Patio Table Umbrella Size (Popular Measurements)

Find out the patio table umbrella size that’s best for you, including umbrella dimensions for different table sizes, table base weight, and how big a table umbrella should be.
Patio with glass table with umbrella brick wall brick pavers flooringHomeowners who have backyards without any overhead roof or awnings know how hot it can get. To maximize the enjoyment of the outdoors without being fried by the sun, purchasing a patio table umbrella is the way to go. 

Getting a patio umbrella is not only cost-effective but will provide the shade anyone needs wherever there is a hot and sunny day. There are many types of patio table umbrellas available for purchase. Some even have materials that protect from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

The first step to buying any patio table umbrella is knowing what a buyer requires, from the shape and table size to what materials it will be made of. Here is a breakdown of some of the most popular table sizes and the best umbrella for adequate shade coverage. [toc]

What Size Patio Umbrella For 36 inch Table?

Patio umbrella for 36 Inch table sizeA thirty-six inch, or 91-centimeters table is perfect for homes with only a single or a couple of occupants. This size is usually a bistro set perfect for reading or chatting with one person. There are smaller types of tables at 30 inches or 76 centimeters in diameter. 

For both of these table sizes, the perfect patio table umbrella will have a diameter of 72 to 78 inches or 183 to 198 centimeters in diameter. Thirty-six inches tables will also be large enough to support a patio table umbrella that is 84 inches or 213 centimeters in diameter. 

The table base to support this umbrella size should be at least 50 pounds. 

What Size Umbrella For 48 inch Table? 

If a homeowner wants a larger patio table that could seat up to four persons at a time, they should go for a 48 inches patio table. This is also an excellent table for mid-size patios and small get-togethers. 

For a 48 inches or 122 centimeters patio table, the umbrella will need to fit in the middle umbrellas with a diameter of 84 to 96 inches or 213 to 244 centimeters. Umbrellas in this size will have a shade span of 38 to 56 square feet depending on where the sun is. 

The table base to support this umbrella size should be 50 to 60 pounds. 

What Size Umbrella For 72 inch Table? 

Umbrella size for 72 inch tableMore oversized tables are great for bigger families, and having friends over for a little potluck or backyard lunch parties and tables that have a total dimension of 72 inches or 183 centimeters will be perfect.

Most of these tables will be circular, but others will be rectangular, so getting the right size of an umbrella is essential to ensure that everyone is under the shade. 

For a 72 inches patio table, the perfect patio table umbrella is the 132 inches or 335-centimeters umbrella. This umbrella will have a shade span wide enough for everyone to be comfortable outside on a hot sunny day. 

The table base to support this umbrella size should at least be 75 pounds. However, you may need more weight if you have an exposed patio with high wind.

What Size Patio Umbrella For 4 person Table?

4 person patio table umbrella sizePatio tables that could seat four people comfortably at one time can be circular tables at 48 inches or small rectangular patio tables. Both of these options can be used by homeowners looking for patio tables big enough for four persons. 

The umbrella needed for these patio tables is patio umbrellas ranging from 84 to 108 inches or 213 to 274 centimeters. These sizes will be enough to cover at least 56 square feet of shade, big enough for everyone seated at the table. 

A minimum base weight of 50 pounds to support the umbrella is required for these umbrella sizes. See our guide on how to secure patio furniture for more related content.

What Size Umbrella For A 5 foot Table? 

Five feet is equivalent to 60 inches, and 60 inches or 152 centimeters patio table will be big enough for a party of six to enjoy an early morning breakfast or a barbeque lunch under the shade. This is also the perfect patio table for the backyard of a family of six. 

This table will need a patio table umbrella with a diameter of 120 inches or 305 centimeters. This umbrella size brings enough shade for everyone without them having to huddle close to each other.

5 foot and 6 foot table umbrella sizeWhat Size Umbrella For 6 foot Table?

A six-foot table is equivalent to the size of the more oversized 72 inches patio table. This table size is the one homeowners need for their backyard if they have a bigger family or if they love entertaining during the weekend as it can seat at least six to eight persons at a time. 

The patio table umbrella required for this size is the 132 inches or 335 centimeters umbrella. This umbrella will have a wide shade range for everybody to stay cool on a summer day. See more patio cover ideas on this page.

How Tall Is A Patio Umbrella?

Patio table umbrella size heightHow tall a patio table umbrella will be will depend on the size you are going for. As the height of the umbrella increases, so should the weight of the table it will be fitted with. 

Smaller patio table umbrellas perfect for 20 pounds tables will be 6 feet or 72 inches tall. Some umbrellas are 7 feet or 84 inches tall and are ideal for tables that are 40 pounds and above. The biggest some homes will require are patio table umbrellas that will extend up to 11 feet or 132 inches. 

Patio Table Umbrella Hole Size 

Another thing to weigh when buying a patio table umbrella to go with a patio table is noting the size of a patio table umbrella hole, especially if you already own a table.

The standard size for most patio table umbrella holes is around 2 inches or 5 centimeters in diameter, and some patio tables will have bigger ones. The pole diameter of the umbrella must be smaller than the hole width, so it can fit. 

How Big Should A Table Umbrella Be?

How big should a table umbrella beEveryone will know the patio table umbrella size they need by considering a few factors, like table size or how many people will be using the umbrella. But an easy rule of thumb is ensuring that your patio table umbrella is extended on each side by 2 feet. 

To illustrate, if you have a 4 feet patio table, be sure that your patio table umbrella is 8 feet. 

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