Farmhouse Table Dimensions (Standard & Popular Sizes)

If a homeowner is looking for an appealing rustic-style dining table for their home, buying a farmhouse table is a great choice. Farmhouse tables tend to be on the larger side, making them highly functional, especially for larger families and homeowners who like to host extravagant dinner parties.

Rustic farmhouse with wooden dining table double hang windows

Some defining features of these are its x-shaped base underneath, its more expansive tabletop that can hold a lot, and its hand-distressed finishes that make it farm chic. A homeowner can get a farmhouse table that is made with the highest form of craftsmanship, or they can get mass-produced ones that are a lot more economical than the former. [toc]

Standard Farmhouse Table Size

Standard farmhouse table sizes

There is a plethora of sizes available for farmhouse tables, but most of them range from a standard length of 5 feet to 12 feet or around 152 to 3666 cm. Some furniture stores will also have these types of dining tables at 3 to 4 feet or 91 to 122 cm.

For a big family, it is safer to go for sizes starting at standard farmhouse tables. Many farmhouse tables with a length of 5 feet or 152 cm can fit about 6 people, while families with up to 8 members are generally advised to go for a size of at least 6 to 7 feet or 183 to 213 cm.

If a house has ten people looking to dine at the tabletop at a given time, going for the length of 8 feet or 244 cm is the most advisable. At the same time, a 12-person member family can opt for tables with a length of 9 to 10 feet or 274 to 305 cm.

How Wide Is A Farmhouse Dining Table? 

Like the length of a standard farmhouse table, the width will differ accordingly and will depend on the specific size a homeowner is looking to get. The standard width for most farmhouse tables stands at 3 feet or 91 cm, but many other widths are also available.

Most farmhouse tables have a width of 38 inches or 97 cm, especially those with a seating capacity of four to six persons. There are also options with a width of 42 inches or 107 cm which can seat eight people with two chairs on each end.

If a homeowner wants to have a tabletop that could seat an additional two chairs, one with a width of 48 inches or 122 cm will be perfect. Read more about different dining table dimensions here.

Dining Table Sizes For 6

Farmhouse dining table dimensions for 6

A farmhouse table that can seat a family of six persons can be chosen from two sizes. The first has a short length of 4 feet or 121 cm with a width of 3 feet or 8 cm. This size will be perfect for breakfast nooks and smaller kitchens because of its much shorter length.

Another size a six-person family can choose is slightly longer at 5 feet or 152 cm. Owing to its longer length, this is the best choice if they want a more extended tabletop that will have adequate space for a six-person to sit at.

Dimensions For 8

Farm table area dimensions for 8If a family is looking for the perfect farmhouse table to use for their 8-person household, there are three sizes that they could pick to fit their needs.

6-foot farmhouse tables that could hold 8 people have a length of 72 inches or 183 cm and a width of 38 inches or 97 cm.

7-foot tables with eight chairs have a length of 84 inches or 213 cm and width from side to side ranging from 38 to 42 inches or about 97 to 107 cm.

8-foot tables with a length of 96 inches or around 244 cm and width also ranging from 38 to 42 inches or 97 to 107 cm.

Farm Table Measurements For 10

Farm table measurements for 10 peopleA ten-person family will have four choices of tabletop sizes to choose from. This makes this seating capacity one of the options with the most size choices.

Tables with a seating capacity of ten are 7 feet with a length of 84 inches or 213 cm with a width of either 38 or 42 inches or 97 to 107 cm.

Tables with a wider width make it possible for two chairs to fit in a corner. They have a length of 84 inches or 213 cm with a width of 48 inches or 122 cm.

An option perfect for ten people has a length of 8 feet and stands with a length of 96 inches or 244 cm and widths ranging from 38 to 42 or 97 to 107 cm.

Nine-foot tables are also available with a length of 108 inches or 274 cm with a width ranging from 38 to 42 inches or 97 to 107 cm.

10-foot tables have a length of 120 inches or 305 cm, with widths also ranging from 38 to 42 inches or 97 to 107 cm.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table Sizes

Depending on what they are looking for, farmhouse tables for the kitchen are also available with a length of 5 to 12 feet or 152 to 366 centimeters.

Smaller options are also available at 3 to 4 feet or 91 to 122 centimeters. At the same time, widths will vary from 38 to 42 inches or 97 to 107 centimeters.

Farm Table Bench Dimensions

Bench dimensions

A bench’s length will vary depending on a table’s length, but its widths and heights are pretty standard.

The average farm table bench will come in about 42″ to 60″ long. Benches with a width of 42″ to 52″ should fit up to 2 adults. Benches that range from 52″ to 80″ should fit up to 3 adults.

A general rule of thumb says you should provide 24″ of space per adult for sitting space. So divide your bench size in inches by 24 to determine its seating capacity.

Most farmhouse benches are 14 inches or 36 centimeters wide and are around 18 inches or 46 centimeters high.

Visit our bench dimensions guide for more related content.

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