10 Architect Inspired Deck Furniture Layout Ideas for Every Space

Deck furniture layout idea with outdoor kitchen and landscaping

Make the most out of your outdoor living with the following deck furniture layout ideas. The deck and patio become an extension of your interiors increasing the quality of your living and the potential to increase your property’s market value. With such advantages, it makes sense to utilize these outdoor areas and start with a good design layout.

Lounging Area Placement

Comfort, views, and privacy are common factors when choosing how to orient your lounging area outdoors. But other elements to consider will ultimately depend on the main purpose of your lounge area. For instance, do you plan your lounging area as a reading space, or do you plan to add amenities such as a television or sound system? 

Deck or patio are typically furnished with furniture tailor-made for the outdoors which means they are weather resistant. However, added elements such as pergolas or umbrellas can also be added for that extra layer of shade and protection. 

Balcony Lookout Layout

Balcony lookout layout deck

This deck layout is perfect for outdoor spaces that are long and narrow and will usually be immediately accessible from a back or patio door. Place a long sofa lounge stretched along the length of your deck facing a panoramic view. 

Position your seats facing toward the back outdoor view. The lounge seats will usually have the backing against the wall of your property to give way to a pathway or egress with a coffee table at the center and flanked by a club chair on each side. 

Corner or Pocket Lounge Area

For a cozy nook that’s the perfect place to enjoy a book or an afternoon nap, position your sofa seats against a corner of your deck. You can either choose to have a long sofa stretching entirely along your deck rail or have a medium-length sectional sofa flanked on each side with a planter or ottoman. Place a coffee table at the center and add club chairs opposite each other. Corner sofas are also a great way to create a compact lounge area. 

To add privacy, you can add curtains on the sides or equip the nook area with a pergola or trellis. Finish off with planters or allow veining to climb up your trellis. 

Central Gathering Layout

Central gathering area with firepit

A fireplace, firepit, or TV serves as a focal point of the deck lounge that serves as the basis for laying out your furniture. The firepit is a primeval element in outdoor and even indoor lounges and it makes sense to use it as an anchor for a spacious deck area. 

A firepit is the centerpiece of your deck furniture. For a circular or square firepit, outdoor chairs equally positioned around the fire are a popular option. You can add a small side table or ottoman statement between the chairs to add variety and where a planter, cup of coffee, or book can be placed.  

Rectangular firepit meanwhile can be balanced off with a sofa positioned along the longest side of the firepit and then a pair of chairs placed on each smaller side. 

Dining and Entertainment

With fairy lights and parasols, al fresco dining is one of the benefits of having an outdoor deck and adds an alternative entertainment space for family and guests. 

Zoned in and Roofed Over

Zoned in and roofed over entertainment area with outdoor pizza oven

A general deck furniture layout for outdoor dining and entertainment is to zone in areas to maintain a flexible use of your space. Further, provide privacy and protection from the elements by adding a trellis or a pergola over your dining area, this means you can dine out rain or shine. 

The overhang helps protect the electronics like the TV and outdoor sound system. In addition features such as a wraparound bar facing the outdoor kitchen with refrigerator, pizza oven and barbecue grill make the perfect spot for entertaining friends and family.

Bistro-style Layout

For smaller deck areas, choose bistro-inspired furniture instead of your full dining table. A round table paired with two chairs is your standard bistro-style set or you can get a slightly larger circular or square table to accommodate four chairs. Place your bistro furniture set at the center of your deck or tucked in a corner of your outdoor space, either way, the smaller furniture set allows you to easily rearrange the position when needed. 

Outdoor Dining Facing a View

Dining table with view

A dining table can be placed along the back end of the deck area far away from your access points and place your lounge area in the front area facing the backyard or view. Choose low-profile sofa lounges so diners can enjoy the view from the back zone. 

Social Entertaining Hub

The outdoor deck offers flexibility and more space that’s great for hosting larger groups but at the same time perfect for setting up intimate get-togethers for the family.

An outdoor gourmet kitchen is a great option when building that social entertaining hub but will need a larger deck space. Having your own movie theater at home is another option and works from small to spacious deck areas. Moreover, you can pair it with other elements such as a fireplace or bar.

Fireplace and TV Screen

Patio with pergola, outdoor TV on wall and seating

Install your TV screen just above your fireplace to save space and create a compact area for your entertainment area. Fireplace mantels are mostly made from durable materials such as natural stone or concrete which means it’s the perfect wall to install an expansive TV. You can drill in brackets easily into a free-standing fireplace and you won’t worry about reducing the structural integrity of your non-load-bearing element. 

Projector and Firepit Combo

The great thing about projectors is that you can install them in almost anywhere without worrying about the structural integrity of your wall. In this deck furniture layout, the projector is usually installed across your sofa lounge and parallel to a firepit. This means you can enjoy the natural warmth from your firepit while binge-watching late in the evening. 

Behind the Bar

Backyard design patio with wood pergola shade structure and barstool seats with counter

You can zone out your entertainment area by placing your TV or projector screen just behind your sports bar. In this way, you can maintain a lounge area for private conversations while also having a space for noisier activities. 

Bar Area

A bar area is typically near your kitchen counter or any other prep and cooking area such as the barbecue grill or kitchen island. 

The Galley Layout

A practical and straightforward layout for your bar area is when it is along the front or is back-to-back against your kitchen sink or island. This way you can serve food and drinks conveniently without the need to travel from your prep area to your service points. 

Fire Pit or Heater with Seating. 

Aside from providing warmth during your cold outdoor escapades, a heater or fire pit with seating can be used as an anchor or focal point in a deck or patio layout. 

Aside from functionality, it is also important not to forget about safety and available ventilation. Keep away fabrics or other loose materials that are easily combustible from your firepit. 

Circular Layout

Circular fire pit design with bench seating and night lighting

The most common way to distribute the heat provided by your firepit. The seats are arranged around the fire usually with slanting back seats such as the Adirondack chairs are a staple for your fire pit lounge. You can add small tables or stands for placing your coffee mug and other items. 

Semi-Circular Layout

As the term implies seats are arranged semi-circular facing the fire pit. This is a usual layout for decks that have views allowing the said vistas to be unobstructed. 

Clustered Layout

You can create a zoned-in area dedicated to a fire pit and seat combination that’s away or opposite from your lounge, dining, or movie theater viewing. The clustered furniture is perfect for open plans that have spacious decks. 

Storage Solutions

For maximum functionality, the deck area can house items that are also needed for the outdoor space or serve as an extension for your interiors if you need more storage space. 


Outdoor storage under bench

One of the challenges in placing a storage space outdoors is how to protect your items from weather conditions such as rain or UV damage. Built-in hampers under the seats lined with a waterproof material are a great option. Under-deck storage is also an option if you have crawl space under a raised deck. The space is a perfect area to store larger equipment. 


When you want to store wood for the winter there are portable sheds that can be assembled and disassembled when no longer needed during the year. Portable bins that can have wheels are also great options where you can also find designs that have a rattan finish or that have a plastic material that simulates a weaved basket hamper. 

Shade and Structures

Adding a structure can help you enjoy the outdoors more throughout the year. A canopy can protect you from the hot sun or rain and also help promote privacy from neighbors.


Pergola structure with outdoor seating and round coffee table

A pergola can partially or fully cover your deck area and is one of the most common roofing treatments for decks as it is attached to an existing column or wall. Pergolas with clear acrylic panels are popular and you can still allow sunlight through but are protected from rain and vertical drafts. An option for adding planters or string lights adds to the ambiance of the space. Pergolas are installed over the gathering space or cooking area. 

Shade Sails or Canopies

Modern canopy over deck with wood accent wall and tv

A modern roofing treatment to your deck area, the canopy sails are easy to install in any deck shape or size and the sails have that sculptural quality itself making it an attractive addition. The shade sails also come in different sizes, colors, and designs to match existing styles. The downside though is that it cannot withstand strong winds such as that of a hurricane or typhoon. 

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