Mood Lighting For The Bedroom (Best Colors To Use)

Finding the correct mood lighting for your bedroom involves a basic knowledge of light principles as well as profound preferences and styles. Lighting is one of the most critical aspects in terms of creating a better atmosphere in your bedroom.

Comfortable wooden bed, wood shelves, footstool, and mood lighting on a brick wall in a bedroom

Mood lighting is warmer and offers a more genuine illumination than ordinary lights. They are employed when you prefer to establish a unique ambiance in the room. Mood lighting, which employs several systems, creates an environment connecting people’s feelings and experiences.

Yes, mood lighting can help you relax after a busy and exhausting day or make you feel stressed. In this article, we hope to provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge about the ideal mood lights for your bedroom.[toc]

Types Of Bedroom Mood Lights 

Here’s a list of the best mood lighting types for your bedroom design.


Bedroom with yellow light lamps over bedside tables, and wicker headrest at comfortable bamboo bed

Yellow represents the color of sunlight and delivers uplifting energy. This bright mood light is more refreshing for your eyes and gives you the impression of being in a nice, welcoming bedroom.

As a result, it is a fantastic choice for studying and completing duties that necessitate mental clarity and sufficient energy. Visit our picks for the best lights for reading at night here.

Moreover, yellow lights are commonly found in areas where you rest and study, including your bedroom. Additionally, the major advantage of a yellow bulb is that it will not damage the melatonin development in your body, unlike a white bulb. 


Bedroom with cozy bed, and blue mood light hanging over bedside table

Blue mood lights are claimed to aid in decreasing blood pressure and respiration and regulate quick heart rate. In most circumstances, blue light is mentioned with a pejorative connotation. However, blue light has some advantages. 

Blue mood lighting increases alertness, improves memory and cognitive performance, enhances the state of mind, and controls circadian rhythm to support pleasant sleep. Blue hues can also be tranquil and soothing, yet it can also convey sorrow. Purple, a combination of blue and red, is also frequently used to help stimulate creativity.

If you intend to promote health, attractiveness, or security in your bedroom, you can combine blue and red or simply use purple mood lights as it combines both.


Modern stone pine bed with red mood LED lighting, wall lamps, and vaulted ceiling

Red mood lighting causes the bedroom to produce more energy. This is the most vibrant color, and it is ideal for rocking the room, particularly in the evening.

Conversely, Red might draw attention, signal danger, or compel you to act. Red tones might also stimulate one’s appetite. Lastly, it can help couples enjoy their romantic time together and appreciate intimacy.


Loft bedroom with brick wall, skylight windows, and neutral-colored mood lighting

The fundamental colors in classical bedroom d├ęcor are neutral-colored bedroom mood lighting such as gray, white, and brown.

Such colors may not appear to be exceptional, but when paired with other hues, they can make shades either richer, more vibrant, or lighter, creating a cool aesthetic. Neutral-colored hues might also help you relax.


Bedroom with neon lighting, bed, cubby hole storage, chair, and indoor plant

Strong and vivid neon-colored bedroom mood lights can generate a tremendous emotional impact. Colors such as neon red, bright yellow, and neon green can seem invigorating and alerting, but they might also be unpleasant to the eyes at times.

Neon-colored bulbs, on the other hand, will draw your attention and make your bedroom very bright. 


Modern bedroom in soft pastel colors with decorative lighting, and velvet chair and bench

Pastel-colored bedroom mood lights, including peach, soft pink, or lilac, can help improve the feel of the space. The brighter, sweeter, and fresher the light color, the happier and more enthusiastic you will feel in your bedroom.

Blending various main and secondary colors for a fresh, vivid appearance is another way colors can inspire positive emotions.

Best Mood Lighting Fixtures

Here are the best light fixtures to create the mood you want in the bedroom.

Modern bedroom with grey bed, panels on the wall, LED backlight on ceiling, and stylish pendant lightsTask Lights

If you plan to undertake tasks that demand more concentration, such as reading, writing, or dressing up, take into account stacking task lights on top of your general illumination. Such focused task lights will make every task much easier, resulting in a better mood.

Task lighting does not have to be limited to the standard desk task light. You can consider adding bedside table lights, low-hanging chandeliers on each side of the bed, wall-mounted task lights on either side of a headboard, or another directional task lighting atop the headboard. In this way, the bedroom work light can practically help to adjust as long as it provides sufficient brightness for continuous focus.

Accent Lights

Accent lighting is often used to convey interest and emphasize things inside a specific environment, such as artwork. Accent lights on their own can operate as a milder version of ambient lighting in the bedroom, emitting a lovely warmth and producing a comfortable ambiance.

Accent lights offer a strong mood-boosting effect in your bedroom. They are often appealing to the eye and invigorating, especially if they are pastel or yellow-toned.

This feature can be incorporated into your bedroom’s light design by using recessed accent lighting, wall lamps, tape lights, or innovative refashioning of other light fixtures.

Dimmable Lights

Dimmable ambient ceiling light flush mount LEDSee this dimmable fixture at Amazon [sponsored link]

Dimmable light fixtures play a significant role in the overall aesthetic of your bedroom lighting when placing it. Dimmers not only provide another layer to the room’s ambiance, but they are also intrinsically versatile. A dimmer can meet a variety of requirements, from low light to maximum brightness.

The dimmer adapts itself to ambient lighting at optimum brightness, but the feature enables mood setting at lower settings.

Since dimmer light switches are simple to install, every lighting fixture can serve multiple functions. Some dimmers allow you to adjust the colors of your light, making it easier for you to choose the color that suits your current disposition.

What Color Light Is Best For Mood? 

Interior of a stylish bedroom with a black wardrobe, wooden walls, dark linens, and warm yellow lighting

Light colors that make people joyful are bright and warm, such as yellow, orange, and pink. The brighter and lighter the hue, the happier and more positive you will feel.

Furthermore, blue lighting promotes post-stress relaxation 3 times faster than traditional white lighting. The possible soothing effects of blue light have been discovered outside of scientific investigations as well.

A green mood light, which is soothing and pleasant, can also inspire harmony and dispel stress. It is very beneficial for stress reduction because it promotes a tremendous sense of relaxation.

Seeing a lot of green colors in your bedroom can also make you feel like nature is embracing you, which is truly relaxing and refreshing. 

What Light Is Good For Depression?

According to research, blue light is a much better choice than other colors in terms of alleviating depression. Indeed, blue light at a certain frequency can be utilized at a lower brightness than full-spectrum strong light to have the same benefits.

Furthermore, intense white light has also been used efficiently to cure depression. There is a growing interest in determining which lighting colors are most effective in easing depression. But so far, blue and white light colors have proved to be a great option for treating depression. 

What Color Lighting Is Best For Romance?

Luxurious bedroom with royal bed, pink and blue light with stylish night lamp at the wooden table

A red-colored bedroom mood lighting creates romantic thoughts and a sense of desired intimacy. The application of red lights can make the atmosphere of your room warmer and more interesting.

When considering red, also consider how a sunset with orange, pink, and red shades throughout the sky is extremely appealing. Read more about our romantic room ideas for more related content.

Red light has also been shown to have relaxing benefits for individuals and couples. This may be due to the wavelengths of red light, which may help produce melatonin.

The production of melatonin may make it easier for you and your sweetheart to unwind, let go of stress, and enjoy a romantic night together. To set the ambiance, you can use red LED lights.

Visit our guide on the types of lighting fixtures for more related content.


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