Closet Island Ideas (Design Gallery)

In this closet island ideas guide you’ll see design options for master closets, with drawers, dressers, organizers, shoe storage, wardrobes and accessories you can try.
Luxury walk in closet design with sitting island and tile floor Having a walk-in closet feels like a dream come true, especially if you are into fashion and style. With an organized closet, you can easily find clothes, shoes, and accessories you plan to wear for the day. And what can make your walk-in closet more luxurious is to have an island at the center of it. 

Closet islands are regarded as high-end storage options you can integrate into your home. Installing a closet island gives you extra storage and at the same time an increase in the value of your home once resale is considered. A closet island is a pretty popular and sought-after feature you can install in your home. 

There are different types and designs you can check out when choosing closet islands. To start with though, here are some designs that might give you inspiration on the closet islands that can fit your style and room.

White walk-in closet with drawers, center island, and hanging lightAn all-white walk-in wardrobe, this room has white shelves, drawers, cabinets, and a closet island in the middle. A stylish matte black chandelier and cabinet hardware adds a modern twist to a minimalist room. 

Best Features of a Closet Island

Choosing a closet island can be as easy as matching its style with what you have in your walk-in closet. But is that enough? Of course not! Here are the best features you should consider when searching for incredible walk-in closet ideas with islands.

Lighting – Lighting is an easy-to-forget feature but one you can never go without again once installed in the closet island. Catering to both functionality and aesthetics, lighting up your closet island can help you locate items easier and faster while creating a beautiful sight with an illuminated island.

You can set the lighting in the closet island in a way where it automatically lights up, taking out the need of rummaging in the dark to find the switch. This feature is best used for closet islands with jewelry drawers with a glass case, where you can also use them for display.

Install low-voltage LED lighting on the insides of the closet island cabinets or underneath the countertop for a soft glow and luxurious ambiance.

General Storage – Choose a closet island with enough general storage that can house your hats and purses, as well as other accessories you may have, for safekeeping.

Drawers – Drawers can increase the functionality of your closet island and open up more storage space for your belongings. Whether you choose a closet island with 1 or 4 drawers, it is a great addition that can save you the trouble of getting a dresser for your bedroom.

Jewelry – Jewelry drawers can also serve as decor when they have a glass case installed on the top of the unit since you can freely display your jewelry collection. You can also display antique clutches and belt buckles in the jewelry drawers if you don’t have enough space to store them.

Shoe Shelves – Install shelves in your closet island to accommodate your shoe collection. Whether you choose to have adjustable or angled shelves, the important factor is that you have enough space for your shoes.

Accessories – Some closet islands also come with different accessories, from jewelry drawer inserts to drawer dividers. Depending on the accessories, they can either add storage space or cater to your organization skills and help you neatly arrange your items. Other accessories you can consider include:

● Lingerie storage
● Mirror
● Drawer organizers with lock and safe security features
● Built-in iron boards
● Pull-out shelves

Countertops – The closet island’s countertop is an important space reserved for outfit planning, folding, and packing. You can also use it for aesthetics by choosing elegant materials, from granite to quartz. You can also check out wood and glass if you want other options.

Built-in Seating/Bench – A built-in seating/bench that comes with your closet island gives seating space helpful when dressing. This can be attached to one end of the closet and can also have additional storage under it.

The recommended height for the bench is 18 inches, which is a bit lower than standard chair height but makes it easier to be integrated with the closet island.

Laundry – Pull-out laundry hamper drawers can also be integrated with the closet island. On the functionality side, it adds space and at the same time hides laundry, which can be messy and out-of-place in an elegant walk-in closet.

Master Closet Island Ideas 

If you have a walk-in closet within the confines of your master bedroom, islands can offer a serious amount of storage space. This storage is not only for hanging clothes but can be used for shoes and handbags on shelves and jewelry in drawers.

Depending on the walk-in closet dimensions you may be able to accommodate a large storage island, sitting bench, shoe racks and other useful accessories. Here are some ideas to try if you are thinking about or planning on designing a master closet island at home. 

Luxury closet with center storage, open cabinets, and tray ceilingThis luxury walk-in closet has a solid wooden island at the center of the room, adding an elegant appeal to the entire closet.

The dark brown wooden cabinets match the color of the closet island and the oblong rug on the floor. The color contrasts well with the white flooring and ceiling.

Closet with ceiling lights, center island, countertop, and wood flooringThis sturdy master closet island is in the middle of three gigantic open shelves that appear to be made from the same wood. The white solid top of the island stands out among the dark brown wood material, from the flooring to the shelves and the island itself. 

Bright walk in closet with center island, cabinet lighting, and wood floorIf you want something brighter, this master closet island is in color white that matches all the drawers and cabinets surrounding the island.

The matching hardwood floors stand out in the room, play well with the color of the bench. The indoor plant at the center of the island adds freshness to the room.

Large walk in closet with lighted shoe racks, center island, and recessed lightsThis all-white American luxury walk-in closet has a lot of floor space that allows you to move around as needed with an island at the center of the room. It is the perfect storage for jewelry and accessories.

The white color further brightens the room, making the walk-in closet appear bigger than it technically is. 

Closet Island With Drawers

Closet islands usually have drawers to serve as a more private storage space you can keep important and expensive accessories.

Drawers are an excellent addition to a walk-in closet, where watches, jewelry, and other small items can be kept and protected. You can also keep cuff links, brooches, sunglasses, wallets, and scarves in these storage units.

One of the popular jewelry drawers comes with a line of satin or velvet. The addition of this material somehow gives additional appeal and importance to the furniture. It’s not surprising especially if you keep your precious family heirlooms in the same storage.

Here are some designs of closet islands with drawers you can check out. 

Empty closet with center island, open cabinets, and drawersThis closet island with drawers has a light gray color that goes the same way as the shelves surrounding the island. The room has recessed lighting that gives the entire room enough brightness needed when changing clothes. 

Closet with white cabinet doors, center island, drawers, and hanging lightsThis particular closet island with drawers seems to be connected to one of the big closets in the room like it’s part of it, with the same color, style, and design. The drawers in the closet island come in two columns and are a bit shorter than the drawers in the cabinets.   

The closet island in this spacious walk-in closet is positioned near the window rather than the center of the room compared to most closet islands (since the ottoman is positioned there).

The light color of the carpet floor contrasts with the dark color of the closet island and shelves, giving it more texture. 

Closet with storage, drawers, and cabinetsThis gray closet island looks sleek and stands out in this ensuite walk-in closet. The white shelves for the shoes and bags match the white marble flooring of the room.

Meanwhile, the metal cabinets with glass doors match the closet island’s coloring. See more types of closet doors on this gallery page.

Closet Island With Drawers On Both Sides 

If one side of the drawers is not enough, you can drawer on both sides of the island for more storage space. Here are some ideas you can use for your own closet island at home.

Closet with wooden flooring, center island, and ceiling lighting fixturesThis walk-in closet features a light gray island with two sets of drawers, which can be assigned one for the wife and one for the husband. It also features a smaller island beside the bigger one, which can be used to store shoes. 

Closet with center island, countertop, and wood flooringThis large walk-in closet has an island with drawers installed on two sides. This particular closet island has a wooden base with a marble countertop.

The wooden base matches the stain of the wooden flooring and the cabinets and shelves surrounding it. 

Closet Island Dresser 

Besides drawers, a closet island could also be designed as a dresser. Here are some designs of these closet island dressers. 

Closet with center island, countertop, empty cabinets, and drawersThis closet island dresser features a light olive green color that matches the cabinet and shelves, save for the lighted shelf dedicated for shoes. The minimalist design of the walk-in closet works well with the neutral colors used in the room.

Closet with center island storage, wood floor, and open cabinetsThis chic walk-in closet has an island dresser positioned at the center of the room. This island dresser is particularly large and features two sets of drawers and shelves.

The blush color of the island adds a sweet element to this modern-style room. 

Closet Island Organizer

Closet islands can also act as an organizer where you can keep important belongings like jewelry and other accessories. Here are some designs you can imitate to have a closet island organizer of your own at home. 

Closet with center island, black cabinets, and drawersThis luxurious Australian wardrobe sports marble floors and dark wooden drawers, cabinets, and an island with a marble countertop. This elegant closet island is perfect for storing shoes, especially with the size of the pockets and how they are styled. 

Empty closet with center island, drawers, countertop, and ceiling lightThis walk-in wardrobe showcases a wooden closet island dresser, drawers, and shelves. All these elements use the same wood stain, unifying the room’s design.

The closet island dresser features several sets of drawers for clothes and accessories and small pockets in the upper part for shoes and other footwear.

Closet with center organizer and open shelvesThis large walk-in closet features an island dresser with open drawers that are particularly small for the size of the entire room but its style matches the open shelves surrounding it. 

Elegant Closet Lighting

Lighting is important when you dress up and prepare for the day. For walk-in closets, the best lighting fixtures to consider are the following:

  • Overhead recessed lighting (For general lighting)
  • Chandelier (For mood and ambiance)
  • Integrated LED lighting (To install behind or under the shelves and accent accessories and items)
  • Dedicated lighting (To install in the dressing table for prepping)

Modern walk-in closet with accent lighting, center island, and wood flooringThis solid closet storage island is positioned at the center of elegantly created shelves in this luxurious dressing room.

The ceiling and the bottom of the closet island are installed with elegant pink neon lighting. The shelving is backlit with cabinet LED lighting which gives the entire room a luxurious feel.

Closet Storage Island 

You might also want to consider a closet storage island for your walk-in wardrobe. Here are some modern closet storage island designs you can try.

Empty closet with cabinets, drawers, windows, ceiling lights, and a dresserThis big dressing room is filled with two big white wardrobes filled with shelves, drawers, and baskets. In the middle of two big wardrobes lies a white closet storage island that has drawers with half of them having glass doors. 

Closet with large cabinets, drawers, and ceiling lightsThis gigantic white wooden closet storage island is filled with drawers and shelves for clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories you have.

Compared to other islands, this is particularly big and covers a lot of space in the middle of the room. It matches well though with the color and design of the other shelves in the room. 

Closet Island With Bench

Another element you can include in your closet island is a bench. This can be elegant and at the same time functional addition to your walk-in closet. Here are some ideas you can use for your own closet island with a bench. 

Closet with center island, bench, mirrors, and open shelvesThis large luxurious walk-in wardrobe features a furnished bench at the center of the room that also acts as a closet island.

The wooden closet island with a bench is a bit lighter in color than the two wooden shelves on the walls. And the top of the bench matches the color of the carpeted floor.

Walk-in closet with bench in the center cabinets and drawersThis elegant wardrobe features large glossy cabinets and shelves, in dark color and clean lines, matching the design of the flooring and the top of the closet island bench. 

Walk-in closet with seating, drawers, shelves, and windowThis beautiful walk-in wardrobe has a quirky interlocking closet island bench at the center of the room. The design of the closet island bench is unique enough to stand out and the contrasting colors of turquoise and blues and browns and creams further make it an attraction.  

Closet with seating in the middle, open cabinets, and wood floorIn this modern walk-in wardrobe, you will see two-column of white cabinets and drawers with black doors. At the center of the room is a closet island bench that has a white base color and matches the cabinets and an olive green cushion. 

Spacious cabinet with center bench seating and skylight windowThis spacious and bright walk-in wardrobe features a large suede-covered closet island bench in the middle of the room. It is surrounded by walnut drawers, shelves, and cupboards.

And the two skylight windows, along with the light-colored flooring, add brightness and warmth to the room. 

Closet Island With Seat 

Besides being a bench, a closet island can also come with a seat. It may occupy more space but it also provides additional functionality to the island. Here are some examples of closet islands with this style. 

Empty closet with center island, wood floor, and hanging lightsThis estate home’s custom closet features an island with two seats on both sides. This can be a perfect walk-in closet for husband and wife since it can be divided into two areas, one for each. The closet island is made from the same wood as the shelves. 

Closet with white cabinets and customized seat in the centerThis light-colored large walk-in closet has a unique closet island with a seat that appears to be a loveseat made from drawers. The closet island is filled with drawers for storage and safekeeping.   

Narrow Closet Island 

If you somehow have a smaller walk-in closet, you can use a narrow closet island so that you can minimize the space it covers. Here are some designs of a narrow closet island you can choose from.

Walk-in closet with wood cabinet, doors, center island, and drawersThis modern walk-in closet features a granite-topped center island with drawers. The dark color of the drawers, cabinets, and island scream elegance, especially when contrasting with the light-colored flooring. 

Closet with center island, countertop, windows, ceiling lights, and drawersThis bright walk-in closet is filled with wooden shelves, drawers, and an island with a solid white countertop.

The closet island is narrow in width but a bit longer in length compared to other closet islands. It also matches the style of the cabinets, shelves, and even flooring, resulting in a more unified design. 

Walk-in closet with storage, drawers, and wood flooringThis built-in narrow closet island features several drawers for storage and a white surface that matches the white shelves in the room while the brown solid countertop gives it more texture and adds something different to the room as it stands out. 

Closet Island With Glass Top 

Another design that closet islands seem to have is a glass top, adding a certain elegance and luxury to the entire furniture. Here are some closet islands that feature a glass top. 

Empty closet with white center island and drawersThis white closet island with a glass stop is part of this large white walk-in closet ensemble that includes white shelves and tan marble flooring. The island sports several drawers for additional storage and safekeeping of important belongings. 

Closet with wooden drawer and storageThis walk-in closet features a dark brown custom-built closet island with glass on top connected to one of the wooden shelves in the room. The closet island features two dressers with their own top glass perfect for a couple. 

Beautiful walk-in closet with center island, wood floor, and cabinetsThis clean and elegant walk-in wardrobe features a high closet island with a glass on top, adding to the homey feel of the room. The closet island is made from the same material and design as the cabinets and shelves and uses similar colors as the flooring.  

Empty closet with center island, countertop, and ceiling lightsThe closet island with glass top features in this walk-in wardrobe is creatively designed, considering it’s connected to the main white shelves. The island appears like a crate that fits the overall design of the room. 

White walk in closet with center island, glass countertop, cabinets, windows, and hanging lightThis luxurious walk-in wardrobe showcases an elegant closet island with a glass top at the center of the room, coupled with an extravagant chandelier.

The room is in all white, from the shelves and drawers to the closet island. The ceiling and flooring are also light-colored. And the large windows add more lighting to an already bright room.

Shoe Island For Closet 

You can also use a shoe island for the closet, especially if you have a collection of shoes that you want properly kept and taken care of. Here are some designs to check out.

Luxurious closet with wood cabinets, shoe organizers, window, and pendant lightsIn this modern wardrobe, you can see two shoe islands, which are installed beside each closet. The islands have three shelves, where shoes can easily fit. And its color matches the color of the cabinets and shelves, unifying the design of the room. The closet paint color uses a sand paint color that offers a harmonious feel with the other room finishes.

Closet with shoe rack and wood floorsIn this closet, there is a tall shoe island with 9 shelves that can accommodate a lot of pairs of shoes, with shelves and hangers on both sides of the island for clothes. The entire walk-in wardrobe feels homey because of the rustic appeal of the shelves and the wooden flooring. 

Center island in an empty closet with wood floor and hanging lightThis all-white walk-in wardrobe showcases a white sturdy shoe island for the closet. Compared to most shoe islands, this particular one comes as a dresser where shoes are kept safely stored away.

A beautiful chandelier also hangs prettily on top of the island which can provide a nice ambiance. Ceiling recessed lighting helps add the exact amount of illumination from a dimmer light switch when needed.

White Closet Island 

White is one of the most common colors used at home and this goes the same way for closet islands. Since white easily matches with other colors, a white closet island is a good choice.

Walk-in closet with center island, white drawers, wood floor, chair, and chandelierThis white closet island features several drawers with a clear solid brown top that matches the color of the wooden flooring. The island has this rustic feel that matches the appeal of the chair and all the cabinets inside the walk-in wardrobe. 

Closet with center island, wood floor, and cabinet doorsThis luxury walk-in wardrobe features two sleek and smooth white closet islands in the middle of the room. All furniture has the same white glossy surface that stands out from the dark brown wooden flooring. 

Luxury walk-in closet with center island and white panel wallThis walk-in wardrobe has a classic style that features a white marble floor tile and a closet island at the center of the room. The cabinets and island have a gold border that adds the luxurious appeal to the home and a gray stool further adds character to the room. 

Walk In Closet Island Furniture 

More than a usual closet island that functions as storage, you can also install other types of furniture in your walk-in wardrobe. Here are some examples of walk-in closet island furniture. 

Beautiful walk in closet with center island, seat, empty cabinet, window, and chandelierThis elegant-looking room features a white wooden closet island paired with a small homey bench. The solid marble on top of the closet adds luxury to the room and matches the color of the bench. 

Luxury closet with center bench, drawers, and chandelierAt the center of this luxurious walk-in wardrobe features a modern closet island furniture that seems to function as a coffee table.

The white part of the island matches the white bench, flooring, ceiling, and chandelier. And the glass part of the island brings a modern twist to the room.

Small Closet Island Ideas

If you lack space but want to have a closet island, here is one way you can do it. 

Walk-in closet with center island, windows, and blindsThis minimalist walk-in wardrobe offers a clean vibe with its white closet island, shelves, and cabinet but wooden style flooring and interior of the white cabinet. The closet island also has this glass slot that can be used for display and storage at the same time.

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