Clay (MQ2-27)Behr Studio Clay (MQ2-27)

Sage green will always be associated with the color of leaves and nature. This is why wood tones would look wonderful with it. So if you have wooden types of furniture styles in the kitchen, this shade for walls will work wonderfully with them.

This is a good combination if you want a traditional style or a modern mid-century vibe. Some of the wood tone paint colors you can check out include:

PPG Rocky RoadPPG Rocky Road

Clare TurbinadoClare Turbinado


Buff (No. 20)Farrow & Ball Buff (No. 20)

Brown, similar to wood tones, works perfectly with sage-tones. Applying this combination to your kitchen will make this space feel like you’re in a cabin in the woods. Some of the best brown paint colors are the following:

Charlton Brown (CW-265)Benjamin Moore Charlton Brown (CW-265)

Ligonier Tan (SW 7717)Sherwin-Williams Ligonier Tan (SW 7717)


Tricorn Black (SW 6258)Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black (SW 6258)

If you’re going for bold and popping, black is an incredible color to consider as a good match for sage green. You can go with the shade for kitchen walls with a black accent all around the room. Check out these black paint colors you can use. 

Off-black (No. 57)Farrow & Ball Off-black (No. 57)

Jet Black (2120-10)Benjamin Moore Jet Black (2120-10)


Natural Cream (OC-14)Benjamin Moore Natural Cream (OC-14)

Choosing the subtle pairing of sage green and cream, the former will offer a refreshing feel while the latter will cater to the warmth necessary to balance it out. Here are some magnificent cream paint colors to explore.

White Tie (No. 2002)Farrow & Ball White Tie (No. 2002)

Swiss Coffee (OC-45)Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee (OC-45)

What Color Compliments Sage

Kitchen and dining with range hood, table, chairs, windows, cabinets, sage shaded walls, floating shelf, and sink

Complementary colors are paired colors that are very different from each other, but when they are mixed, they result in a dull color like gray or brown. Complementary colors, when paired together, make each other pop and stand out. This makes the colors more vibrant to look at.

Here are some of the colors that complement sage well, balancing and elevating how it looks. 


Gray Owl (2137-60)Benjamin Moor Gray Owl (2137-60)

Gray is an earthy color that you can choose for your furniture or countertop and pair with your sage-hued walls. This match is guaranteed to look subtle yet stylish at the same time. The great thing is that there are many shades of gray to match the walls with.

And adding a pot of plants in the mix can make the entire room feel more outdoorsy.  If you’re considering choosing a gray paint color, here are some amazing options you can explore. 

Passive (SW 7064)Sherwin-Williams Passive (SW 7064)


Alabaster (SW 7008)Sherwin-Williams Alabaster (SW 7008)

White is the standard color of the kitchen, and if you want to retain that characteristic of this particular room somehow, then you can match it with your sage-hued walls. Fresh and crisp white cabinets or countertops can add freshness and at the same time, warmth to the calming neutral sage green. 

Kitchen with refrigerator, sage painted walls, wood flooring, white cabinetry, stove, oven, and countertops

Since white looks too clinical, adding sage to the mix will lift the “clinical” out of your kitchen and make it much more welcoming and inviting. The white and green combo offers a cottage-style charm that feels peaceful and serene. Explore the following white color paints. 

Chantilly Lace (OC-65)Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (OC-65)

Extra White (SW 7006)Sherwin-Williams Extra White (SW 7006)


Hay (No. 37)Farrow & Ball Hay (No. 37)

If you feel like your sage-toned walls need more warmth with them, yellow is the color to go to. You can go for a subtle yellow tone with dusty yellow and muted gold or you can go all the way and choose bold and daring yellow.

Whichever you choose, yellow-and-sage complement each other, so you won’t be regretting pairing them together. For recommendations on yellow paint colors that match sage-hues well, here are some worth noting.

Inner Glow (348)Benjamin Moore Inner Glow (348)

Banana Yellow (2022-40)Benjamin Moore Banana Yellow (2022-40)


Spruce Best Home Persimmon OrangeThe Spruce Best Home Persimmon Orange

Red is the complementary color of green, and since sage is simply its muted version, it’s only logical that red will also complement it.

You can always go for muted red to match the muted shade of sage. Your red color choice doesn’t have to be that loud. Some red paint colors will look wonderful with your sage-hued walls. 

Behr Morocco Red (PPU2-17)Behr Morocco Red (PPU2-17)

Valspar Berrylicious (1005-1A)Valspar Berrylicious (1005-1A)


Calamine (230)Farrow & Ball Calamine (230)

Lastly, pink is the complementary color of sage green because it’s a muted red in the first place. Soft and dusty pink will look wonderful with sage-tones considering both feel investing and delicate.

Using these two colors in your kitchen will give you a romantic and sophisticated kitchen you can be proud of. Of course, you can always choose other shades of pink since there are many options to choose from anyway. Here are some of those options:

Coral Reef (SW 6606)Sherwin-Williams Coral Reef (SW 6606)

Behr Rose Sorbet (150A-2)Behr Rose Sorbet (150A-2)

What Kitchen Countertops Go With Sage?

Kitchen with wood planked floor, white cabinetry, wall in sage, countertop, sink, refrigerator, oven, and stove

With your sage green kitchen walls set, one important element to consider is your countertop. Depending on the effect and style you’re going for, you can choose the specific material, color, and texture of the countertop that can add to your kitchen’s aesthetics. 

For a monochromatic approach, bold dark green types of kitchen countertops will look amazing with your sage-toned walls. In this setup, the countertop will serve as the accent element of your layout.

The great thing about this combination is that even with the choice of dark colors, the combination can still look wonderful for smaller kitchens, with the green walls creating the illusion of a bigger space.  

A dark natural stone is the ideal combination for your sage-toned walls and can create the dramatic contrast you don’t know you need. Besides looking elegant, the additional color will make the kitchen more modern and sleeker. 

What Color Cabinets To Use With Sage

Contemporary kitchen with white shaker cabinets, sage on the walls and island

Besides the countertop, you also need to match your cabinets once you decide to go for sage-green kitchen walls. You can always paint your cabinets in colors that go well or complement the color. 

A contrasting kitchen design with white cabinets and a sage-toned island can tie in with the same wall colors, create a harmonious feel, and help elevate the brightness.

A sage kitchen is a chic and trendy space so if you want to maintain that style, you can go for dusty pink or buttery yellow cabinets. These soft shades will add to the welcoming vibe already introduced through the sage-hued walls. They will also make the room feel lighter and bigger than it is. 

kitchen with sage, honey oak cabinets, oven, ceiling lights, and windows

But if you’re going for something more elegant, hardwood cabinets with neutral colors and wood tones will create a traditional and rustic feel. Since sage green is already light, go for a darker-colored wood with rich tones like walnut and mahogany. They will offer elegance and a high-end feel to your kitchen. 

Along with the wooden kitchen cabinets and drawers, another element that goes well with sage-tones is metal. When sage is partnered with metallic colors, the metallic colors shine brighter and somehow add a unique touch to the subtle color. So for your cabinets, you can use brass handles and knobs for a more vintage feel to it. 

Another thing you can consider for your cabinet is its texture. You can go for a glossy finish or matte kitchen cabinets and both would look wonderful with sage-hued walls. For a more modern style, a matte finish is an ideal option. A glossy finish is a choice if you’re going for a contemporary look for your kitchen. 

Is the Color Sage Warm Or Cool?

Kitchen with bright sage, countertops, sink, wood board floor, stove, oven, and window curtains

Sage green is a neutral color that can be warm or cool, depending on the shade you use, how you use it, and the elements you pair it with. This versatile color is capable of creating totally opposite vibes depending on the elements and styles mixed with it. 

Sage is a color that flows nicely, creating a layer of calmness and comfort. Since it’s neutral, you can use it for additional warmth or coolness, depending on what you need. While many seem to associate it with coolness more of the color of mint and leaves, sage green is something in-between.

See more related content in our article about kitchen colors with brown cabinets on this page.

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