How To Secure Patio Furniture To Prevent Damage & Loss

Your patio should be a place in your home where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors, it shouldn’t be another source of stress and worry. This is why it’s important to take measures to secure your patio furniture.

When thinking about how to secure patio furniture, there are two major things you need to guard against: Thieves and strong winds. 

Thieves can make off with your patio furniture, costing you money and causing you and your family distress.

Strong winds, on the other hand, can damage or destroy your outdoor furniture. If you want to save on the cost of repairing or replacing patio furniture blown away by the wind, you need to take precautions to prevent this.

How Do I Keep My Outdoor Furniture From Being Stolen?

Sofa chairs small table potted plants patio with roofThe best way to keep your outdoor furniture from being stolen would probably be to store it away in a locked shed every night. If that sounds like it might be too much trouble, you can consider the following.

Patio Furniture Lock

You can purchase a chain and a lock from any hardware store and loop the chain through the patio furniture frame. You can then secure the chain to a sturdy post. You can also just run the chain through the frames of several pieces of furniture, then chain or lock them together.

The idea behind using a patio furniture lock and chain is, you want to make it difficult for a thief to just pick up your patio furniture and go. 

If you chain a piece of furniture to another part of your home, they will need to break the chain and that will take more time and effort than an ordinary thief will want to take. If you chain your outdoor furniture together, it will make it difficult for a thief to carry off and most will abandon the attempt.

If you don’t want to use a chain, try looking for galvanized steel cable or wire rope instead. 

Install Security Cameras 

Security camera mounted on wooden ceilingIf you have security cameras installed along the perimeter of your home, this will deter thieves. This will also work to secure your outdoor patio furniture. 

Very few thieves will consider a piece of patio furniture worth the risk of getting caught on a security camera.

Have Motion-Activated Lights

Motion sensor light mounted on ceilingMost thieves don’t like to “work” in brightly lit areas, it increases their risk of getting caught and seen. 

While it might not be worth it to have lights on in your patio area all the time, motion-activated perimeter lights could be among the more budget-friendly backyard essentials out there.

A potential thief approaching your patio will trigger the lights, and this in turn could scare them away and make them think twice about stealing your patio furniture.

How Do You Secure A Grill To Prevent It Being Stolen?

Grill outdoor wood deck white railings sidingIf you have an unsecured grill on your outdoor patio, that serves as a great temptation to thieves. You must secure your grill properly to keep it from being stolen. 

Of course, if you can store your grill away, in a locked storage shed or your garage this is the best way to secure it from thieves. It can also protect it from weather damage. 

As with patio furniture, you can also secure your grill by making it difficult for a thief to take it away. Chaining or securing your grill to your patio or even to the other pieces of patio furniture can discourage thieves. 

If your grill has wheels, you should consider removing them. Removing the wheels on a grill makes it difficult to move and can also deter thieves.

How To Keep Patio Furniture From Blowing Away?

Patio furniture sofa chairsIf you want to secure your patio furniture from the wind, you should store it away when the weather report indicates bad or stormy weather. Otherwise, you can try the following to keep your patio furniture from blowing away.

Patio Furniture Anchors

Outdoor furniture anchor kit tie downSee this outdoor furniture anchor kit tie down at Amazon [sponsored link]

One way to keep outdoor patio furniture from blowing away is to use patio furniture anchors. You should be able to find outdoor furniture anchors in hardware stores. 

These are basically rings that you can attach to your patio floor with accompanying straps or chains that you can loop on your furniture’s legs or frames. 

This can secure your patio furniture, anchoring it to your patio floor to keep it from blowing away.

Patio Furniture Weights

These are basically heavy bags filled with rocks or sand that you can place around your patio furniture to weigh them down and keep them from blowing away. 

You can place a few on your furniture or just around the furniture base and legs to keep them weighed down. You might be able to find outdoor furniture weights at your hardware store. 

Some are designed with adjustable loops, that you can hook on` furniture legs to weigh them down. Or you can just get a few ordinary sandbags, those will work as well. 

How Do You Secure Outdoor Furniture To Concrete?

Concrete patio with white outdoor furniture house exterior with glass windowsIn specific circumstances, patio furniture weights will work well to secure outdoor furniture on a concrete patio. If you want to use furniture anchors on your concrete patio floor, however, that might take a little more work.

While there are furniture anchors that can be used on concrete floors, you are going to have to drill into the concrete to install the rings that you will use to strap down your furniture. 

You might want to hire a professional in this case as you don’t want to accidentally damage your floor.

How Do I Protect My Patio Furniture On A Deck?

Patio furniture sofa chairs on wooden deckStrictly speaking, the difference between a deck and a patio comes down to the material used in their construction. 

A deck is usually made of wood or wood-plastic composites, while a patio is usually made of harder substances. Traditionally, patios are paved with stone slabs or concrete.

All the methods we describe above for protecting your patio furniture from thieves or from being blown away can be used to protect the same type of furniture on a deck. 

Take note as, since we mentioned that it’s a little harder to use anchors on concrete or stone, it’s relatively easier to use anchors to protect patio furniture on a deck.

See more related content in our article about the different concrete patio finishes on this page.

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