Chandelier Size For Room (Light Fixture Height & Diameter)

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Empty room with chandelier wooden floor French doors

One thing that will turn any home’s ambiance around is lighting. This makes it essential to ensure that the lighting will fit everything from the size of the room to the aesthetic of the whole space.

A great lighting fixture to have are chandeliers. These statement-making lighting fixtures will set the room’s tone and wow everyone entering simultaneously. 

There are a lot of chandeliers available to fit any room interior, from industrial ones to crystal chandeliers, but one of the essential things to get right is the size.

Choosing one for a home will require a few gauging and measuring since if one is too big, it will pull focus without meaning, while smaller ones will ultimately be lost in the space.

Chandelier Size For Table

Chandelier above a round table

One standard fixture where a chandelier is usually fixed is directly above the dining table or any other table. This means that choosing the right one will require a few set rules.

Factors for considering the size will include the table size, how high the ceiling is, and the overall design of the space. 

The rule of thumb for chandeliers for tables is to choose one with a diameter that is around half the width of the given table. If the homeowners have a dining table around 48 inches or 122 centimeters, choosing a chandelier with a width or diameter of about 24 inches or 61 centimeters is best. This rule will follow whether the homeowners want angular or circular chandeliers

Aside from the width, another thing essential to picking the perfect chandeliers is considering the ceiling height. For homes with higher ceilings, choosing a chandelier with a longer drop is necessary. On the other hand, low-ceiling homes will benefit more from a chandelier with a shorter drop. 

Chandelier For Room Size

Room with ceiling chandelier

Chandeliers for rooms are in another ball-field compared to chandeliers used to be affixed directly above the tops of tables. There are a few things to consider, and the first is ensuring that the chandelier will be proportionate to the room size.

For smaller rooms, it is vital to note that more giant chandeliers will not work for the space, as is putting a too-small chandelier in a large room

One straightforward way to determine a specific chandelier size for a particular room is to figure out the length and width of a room in feet and then directly convert that number to inches.

If the homeowner has a space that is 11 by 12 feet, add both numbers to get 23 feet and convert it to inches, yielding a value of 23 inches, the perfect diameter for a chandelier appropriately sized for the room

Like the chandelier for tables, it is also important to regard the drop of the chandelier, which will fill up the room’s vertical space. A too-short chandelier will disappear in a vast room. At the same time, a long one will provide light to a concentrated area, which could affect the lighting capacity of specific chandeliers

Size of Chandelier for Dining Room

Dining and living room with round table upholstered leather chairs sliding doors fireplace chandelier

One of the rooms in a home that is often lighted by a chandelier is the dining room. Like choosing chandeliers for other rooms, there are also a few things to consider, one being what size the chandelier should be according to the size of the dining room table. 

The all-around rule of thumb when it comes to this is choosing a chandelier that is half the width of the dining table. This means that if a homeowner has a table that is 50 inches wide, the best chandelier to get is a circular chandelier 25 inches or around 64 centimeters.

Another thing is the ceiling height which will dictate how long the drop of the chandelier would be. Any size smaller or larger than half the table’s width will underwhelm or overpower the aesthetic of the dining room. Visit our guide to what size chandelier for a dining room here.

Size of Rectangular Chandelier For Dining Table

Rectangular chandelier size for table

Choosing a rectangular chandelier for a home follows, in essence, the same rule of thumb when selecting a standard circular chandelier. It concerns the same focus on ensuring size and proportion. 

The first thing to consider is the length of the chandelier, which should be at least two-thirds the length of a given dining table.

If the homeowner has a standard 72 inches dining table, the best rectangular chandelier size is around 48 inches or 122 centimeters long. Aside from the length, the width should also be proportional. 

Any width from half or two-thirds of the table width can be a good fit for a rectangular chandelier. Let’s say the table is around 40 inches wide; the best fit for a rectangular chandelier is anything with a width of 20 to 27 inches or 51 to 69 centimeters. 

The drop of the chandelier is also an essential factor. Generally, a drop of around 30 to 36 inches or 76 to 91 centimeters above any table or more oversized furniture is the best space size. 

What Size Chandelier For Foyer

Foyer with rug and chandelier wood floor

Other than the dining room or the living room, the foyer or entry is another part of the home chosen to be lighted with a chandelier. Like those other rooms, there are also a few guidelines to consider to ensure that the chandelier is the best fit for a specific foyer size. 

Unlike the other room, the ceiling height is vital for the foyer chandelier. If homeowners have a high ceiling, there is a need to choose a more extensive and longer drop chandelier to fill the vertical space. For the lower ceiling, it is vice-versa since the best thing for these spaces is more compact chandeliers

Chandelier size guide

For a more straightforward way, take the length and width of the foyer in feet, and right after, convert the number to inches.

To illustrate, assume that the homeowners have an 11 by 12 feet entrance, yielding the sum of 23 inches. In turn, 23 inches is the best diameter of a chandelier any homeowner could get for that foyer. 

Chandelier fixtures installed in open corridors should maintain a clearance of 7 feet from the base of the fixture to the ground, ensuring easy and secure movement through the area according to Lamps Expo.

What Size Chandelier For Bedroom

Bedroom with carpeted floor beige paint bench bedside table chandelier

Selecting the perfect chandelier for a bedroom follows the same rule as choosing a chandelier for a standard room. There are a few considerations, with the bedroom size being the integral one where larger rooms will need bigger chandeliers while smaller rooms will need more compact ones.

Height is again a factor where drops will be longer for high-ceiling rooms and shorter for standard ceiling sizes.

A more specific approach is selecting a chandelier around one-third of the room’s width. If the homeowners have a space 12 feet wide, a terrific chandelier diameter starts at 4 feet or around 48 inches. Decor should also be a consideration where the chosen chandelier should complement the room design. 

What Size Chandelier For 20 Foot Ceiling

One grand room is a room with a 20-foot ceiling; because of this height, it is crucial to figure out the best size since anything smaller or bigger can be lost or totally overwhelm the space.

If the homeowner has a 20-foot ceiling, the best chandelier drop is anything as long as it is 36 to 48 inches or around 91 to 122 centimeters in diameter. This will ensure proper height so that the chandelier will present its full visual effect, which is the appeal of choosing one for the space. 

It would help to know the room’s width for the diameter and then subtract 12 feet from that number. For a room with a width of 20 feet, take 12 feet, giving you 8 feet as the perfect chandelier height

To determine the diameter of a chandelier as a general rule of thumb, is to add 2 to 3 inches to the size for each foot of the room’s ceiling. For instance a 20 foot room ceiling would mean a chandelier diameter of 40 to 60 inches.

Chandelier Bulb Size

Ceiling Chandelier Bright Lasting CandelabraSee this chandelier bulb at Amazon [sponsored link]

There are various bulb sizes that will fit chandeliers, but there are two common ones used for many chandelier candelabra: the E12 base and the E26 base. The first has a diameter of 12 millimeters, while the latter is 26 millimeters.

To determine what is needed for a specific chandelier, it is essential to look at the socket type; if it is small, the small base bulb will be perfect. On the other hand, a more extensive base will require a medium base bulb.

Chandelier Bulb Base Size

Bulb chandelier bases typically come in two sizes: E12 and E26. The base size is smaller and is used for smaller chandeliers and other freestanding light fixtures. The medium is larger, perfect for larger chandeliers and freestanding light fixtures.

Checking the bulb size before selecting and purchasing the best one is essential since a too-small bulb is a fire hazard, while choosing a too-large bulb will cause frustration in going to the store for repurchase. 

What Size Should A Ceiling Medallion Be For A Chandelier?

Chandelier medallion size

There are a few aspects to consider before choosing the perfect ceiling medallion. Still, the general rule ensures that it is proportionate to the size of the selected chandelier.

Take the diameter of the chosen chandelier and add around 4 to 6 inches or more on all sides; depending on the preference, the total number, in the end, will be the perfect chandelier medallion size for the space. 

To illustrate: if the total diameter of the chandelier is around 24 inches, choosing a medallion around 30 to 36 inches or 76 to 91 centimeters is the best pick. 

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