Bed Footboard (Pros and Cons & Features)

If you are not used to a traditional bed, a bed with a footboard might be a total stranger to you.  Many old homes have big beds in a vintage style, and some have headboards, while a few have footboards. But modern beds, such as those with fabric coverings, have added something to make the bed appealing. They have added a fabric bed footboard.

Bedroom with bed footboard, headboard, nightstands, lamps, comforter, pillows, and wood flooring

Fabric footboards accompany fabric beds when you buy them. The fabric design matches that of the bed.

What Is A Footboard?

What is a footboard? Some people sleeping on modern beds may not have an idea what it is or why it exists. A footboard is a part of a bed that is attached or installed at the lower end. It is typically a panel made of wood that is attached to the foot of the bed.

When positioned appropriately, footboards have the useful function of keeping blankets and sheets from rubbing against one’s feet and legs. In addition, they have attractive design aesthetics that allow one to showcase an attractive bed detail to enhance the bedroom design.

Depending on the bed size it can often be adjusted to allow a person to fully extend one’s legs. The footboard must be short enough for the occupant of the bed to straighten their legs fully.

Bed Footboard Pros And Cons

Simple bedroom with wood floor, bed headboard, footboard, nightstand, lamp, and curtain

Choosing the right kind of bed is important because it will affect the overall appearance of the rooms and the quality of your sleep. Besides, beds with footboards have their advantages and disadvantages. You need to know them to make the right choice. 

Pros of a Bed Footboard

Bedroom with mattress, comforter, pillows, nightstand, wood flooring, bed footboard, headboard, and cabinet

Footboards give the room a traditional feel: Beds with footboards are usually found in traditional homes. They are decorative as they have ornate carvings and decors.

Beds with matching types of headboards and footboards can make a room look classier. It spells tradition and history.

A footboard helps the room look well-ordered: When you hurry to get up and go, you tend to leave your bed hastily. If you have one, you can keep the view of the unmade bed hidden. You can place them under a footboard, and the clutter will be minimized.

You can also fold the blankets and leave them on the footboard.

A footboard rail provides a display area for collectibles that you can hang: Decorate your room with items that you treasure. A unique hat from Mexico, necklaces made of rare shells, and garlands made of fragrant dried flowers can make your room look beautiful. Hang them on the rail to enhance the beauty of the room.

Secures mattress, pillows, and blankets: When asleep, do you move a lot on the bed? Do you always find all the bedding on the floor? Does the mattress move from the bed? In these cases it will do you a lot of good.

Footboards will block all falling objects. It can hold the mattress in place no matter how active you are during sleep.

Prevents injured skin from irritation from bedding: A footboard prevents burnt or injured skin from rubbing onto linens, which can irritate the skin. You can drape the bedcovers over it and stretch your legs under them. 

This way, the bedcovers do not touch the skin but still cover the injured area.

Keeps air from circulating on the feet: Covering yourself with a blanket from head to toe can keep the air from circulating. When wrapped in a blanket, your legs and feet may get damped with sweat.

There must be air to keep the legs and the feet dry. Place the blanket on top so that your skin remains aerated. It will keep the skin dry and comfortable.

Cons of a Bed Footboard

Bedroom with bed footboard, headboard, wood floors, accent wall, nightstand, and curtain

While their advantages of having a bed with a footboard, there are also some disadvantages.

• Can cause toe injury: People who are highly active when asleep are prone to injuring their toes.  Tall people are more likely to hit or kick it and stub their toes. 

Stumbling on the piece when making the bed or when going or returning from the bathroom at night may also cause a fall or other injuries.

• Keeps bedspread from full view: Do you have a bedspread that you want to show off? Having a footboard may block the view and hide some parts of the bedspread.

• Having a footboard is obsolete in modern design: If you prefer modern types of furniture styles, they may be obsolete. You might prefer placing other decorative items, such as an antique trunk or an ornate bench or chair.

Footboard Designs And Features

Bedroom with wood frame, bed footboard, headboard, dresser, table, lamp, windows, curtains, and white door

There are types of beds without footboards, only headboards. Yet, if ever the bed has both, they are always of matching design and color. Here are some of the common designs and features:

Footboard with Panel Designs

Panel bed headboard with footboard

A wood panel is used for footboards and headboards.  Some are plain, while others are made of horizontal wood slats.

Upholstered Headboard and Footboard

Upholstered bed headboard and footboard

Upholstered beds come with an upholstered headboard and footboard. The fabric design and color complement that of the bed.

Decorative Metalwork

Bed with decorative metal headboard and footboard

With intricate designs and patterns, decorative headboards and footboards work well in a traditionally styled bedroom.


Bed with spindle footboard

Pieces of wood made into tapered rods are assembled to form the headboard and footboard. It can also be recycled from parts of a staircase. 

The spindles can be painted or tainted for a more appealing look. You can visit furniture shops where you can choose a bed with lovely designs and features to accentuate your bed and room.

Is It Better To Have A Footboard Or Not?

Bedroom with mattress, pillows, cabinets, nightstand, footboard, headboard, heater, and windows

For people who hate pulling up the mattress in place or picking up pillows and bedding from the floor, a footboard is a must. Those who move a lot when sleeping might find half of their body on the bed and the rest on the floor as the mattress moves down the end of the bedReusing blankets and pillows that you have just picked up from the floor might not be hygienic.

Should A Footboard Be Higher Than The Mattress?

Bedroom with comforter, bed footboard, wood floor, rug, and large picture windows

If you put a footboard to prevent most types of mattresses from slipping to the floor, it must be higher than the mattress. It should stop the bedding from falling off the foot of the bed, but it may also interfere with those with long legs.

Can You Add A Footboard to A Bed?

Bedroom with mattress, pillows, nightstand, desk, chair, window curtains, headboard, and footboard

Bed frames usually come with brackets for footboards. Others have holes where a screw can be attached. Yes, you can easily add a footboard to the bed. For aesthetic reasons, select a footboard that matches the headboard or the bed color and design.

See our guide to the parts of a bed for a more in-depth look at the different functions of each part and how they work together.

Can You Buy Just A Footboard?

Bedroom with mattress, pillows, bed footboard, headboard, bench, nightstand, lamp, and window

There are furniture shops that sell only a footboard. If you want to install one, your bed must also have a headboard. You may have a headboard without them. Yet, you can rarely find a bed with a footboard without a headboard.

How to Dress A Bed With A Headboard And Footboard

Bedroom with nightstand, lamp, footboard, headboard, dresser, table, pillows, and lamp

Sleep in comfort and style by dressing your bed properly. If you have a bed with a headboard and footboard, use matching designs for both. Use crisp cotton bedding which is cool and breathable. Select the correct bed sheet sizes for a proper fit. Throws must look casual rather than stiff and informal.

If you have a footboard, place the bedspread between the mattress and it. Leave several inches of the bedspread to hang. Now you know why a footboard is needed, why not try adding one to your bed and stop adjusting and picking up bedding from the floor?

See more related content in our article about the types of bedroom styles on this page.


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