Dining Room Rug Sizes (Dimensions Guide)

Welcome to our dining room rug sizes guide, including dimensions for area and table floor coverings and choosing the right measurements for different tables.
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One of the best ways to improve dining room aesthetics is placing a rug on the floor, particularly under the table.  Not only does it protect the floor from chair scuff marks, but it can also enhance the room’s overall aesthetics.

Unfortunately, many homeowners are clueless about the correct sizes of dining room rugs they should buy.  Understanding the right size empowers homeowners to purchase the best product. [toc]

What Size Rug for a Dining Room?

Choosing the correct rug size for a dining room is crucial because one only needs to cover the floor under the table and chairs and its immediate surroundings.

If the rug is too big, it would create an impression that one is hiding something on the floor.  If it is too small, other people may think the homeowner hides a minor surface imperfection, such as a stain or a cracked tile.

So, what size of rug should one get for the dining room?

Determining the correct measurements for rugs is not an exact science.  Neither is it pure guesswork. In general, it should always be larger than the area occupied by the dining table and chairs when in use.

Hence, if the table measures four by six feet and the chairs occupy about two feet when people sit on them, a good-sized dining room rug is eight feet by twelve feet. One can always opt for a slightly smaller one if this is too large.

What Size of a Rug for a Dining Table?

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Most rectangular tables are 36 to 40 inches wide and can be four to five feet long.  Dining tables that seat eight people are at least 6.5 feet long.

As such, it would be a wise choice to get a rug that is about 18″ to 24″ feet longer and wider on all sides than the table’s dimensions.

For example, if a homeowner has a 40-inch wide, 70-inch-long dining table, the smallest rugs should measure 76 inches (6.3 feet) wide and 106 inches (8.83 feet) long. 

The best size to ensure all chair legs stay positioned on the carpet at all times would be 96 inches (8 feet) by 120 inches (10 feet)

If one has a circular dining table, a round floor covering shape may be more appropriate to frame the table. 

The rug size should be at least three feet larger than the table’s diameter.  For example, if one has a six-foot diameter table, it would be wise to get a nine or ten-foot-diameter floor covering.

Dining Table Rug Size Calculator

This calculator evaluates the ideal rug size by extending the table’s dimensions by 24 inches on each side to provide the floor covering dimensions you need.


How Big Should Dining Area Rugs Be?

One should always check other dining room elements when determining the size of the floor covering.

For example, if there are cabinets or other furniture near the table, it would be wise to check the rug’s size so it doesn’t touch the leading edges of these objects. Read more about standard dining room dimensions here.

How Much Bigger Should a Rug Be than a Table?

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As a rule, the rug should be between 24 and 36 inches larger on all sides than the dining table.  The two to three feet of space should allow guests to sit and get up from their dining chairs without scratching the floor.

An 18″ size is considered the bare minimum and will likely have the back chair legs sitting off the carpet. Having a floor covering under the chair legs also eliminates noise and vibration, which can be annoying during conversations.

What Size Rug for the Table with 4 Chairs?

A four-seater dining table is about 48 inches long and 36 to 40 inches wide. Adding 36 to 48 inches to these dimensions will result in rugs with sizes of 84 to 96 inches long and 72 to 88 inches wide.

The additional 1.5 to two feet on each side of the carpet will accommodate the chairs’ legs when used.

Size Of Rug for Table with 6 Chairs?

Tables that seat six people can have a minimum length of 60 inches or five feet.  As such, the rug sizes for this table should be at least eight feet long, extending to about nine feet for optimum floor protection.

The rug’s width can be between 72 and 88 inches wide, although it can always be bigger or smaller depending on the six-seater table’s actual measurements.

Rug Measurements for a Table with 8 Chairs?

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An eight-person table can measure 40 to 48 inches wide and 78 to 96 inches long.  Given these dimensions, one can get a 76-inch wide, 114-inch-long dining room rug as the minimum. 

If the room layout permits, one can get larger-sized rugs.  For example, a 144-inch long and 96-inch wide mat should give diners more space to move their chairs safely.

Rug Dimensions for a Table with 10 Chairs?

A table that seats ten people can be at least nine feet long, although some manufacturers offer up to 12 feet. 

The width is between 3.5 and 4 feet, suggesting that 6.5 to 8-foot wide rugs are ideal.  The mat’s length can be as short as 12.5 feet or if 16 feet, depending on the table’s actual dimensions.

Tips for Choosing the Right Size Rugs for a Dining Room

When choosing the right measurements for rugs in the dining room, it would be best to measure the dining table’s dimensions as accurately as possible. 

Always measure the table’s length and width because these are essential for determining the correct size.

If one has a round table, it is crucial to measure the table’s diameter.  One can place the tape measure from one side and extend it to the table’s other side at its widest point.

To determine the correct rug size for the dining room, one needs to add a minimum of three feet (36 inches) to all measurement parameters.  To be more generous with chair space, one can add four feet (48 inches) to the length and width measurements.


Determining the correct size of the rug is crucial to safeguarding the floor’s integrity against scratches and scuff marks. 

It also serves as a frame for the table, allowing it to stand out.  As a rule, the right floor covering size is always 2 to 3 feet longer and wider on all sides than the table.

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  1. I have a dining room that is 13′ wide by 12′ 4′ long. I have purchased a farmhouse table with a bench that is coming soon. The table is 84″ long by 42″ wide. To have enough room for a rug to be under the bench and chairs when pulled out, what size rug would you recommend?

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