What Is An Ensuite (Master Bathroom Design)

When you hear the word ensuite, for sure you can imagine something fancy. And it might have to do with the term sounding fancy or with movies showing extreme luxury whenever the term is somehow mentioned. 

Modern luxury bedroom with ensuite bathroom with bathtub and a large vanity mirror

Understanding this term is absolutely necessary if you are planning to engage in real estate or you are in search of a new home to purchase. And yes, it’s not just referring to a room in a luxury hotel. An ensuite can also be found in your new home. But what does it really mean and can you even afford one?

What Does Master Ensuite Mean?

Master bathroom with bath tub grey tile floor glass windows and view of master bedroom

Ensuite or “en suite” literally means following or afterward in French. It can also mean “in the room” or “connected” when the French term was adapted to the English language. In the 1950s, the term “en suite” became popular in the real estate industry to mean attached bath. And the term just kept on evolving from there.

Today, the term is used to refer to a room where a bathroom is directly connected to a bedroom that is almost in the room itself. It became popular primarily due to privacy and the convenience of the bathroom’s proximity to the bedroom

Bathroom with open shelves below sink cabinet mirror lighting fixtures and view of the bedroom

A master suite simply means that a primary bedroom is directly connected to a bathroom, without needing to walk to the common area and hallways.

Does Ensuite Mean Private Bathroom?

Suite bathroom with freestanding bathtub shower brown cabinets decorative plants, framed mirror and tile flooring

An ensuite does not immediately refer to a private bathroom. They have their similarities and differences though. With their similarities, both are bathrooms that can have a toilet and shower.

The big difference is that it is located inside the bedroom and can really offer privacy, a private bathroom on the other hand can be accessed from a common area. This may mean that you can use this bathroom through the kitchen or a hallway. This is the ironic thing about it since this layout offers more privacy than a private bathroom

Does Ensuite Have A Shower?

Primary bathroom interior connected to the bedroom with black wall tile shower and toilet

Ensuites are bathrooms directly connected to a bedroom or located inside the room then and there. They were never built to be accessible from common areas like the kitchen, living room, or hallway. And the features or amenities in the bathroom can range from simple plumbing fixtures to a complete full bathroom installed with a jacuzzi.

Most ensuites that are connected to master bedrooms are full bathrooms with a shower. Some of the small ensuites though may just be half bathroom without a shower. This is because some of them have been converted from a large closet to ensuites.

Do Ensuite Bathrooms Have Doors?

Ensuite luxury bathroom and bedroom of pool villa with cozy bed bathtub brown and grey floor and a wooden sliding room divider

Do ensuites with bathrooms have doors? They can have doors but they don’t need them.

Bedroom connected to spacious bathroom with chandelier large glass shower and free standing bathtub

You can put doors in ensuites with bathrooms but they don’t really need them in the first place. Since ensuites are found inside the bedroom, privacy is already achieved inside the room. They are not meant to be shared with other people living in the house

What Is The Difference Between A Master Bathroom And An Ensuite?

Primary home bathroom with bathtub his and her mirror sink brown cabinets chair and black trim window frame on window and the glass shower door

A master or primary bedroom is usually an ensuite, where the bathroom is connected to the room or in the room itself. On the other hand, it does not necessarily mean it has to be in the master bedroom.

The thing though is that in a home, the master bedroom is usually the largest room in the home, and most of the time, it is the room that has a bathroom in it- yes, an ensuite. 

Ensuites in the master bedroom (also called the master bathroom) tend to have the complete amenities of a full bathroom. Those connected to other smaller bedrooms though have fewer amenities. 

What Is The Average Size Of An Ensuite?

Brown and white apartment interior with furnitures mirror and an ensuite with baskets

The average size of ensuites vary depending on the size of the room they are connected to. Small homes and apartments have ensuites the size of between 36 and 40 square feet. And they are complete with a toilet, a sink, a shower, and a bath.

For larger homes though, the average size of ensuites ranges between 40 and 100 square feet. 

If you are in the process of building your home and wondering how big you can build your design, it would really be up to you. Even with a small space, you can include more amenities with careful planning. See our list of bathroom remodel software for help determining your home layout.

Yes, you can just keep the bathroom functional or you can improve it to even have a jacuzzi. Make sure not to force it through so that everything feels tight in the result. 

You can fit a toilet and a sink in a 15-square-foot floor plan. For your bathroom layout to have a shower though, you should have at least 30 square feet to be able to accommodate it. 

If you’re planning a full bathroom with a bathtub and a shower, your floor plan should at least be 40 square feet. Read more about bathroom sizes here.

What Is A Good Size Master Suite?

Open space loft apartment with grey bathtub two sinks brown bed against brick wall and brown wooden ceiling

When it comes to the size of a master suite, this depends on the size of the master bedroom in the first place. A master suite is connected to a master bedroom, which is why it will be dependent on the size of that room

For a small master bedroom, its ensuite will be 40 square feet, which can accommodate a shower in it. A large master bedroom on the other hand can have a 100 square foot area, installed with both a shower and a bathtub

How Much Does It Cost To Add A Master Bedroom With Ensuite?

Expansive bathroom with green walk in shower free standing tub lighting fixtures cabinets and tile floors

Adding a master bedroom with an attached bath is not a cheap project to take on. Several factors can affect the cost you will need for it, including the following:

Size of the master bedroom and its connecting bath.

• Amenities you want your bedroom and suite to have

• Materials you will use for the construction

You could spend any cost between $25,000 and $100,000, depending on these factors. To be more accurate though, you might spend an average of $140 per square foot so it will depend on the size of the bedroom you are building.

Does An Ensuite Add Value?

Luxurious bathroom with black marble walls large bathtub shower double washbasin and view of the bedroom through glass door

An ensuite definitely adds value to a home, especially since simply hearing the word somehow automatically adds some sophistication and luxury to the property.

Ensuites are popular in real estate, because of the convenience and additional privacy they offer. Considering they have become popular, they are additional amenities that home and property can be proud of. 

For more related content visit our guide to the best bathroom layouts and design ideas.

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