Standard Stove Dimensions (Size Guide)

Here, we share the standard stove dimensions, including measuring clearance space and choosing the right-sized appliance for your kitchen space.
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When choosing a stove for your kitchen, you must take note of the available space you have to get an appliance that will fit. In this post, we will run through the standard stove sizes and help you choose the one that best suits your space.

Two tone kitchen cabinets with stainless steel stoveMeasure Your Stove Space

Before you decide on the size of your stove, you need to figure out the measurements of your space.

There are three appliance measurements you need to consider: the width, the height, and the depth.

To get the height of your space, you need to measure the from the floor to the top of the surrounding countertops.

To get the width, you measure the space from countertop to countertop.

To get the depth, you measure the space from the front edge of the kitchen countertop and the wall.

Don’t forget the clearance space

Clearance space is a small open space between your stove and its surroundings, the wall behind it, and the counters on each side.

You need to add some clearance space to ensure that there is some air circulation around your appliance to keep the surroundings from getting too hot and your stove from overheating.

Recommended clearance space is ½ or 1 inch from the back of your stove and the back wall, and the appliances sides and the countertop sides.

What Are The Standard Stove Dimensions?

The standard stove size is 30 inches wide and 36 inches high.

Standard Stove Dimensions

This is meant to take into consideration standard counter heights. To allow you to work comfortably, stovetops are designed to be more or less level to kitchen counters.

The standard depth of a stove is 25 to 26 inches; this is also made to take into account the dimensions of the standard kitchen counter.

However, remember that some product manufacturers have door handles that can add a couple of inches. Handles are often designed to stick out past the cabinets. You will want a stove that can fit between the counters, not one that sticks out beyond. This is especially true when you factor in handles that stick out further.

Concerning clearance space, some manufacturers have designed their products not to need space between the counter and the sides of the appliance. You should check the specifications of a product before making a final decision.

Apartment Stove Dimensions

Apartment kitchen with smaller stove white cabinets subway tile backsplash

The height of a stove usually is around 36 inches. It is usually the width that varies, depending on the type of design.

Stoves designed for small kitchens, such as those in an apartment or condo, are a little narrower than the standard options.

While the height will probably stay the same as that of standard measurements, the width will be around 20 to 24 inches. The average size, however, is 20 inches.

The different types also come in different sizes. Stoves with a double oven, for example, will have a width of about 20-36 inches. Meanwhile, commercial-grade stoves are available that are 36, 48, and 60 inch wide.

If you are getting a stove/oven combo, depending on the manufacturer, you can find one that is 37 to 47 inches high.

Stove in a Kitchen Island

One can also install a stove into a kitchen island. However, the recommended minimum size island required is 7′ wide to accommodate the stovetop and adequate counter space properly. For more related content, visit our page on kitchen island sizes.

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