Bathroom Paint Colors with Beige Tile

Master bathroom with beige floor tile, gray paint and white trim

Bathrooms are one of the most frequently redecorated and renovated rooms. They also must convey cleanliness, and all the materials used have to withstand changes in moisture and temperature.

Permanent fixtures like toilets, sinks, and tubs are generally surrounded by tile. That tile only gets updated during major renovations, and so a common decor challenge in bathrooms is to match existing tile with a new color scheme.

Beige tile can present a particular challenge, especially if combined with dated fixtures or shabby-looking bathroom hardware. Beige isn’t hailed as an exciting or beautiful hue, its strength, however, lies in its versatility.[toc]

Bathroom with beige floor tile, white wainscoting and light green sage paint

Pale sage green paint and beige tiles are an uncommon but highly pleasing color combination for a bathroom.

Contemporary bathroom with beige floor tile shiplap and beige wall paint

Another popular choice for bathroom paint colors with beige tile is to overlay a pattern in beige-toned paint over a gray, white, or cream-colored wall.

Blues, grays, and beiges work together, reminiscent of water, stones, and sand on a river or beach. These different paint colors can also be used next to each other with satisfying results.

Bathroom with beige floor tile and greige paint with mosaic tile tub in shower

Greige shades, which combine grey with beige, could provide a slight change of contrast to your bathroom with beige-hued floor tiles. One can also add colorful finishes, such as mosaic tile in the shower or around the sink, to add extra depth and create visual interest.

Bathroom with beige wall paint and light beige tile

Perhaps the best place to look for a color to pair with beige tile is at a make-up counter. Lipstick, blush, bronzer, and even eyeshadow shades that go well with beige-toned skin will also look great with tiles.

It might seem unorthodox, but consider bringing a picture of your bathroom — or even a spare tile — to your department store. Ask the associate to show you what they would recommend for someone with that skin tone.

Take note of the colors; then, you can seek them out at a local paint store. Your guests will surely appreciate the synchronicity of a bathroom with a foundation-and-lipstick color scheme, even if they don’t recognize why.

You can also use one of the many paint color apps to help narrow down your choices, match or find harmonious hues to existing colors or find new ideas.

What Color Goes Best with Beige Tile?

Bathroom with light gray wall paint and beige floor tile

Beige tiles can be thought of in three categories: warm, cool, and true neutral. Warm beiges have red-orange undertones. Cool beiges have grey-blue undertones.

Neutral beiges have no undertone and will go very well with any hue. Beiges with warm undertones should be paired with warm colors. Cool colors are more appropriate for beige tiles with cool undertones.

A neutral color scheme is the best fit for a room that gets insufficient natural light. Neutral colors like white and gray go well with tiles in this hue and will not darken the room. 

White and grey have both warm and cool variants, so no matter the color temperature of your tile, you’ll be able to find something that matches.

Bathroom with cool beige paint and beige floor tile with freestanding tub

A cool-beige tile goes well with everything from icy blues to crisp whites and, for the daring decorator, indigo or violet.

Bathroom with desert yellow paint and beige floor tile

Warm-beige tile will look spectacular with any desert neutral — rusty reds, cactus greens, anything with ‘burnt’ in the name.

Beige tile in a gray and white color scheme brings a minimalist, Scandinavian feel that will help the space feel light, breezy, and airy.

What Wall Paint Goes With Beige Color Tile?

Bathroom with beige floor tile and seattle gray paint

Beige is a neutral color. Almost any other hue, particularly colors widely found in nature, will look very good combined with this shade.

Benjamin moore smoke embers paint colorThe reason beige tile sometimes looks out of place or unincorporated in decor isn’t a color mismatch but rather a discrepancy in saturation and/or hue.

Beiges tend to be on the lighter end of both saturation and hue scales. Any color of similar saturation and hue will give a comfortable, satisfying effect.

Many paint counter associates can advise you on adjusting your preferred paint color to match the existing tile.

As mentioned, gray is currently one of the most popular ways to pair a bathroom with beige-hued tiles.

Glass slipper benjamin moore paint

A solid choice is using a paint color such as Benjamin Moore’s Smoke Embers to create a beautiful design. Benjamin Moore’s Glass Slipper is another popular choice for those who want a spa-like ambiance.

Paint for Small Bathroom Walls with Beige Hued Tile

If the goal is to make the bathroom feel bigger, the best choice is to try to match the beige’s shade, saturation, hue, and finish. This will create the sense of a large, unbroken, and receding background, which makes a small bathroom feel larger.

If there is a significant area of wall available to take paint, a deep, rich color can be an effective decorative choice. It won’t make the bathroom feel larger — instead, it will emphasize the drama and intimacy of the room.

Read more about paint colors for small bathrooms with no windows here.

What is a Complementary Color to Beige?

Bathroom with sahara desert beige paint and beige floor tiles

A common misconception about color theory is that complementary colors are those which simply look nice together. In fact, complementary has a specific definition. They could properly be called ‘opposite colors.’

On a traditional color wheel, complementary colors are situated exactly opposite each other. Blue-yellow, green-magenta, and red-cyan are the best-known complementary pairs.

Pure-beige is a neutral shade. Neutral hues do not have a place on the color wheel thus, they do not have complementary shades in the traditional color theory model. However, they will look best when paired with a color that occurs in nature.

So what’s you favorite bathroom paint colors with beige tile? Let us know if the comments section below. For more bathroom paint selection ideas visit this page.

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