25 LED Strip Light Ideas for a Futuristic Bedroom (Concept Designs)

bedroom with LED accent wall lighting

Looking to make a simple upgrade in your bedroom for better ambience and savings? Consider installing LED lights. With their versatility, efficiency and customization options, LEDs are an ideal lighting solution for bedrooms. In this gallery, we’ll explore different concept art featuring LED bulbs or fixtures for inspiration to create the perfect lighting atmosphere to unwind, read comfortably, or set the mood.

Where to Use LED Lights In the Bedroom

Here are some ideas for using LED lights to create different atmospheres in your bedroom:

Under Bed Lighting: Install strips of warm white LEDs underneath your bed for a subtle glow that feels cozy. Or go for color-changing LEDs to make a more dynamic statement.

Headboard Accent:  Attach LED strips to the back of your headboard to give your bed a soft halo of light. It provides gentle illumination for reading.

Floating Shelves Illumination: Place LED strips under floating shelves to accent decor items or books with pools of light. This adds visual punch and serves as task lighting.

Ceiling Cove Lighting: Illuminating the cove design around the ceiling perimeter can make a room feel larger and more luxurious with its indirect ambient glow.

Wall Art Enhancement:  Picture lights give artwork or photos a gallery-like feel when illuminated by adjustable LED spotlights.

Wardrobe or Closet Lighting: Brighten your closet or wardrobe to easily find clothing with LED strips or bars. It also lends sophistication to your storage area.

Mirrored Vanity Lighting: Frame your vanity mirror with flattering LEDs for an even lighting effect, like a professional dressing room.

Canopy Bed Lighting: For a whimsical or romantic look, string LED fairy lights along a canopy bed frame. It creates dreamy ambiance.

Accent Wall Effects: Use LED strips to outline an accent wall, alcove or recessed shelves, adding depth and customizable color.

Dimmable LED Controls: Install dimmers for your LEDs or use smart bulbs. Control brightness and color to suit shifting activities or moods.

bedroom with LED mirror

As dusk falls outside, this cozy bedroom is transformed into a peaceful sanctuary glowing with the soft light of cleverly-placed LEDs. Tucked behind and framing the large mirror, the strategic lighting emanates a romantic, golden glow that makes the crisp white bed linens and plush surroundings even more welcoming.

Evoking the gentle ambiance of a starry night sky, the innovative lighting invites relaxation into the thoughtfully appointed, modern meets tranquil retreat, allowing the room to remain a quiet, warm oasis amid the flickering city skyline visible through the window. With LEDs being customizable they work great for dimming the illumination based on the mood.

Advantages of Using LED Bulbs

LED bulbs offer superior energy efficiency, using at least 75% less electricity than incandescent bulbs and lasting over 25 times longer. Their customizable color temperatures from warm white to daylight allow adjustable ambience. With an average lifespan of 15,000-25,000 hours, LEDs minimize the hassle and cost of frequent bulb changes.

They are also extremely durable and eco-friendly, containing no glass, filament, or mercury. Instant brightness without any warm-up delay maximizes the convenience of LEDs. Whether saving money on bills, customizing atmosphere, or supporting environmental goals, LED bulbs deliver value across the board.

bedroom with LED lit canopy bed
A dreamy illuminated four post canopy bed with sheer curtains offers an inviting retreat.

bedroom with LED lights behind sheer curtains
String lights behind sheer curtains are an easy way to bring a whimsical touch to any room.

bedroom with LED headboard
Lighting behind an oversized headboard is an interesting look that does not overwhelm the senses.

bedroom with LED glass cabinet
A wall cabinet with under shelf light strips can be the perfect way to enhance your favorite collection or collectibles.

bedroom with LED floor lamp
Something as subtle as a modern arc floor lamp with a cone shade can position illumination to create shadow and visual interest in your space.

bedroom with LED floating shelf
An alluring light-strip under the bed and along the tray ceiling creates intrigue and drama to an otherwise traditionally furnished bedroom design.

bedroom with LED cove ceiling
One of the best things about LED bulbs is the versatility in color options available. Some of the most popular hues are amber, red, green, and blue. White light can be produced by combining different colored LEDs together or by coating a single color LED with a special phosphor material that converts the light to a white hue which is often used in residential spaces.

bedroom with LED color changing lights
A combination of bedside lamps and a floating-style bed with under-lighting create a moody combination of illumination on the walls and ceiling.

bedroom with LED bookcase
A built-in bookcase behind the bed is an ideal place to experiment with LED string strips. This design uses them as a backdrop for the book collection creating an interesting glow.

bedroom with LED bedside lamp

A simple color-changing bedside lamp can be enough to transform the mood. Some models allow one to change colors based on the music playing, a touch, or ambient outside light levels.

bedroom with LED bed frame

This platform bed with a recessed area underneath makes it easy to install a lighting kit. Some have motion sensor features to activate once you enter the room.

bedroom with LED backlit art

In this picture, illuminated wall art above the bed creates a charming backdrop and warm glow that is further enhanced by modern pendants of either side.

bedroom with LED aquarium

Background LED lights behind an aquarium bring the water to life, enhancing the details of the tank and its inhabitants. Not only do they add brilliance to the room design, LEDs can be beneficial to plant life and can help keep the fish happy.

bedroom with LED ambient lighting

A discrete row of lighting at the floor and ceiling level can emphasize a focal point or add visual intrigue to a room.

LED strips on bedroom crown molding

Cove lights can be placed in the molding recess so they are not directly visible from below. This is an enchanting way to highlight this architectural feature when needed.

bedroom shelf with lighting
This stylish bedroom design uses low-key light strips to frame the bed and headboard. Matching wood finishes and bookmatched quartz wall panels add to the elegance and luxury feel.

bedroom with neon sign

A modern bedroom is brought to life through creative lighting. Above the bed hangs a bold neon sign depicting a flaming torch in a fiery red, bathing the space in an intense glow. Providing a cool contrast is soft blue accent lighting, from an LED strip underscoring the bed to a tall blue floor lamp beside it. The complementary red and blue hues shape a dramatic chiaroscuro scene. The lighting elevates an otherwise minimalist room through the interplay of vibrant colors and dark negative space.

bedroom with shelf accent light

A combination of rough wood finishes, textured cement surfaces and amber backlighting provide a rustic-industrial style room that looks trendy and chic.

under bed lighting in bedroom

This design features a floating platform bed with headboard and enchanting under-lighting with modern wall sconces.

LED wall sconce light in bedroom
Multi-directional sconces provide a wash of illumination and an inviting glow in a bedroom space.

LED string lights in bedroom
Draping string lights over the bed can be used to celebrate a festive holiday like Christmas or to add to the overall ambiance. They also work well tucked around a mirror, a vanity or artwork.

bedside LED mirror light
A vanity makeup mirror with LEDs may not be the first thing you think of, but these units provide an interesting look and are useful for getting ready for a night out.

bedroom with wardrobe lighting

A soothing blue glow can create a stylish look. However, do be aware that artificial blue illumination can heighten alertness. According to WebMD, blue-light is especially disruptive to sleep preparation because it suppresses melatonin, the hormone that signals your body it’s time for bed. So it may be a good idea to set it as your wakeup color in the morning rather than a bedtime mood hue.

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