What is a Master Suite vs. Master Bedroom

When you hear the phrase “master suite,” what comes to your mind? Do you imagine the top floor of a building with the elevator opening to an elegant bedroom where royalties and people in positions of high influence seem to stay? That might be true, but what is the basic definition?

Luxurious master suite with stunning living area

A master suite is considered a large bedroom with direct access to its own private bathroom (and this applies to other exciting amenities as well). Does this mean that any bedrooms connected to a private bathroom is a master suite? And how are suites different or the same as master’s? 

If you don’t know what a room suite is and its differences from a master, this is the best place to go.


Master Suite Vs Master Bedroom 

A modern master suite with carpet floors and gorgeous furniture

Most of the time, the phrases “master bedroom” and “master suite” are interchanged when they are used. The majority believe they are the same, and some are confused with their differences. If we’re going to get technical about these two phrases, here are their definitions and differences. 

What is a Master

The definition of a master bedroom is the largest room inside a home. It is also considered the most desirable, with great views and incredible location. Generally, this is the room of the head of the house. It’s often noways referred to as the primary.

The setting of the largest room to the head of the house became a trend in the mid-1900s. This is the time when people started to relax and have more time at home through the regulation of the 40 hours/week working schedule. People could also afford a house with a larger bedroom at that time. 

This design, being the largest room, has more space for more amenities. Also, considering it has a good location inside the house, it has direct access to a lot of other rooms.

When the room has direct access to its own private room, this is where it enters the “master-suite” territory. Check our gallery of modern master bedroom design ideas.

This space is the head of the house’s haven. It is meant to bring comfort and security. For a family with children, this means it is the room where the parents can retire and have private time with each other away from the kids.

Modern design of master bedroom with a large white bed and a stool with a dressing table nearby

And in order to provide that comfort and security (as well as entertainment), the room is filled with amenities to provide just that. And this may include the following:

• Standard bed

• Dresser

• Chest of Drawers

• Vanity

• Chaise

• One Large Closet (Two Regular-size Closets for the couple)

• Private Bath with Bath and Shower Space (for a primary)

These inclusions can differ from one room layout to another. The private bathroom is specifically a rare occurrence turning the room into a suite. See our guide to luxury master bedroom designs.

It will be a matter of size, style, and preference of the owners. There are a lot of other amenities you can add if you have enough space and budget for it. See our master bedroom size guide here.

Additional note: Generally, the primary bedroom is at least 70 square feet of floor space. 

What’s a Suite

Huge modern master suite interior with large windows from floor to ceiling

A master suite does not technically have to be the primary bedroom. Its basic definition only dictates that it is a bedroom with an en suite bedroom (which means it is directly connected to a bathroom). This trend started in the 1980s with the cavernous floor plans of McMansions.

Often known as an executive or a luxury room, primary suites can range from 300 square feet to 600 square feet, depending on the owners. The room is structured to provide optimal privacy to its owners, which is why its location is important. 

The traditional location of these suites is on the second floor, away from the living room and kitchen, where owners can have the most privacy.

Modern suites, though, are more flexible and may be found on the first floor, as long as all the amenities are in. Some of the amenities you can see include:

• Walk-in closet

• Sitting space

• Foyer

• Fireplace 

• Attached office

• Private balcony

• Attached office

• Grooming stations

• Large shower

What is A Dual-Master Suite  

Modern master suite with luxury furniture

Do you need more privacy? Why not try out a dual master suite? If this is the first time you’ve heard it, then it might be a good thing to consider!

Dual suites consist of two primary bedrooms connected to a private bathroom (en suite bathroom). This is perfect for families since one primary suite can be for the parents and the other for the children. 

Pros and Cons Of Dual Masters

If you are considering one for your home, here are the pros and cons you can take into account. 

Luxurious bedroom suite in a contemporary style with a blue bed and white walls an armchair with footrest and dressing table with mirror Pros

Is a dual master suite right for you? Well, here are the benefits you can get from it.

• Privacy for parents who can take care of the children who are just a wall away

• More space to design for your personal space

• Have a better night of sleep


Here are the downsides you’ll experience. 

• Higher costs and expenses

• Much larger space to maintain

For more articles like this, check our guide to the most popular bedroom layout ideas.

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