7 Shower Bench Dimensions For Every Bathroom (Size Guide)

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Here’s our shower bench dimensions guide, including different types of seat sizes and measurements for a walk-in floor plans with built-in seating. Many design options can be considered when building or remodeling baths and showers, and one of them is the installation of a shower bench. 

A bench has many benefits; not only does it ease the showering process for the disabled and the elderly, but it is also a good investment for the future. Slipping can be avoided with the utilization of a seat, too. Bathroom seating can also allow you to satisfy yourself with an in-house spa treatment; heated seats are available exclusively for this purpose. A seat makes the simple task of cutting your toenails or shaving your legs more accessible and safer than without it. [toc]

Standard Shower Bench Size

As a general rule of thumb, the standard shower bench size is 17 to 20 inches high, with a depth of between 15 to 16 inches. This will have any length needed to fit the shower wall and be able to sit comfortably.

Standard shower bench size

Adding a bench inside your enclosure could change your daily shower routine, not just for your hygiene but also for adding a self-care system on a stressful day.

Safety is also a significant factor. As the National Council for Aging Care studied, people aged 65 and over are prone to head traumas and broken hips when an accidental slipping happens in the bathroom

When choosing your next seat, the standard size is always available.  Check out some of these considerations.

Bench Depth

The depth for the seating area should be between 15 and 16 inches from top to bottom for maximum comfort while seating. 

Bench Height

The standard or usual shower benches available on home depots or warehouses have a dimension of about 17 to 20 inches in height, from the floor to the seat. Tall enough for an average person to sit with his feet firmly placed on the floor.

Corner Shower Bench Dimensions

Bathroom with frameless shower doors and black tiles and picture window

When you have a smaller shower and would like a seat but don’t have the space for a standard-size product, a corner shower bench is perfect. Corner-sized benches are great for any size of shower, but they are especially efficient for smaller ones. 

Side benches are usually smaller, triangular in shape, and sometimes have one curved corner. They offer functionality that takes up little space in the bathroom

A usual corner shower bench is 15 to 16 inches long from the floor to the seat and 18 to 24 inches wide. 

There are many advantages to corner seats, but there are also some downsides. 

Nearly all are smaller and do not meet the ADA’s recommended dimensions for seating products. An alternative to a corner shower bench that has ADA specifications is a folding L-shaped seat.

It should be, at best, 24 inches in length and has a minimum width of 24 inches, and it could be rectangular. This type of chair could be folded or mounted on the wall for added stability. 

Built-In Shower Bench Dimensions

Bench Type Standard Dimensions Description
Standard Seat – Recommended interior: 36″ x 36″ Suitable for larger bathrooms; requires a spacious area.
  – Height: 17″–19″ (43–48 cm)  
  – Depth: 15″–20″ (38–51 cm)  
Corner Seat – Height: 17″–19″ (43–48 cm) Space-saving design ideal for small enclosures; Shape fits neatly in a corner.
  – Depth (each side): 15″–20″ (38–51 cm)  
  – Width (each side): 15″–20″ (38–51 cm)  
  – Thickness: 2″–3″ (5–7.6 cm)  
  – Hypotenuse (overall front edge): ~28″ (71 cm) if sides are 20″  
Sitting Ledge Varies based on enclosure dimensions It runs the length of the shower; convenient for any size
L-shaped Seat – Height: 17″–19″ (43–48 cm) L-shaped design for corner space optimization; dimensions adjustable size.
  – Width (each side of the “L”): 14″–20″ (35.5–50.8 cm)  
  – Depth: 15″–20″ (38–51 cm)  
  – Overall length: Customizable based on preference and size  
U-shaped and Floating Benches Dimensions vary based on the installation U-shaped wraps three walls

A built-in shower bench has many advantages; the convenience gives homeowners a choice to prop up their legs when shaving, rest their back, and offer a place to lounge on a stressful day.

Built-in shower seats can age with the bathroom; it does not shrink as a wooden bench does and do not stain as a plastic one would. It’s also a sturdier option than a folded chair or an ordinary standing corner seat. 

Built-in shower bench dimensions

To install a built-in shower bench, the homeowner has to have a larger bathroom than average.

A 36″ x 36″ interior space in the shower is advisable to install a built-in bench with a height of 17″ to 19″ and a depth of 15″ to 20″ for the ordinary standard size seat. 

There are also various built-in seating styles you could adopt and install in your bathrooms— for example, a built-in corner seat for maximum shower space for a smaller bath.

Another alternative is the built-in sitting ledge, which can run along the total length of an interior wall. They are often installed near wall niches to keep bathroom accessories within easy reach.

The L-shaped design can also be wrapped on two wall sides of your layout. Additionally, there’s the U-shaped design to run along three sides of your shower or a floating bolt-on style that is space-efficient but still highly functional. 

The possibilities for built-in shower seating are endless. See built-in shower bench pros and cons here.

Floating Shower Bench Dimensions

Floating shower bench dimensions

A built-in floating shower bench not only adds to your bath’s aesthetic appeal, acts as seating for comfort and functionality, but also doubles as an added storage unit. This type is also practical and space-saving, a plus for smaller bathrooms. The space on the bottom of the seat can easily be used for storage and extra leg space. 

An array of materials can be used on your seat, from granite and marble tile to bamboo and teak, which are water–resistant wood. 

Dimensions depend on the homeowners, but the ADA standard is a floating shower bench with a minimum height of 17 inches to 19 inches. It should have a depth of 15 to 16 inches, not too deep to make it hard to stand up, especially for a person with disabilities. 

Homeowners need to ensure that the floating structure will hold a weight of as much as 400 pounds. Read more about floating shower bench here. 

Size of Walk-In Shower with Bench

Walk in shower with white tiles frameless glass shower doors

A walk-in shower enclosure will be considered a walk-in bathroom if it’s 36 x 36 or much bigger. A walk-in design with a bench will meet ADA recommendations if it meets these dimensions.

If your walk-in shower with a bench needs to accommodate a wheelchair, the measurements to have in mind are 30 inches by 60 inches, with enough space for the wheelchair to move comfortably and with ease. This size even accommodates a caregiver if needed. 

If there is limited space, a transfer bench, also called a portable shower chair, can be used. These can help those with limited mobility get into a tub or enclosure. These frequently have adjustable aluminum or stainless steel legs that can be adjusted based on the user’s needs.

ADA Shower Seat Height

ADA shower seat dimensions

The Americans with Disabilities Act recommends a 17 to 19 inches bench height. The minimum width is at least 14 inches wide and a depth of 15 to 16 inches — enough space to move and sit comfortably. Source: ADA compliance

Portable Bench Sizing For the Shower

Feature Standard Dimensions Notes
Width 16 to 20 inches (40.6 to 50.8 cm) Provides adequate seating space
Depth 14 to 19 inches (35.6 to 48.3 cm) Ensures comfortable seating
Height Fixed: 17 to 19 inches (43.2 to 48.3 cm)

Adjustable: 15 to 21 inches (38.1 to 53.3 cm)

Adjustable backrest models are available
Backrest 12 to 16 inches (30.5 to 40.6 cm) (if present) Provides support
Weight Capacity Commonly 250 to 300 pounds (113.4 to 136.1 kg) Bariatric options available for higher capacity

A moveable or portable shower bench is available for spaces large enough to accommodate them. If you’re considering buying one, it’s a good idea first to determine the size to check if they will fit your floor plan.

A portable waterproof seat typically has dimensions of a width of 16 to 20 inches, a depth of 14 to 19 inches, and a height of 17 to 19 inches.

If you need a backrest for the chair, its height generally ranges from 12 to 16 inches from the seat bottom. These products frequently have a maximum weight capacity of 250 to 300 pounds; however, always check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure they meet this standard.

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