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Closet Chandelier Ideas (Styles & Lighting Designs)

In this gallery of closet chandelier ideas you’ll find the different types, designs, and how low & bright a chandelier should be in a walk-in closet.
Closet with crystal chandelier elegant white cabinetsWhen it comes to elegance and drama, nothing beats a chandelier. This is an incredible option if you want something popping and unique for your closet. Function-wise, you get a light fixture to help you navigate inside the closet. Aesthetic-wise, you get an elegant light fixture added to your closet that can increase its value and support its function. 

Chandeliers are usually seen attached to the ceiling of a spacious living room or dining table. Many use this light fixture to symbolize wealth and power, which is why they can also be found in the receiving areas of large homes and mansions.

There are many types of chandeliers made from different materials like glass, crystal, bronze, brass, and even wood grain. They can be as small as to have 1 tier or as luxurious as to have 5 tiers. The higher the ceiling, the more tiers you can accommodate, which is why it’s important to consider the height of the ceiling. 

Chandeliers seem too grand to be shoved inside a closet but you can actually do it artistically and creatively. Here are some ideas worth considering.

Walk In Closet Chandelier 

Walk-in closet with chandelier closet bench beige cabinetIf you have a spacious walk in closet design, you won’t really have to think too much when it comes to adding a chandelier inside it. While you still need to consider the height of the ceiling, you will not be as restricted with your choice compared to if you’re thinking about installing one in a smaller closet space. 

For a walk-in closet, a chandelier can provide the general lighting in the room since its position on the ceiling allows it to have more coverage. This is a good thing since you will have the tendency to move around inside the walk in closet while looking for the pieces you will wear for the day.

Of course, you don’t have to limit your closet lighting fixture to a chandelier and if you want to emphasize and show off some pieces of your wardrobe, you can add some accent lighting to the mix. 

Linear chandeliers are not recommended to be installed in walk in closets since aesthetically, they can only look good if you look at a specific side.

There are many types of chandeliers to consider and you might want to look at the following:

• Ball chandeliers (Round-shaped chandeliers)
• Crystal chandeliers
• Metal chandeliers

Mini Chandelier For Closet 

Mini chandelier above island in walk-in closetIf you don’t have a walk in closet and you also don’t have much closet space to use but still want to add a luxurious feel inside by adding a chandelier as its main light fixture, you can go for its mini version. 

Usually found in nurseries, breakfast nooks, and other tighter spaces, mini chandeliers are the ideal options if you’re dealing with a smaller space but you want to add luxury and functional lighting to the room at the same time. Some homeowners even place one on top of the sink when it suits their fancy!

Since closets don’t generally have enough space to accommodate standard-sized chandeliers, you can settle with mini chandeliers. Make sure that even if you choose a mini version, you consider the height of your closet and if it won’t look dragging and forced rather than elegant and luxurious inside your closet. 

Small Chandelier For Closet 

Small chandeliers are pretty much the same as mini chandeliers since they are simply the smaller version of the standard chandeliers. Whatever design you choose though, make sure to choose a size that’s proportional with the size of your closet.

Choosing a chandelier too big for the closet will make it more as a hindrance rather than a convenience. And choosing something too small can make it inconsequential that installing one will feel like a waste of time, space, and money.

Closet Crystal Chandelier 

Closet with chandelier island cabinetDating back to the 1600s, crystal chandeliers have found their way in the homes of the powerful and wealthy. Back then, chandeliers were mostly made from crystals that they have become practically the same. The classic look of chandeliers became the ones made from crystals.

Back then, people used candles for the lighting and the crystals helped maximize and magnify the light produced by these candles. The idea is still the same even when the candles were replaced by bulbs. 

Crystal chandeliers usually make use of glass that contains lead oxide, giving it its sparkling and pristine aesthetics. Their elegant sparkle and glow, on top of their luxurious aesthetics, make crystal chandeliers a favorite option for many homeowners. 

Crystal chandeliers are mostly found in formal setting areas with very ornate interior decor like the dining room of a mansion. But who’s to say you can’t use it for your closet?

With how fancy crystal chandeliers are, make sure it can actually match how your closet looks if you decide to have one installed. And more than just considering the space you have, take into account the vibe and aesthetics too. 

Modern Closet Chandelier 

Modern closet with modern chandelier gray paintCompared to crystal chandeliers, you have a better chance at making it work if you choose modern chandeliers for your closet. Today, chandeliers are not just about crystals, candles, and grand 5 tiers. Modern chandeliers are creatively unique and quirky, having more colors, shapes, and styles to consider.

Modern chandeliers can come in the form of minimalist lighting, with a simple square frame and white light. But it can also be as quirky as a hexagonal masterpiece with red light. Your options are endless.

One of the most apparent things about modern chandeliers though is its love for geometrical shapes. Most use one specific shape and simply add embellishment to that.

Modern chandeliers are better suited to your closet than crystal chandeliers since they take up less vertical space as long as you choose the one with the appropriate size. You want to have to deal with however many tiers classic crystal chandeliers have if you choose a modern one. 

Closet Chandelier Flush Mount 

Flush mount chandelier

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A flush mount chandelier is a type that’s directly installed sitting on the surface of the ceiling. While they may take some vertical space from your closet, they won’t dangle like many chandeliers do, which is a good consideration if you don’t have that much vertical space to spare anyway. 

This type of chandelier is usually installed in areas with lower ceilings like the hallways and the closet. A closet chandelier flush mount may be perfect for you if you have a problem with vertical space in your closet but still wants to add a luxurious chandelier as its lighting fixture. If you have the standard 8-foot system closet, this flush mount chandelier is the ideal choice for you. 

Closet Chandelier Semi Flush Mount

Compared to the flush mount chandelier, its semi flush mount version involves a bit of a gap between the ceiling and the light fixture. Admittedly, this means that they accommodate more vertical space compared to flush mount chandeliers so you may have to take into account extra space with it. 

The major benefit with semi flush chandeliers though is that they produce this up-lit effect that would be great for ambient lighting. And if this is what you’re going for, this is the best choice to accomplish that. 

Ball Chandelier For Closet

Shoe closet with ball chandelierA ball chandelier is a type of round-shaped chandelier that is spherical in form with more downward length than side ward length, making it a perfect option for walk-in closets where you will need light in every corner of the space once you start looking for the clothes and shoes you plan to wear for the day. 

With ball chandeliers, the center point is found at the bottom of the spherical structure, which is the area that you will be seeing and looking up to most of the time.

The amazing thing about ball chandeliers is that there are many styles you can choose from in the market. One of the most popular is the moon chandelier. You can also go for the crystal ball chandelier if you’re more into mystic energy and spirits.

Can You Put A Chandelier In A Walk-in Closet?

Closet with metal frame shelves modern coffee table chandelierYes, you can definitely put a chandelier in a walk in closet. First though, you will need to consider the size of the closet in the first place and how high the ceiling is. From there, you will also need to decide the vibe you want to feel while in your own private nook. Do you want something luxurious and modern or would you go for something rustic and welcoming?

From here, you will decide the kind of chandelier you will install. You can go for the traditional 5-tiered crystal chandelier if you have enough vertical space to accommodate it and if you want something grand. If you’re more of a minimalist, a modern geometric chandelier will be good to consider for you. 

If you have limited vertical space, choose a flush mount chandelier over a semi flush mount chandelier that dangles and take up more vertical space.

How Low Should A Closet Chandelier Hang?

beautiful walk-in closet light fixture above islandChoosing how low you can hang your closet chandelier will be dependent on several factors and you will need to use a tape measure to get the accurate dimensions of the closet.

Some of the factors to consider are when hanging a chandelier:

• How high your ceiling is
• Size of the closet
• Existence, location, and height of an island

It is important for the chandelier to hang at the same level as the hanging clothes. Since you need to hang your clothes in a level accessible to you ( where you can reach them), the chandelier will need to take that into account.

And since both the chandelier and island are usually at the center of the closet, the ceiling height and island height would also need to be considered.

As a guide, here is a hanging chandelier table you can use for reference:

Height of the Ceiling Distance from the island to the chandelier
8 feet 36 inches
10 feet 50 inches
12 feet 60 inches

One thing that can affect these measurements is how low you hang your clothes or if you don’t have an island inside the closet in the first place (a center drawer works too).

How Bright Should A Closet Light Be?

Elegant closet with glass door cabinets closet island cabinetThe brightness of a closet light is measured in terms of lumens. And for a chandelier in a closet, it needs to be bright enough that you will clearly see the pieces of clothing you’re currently skimming. This means you also need to take into account the walk-in closet size.

To get a general idea how much lumens you will need for your closet, you need to know the dimensions of your closet. It is recommended to use 20 to 30 lumens for every square foot. From there, you can make your own calculations accordingly and match them with the chandelier options you’re considering.

A standard closet that measures 20 to 50 square feet will need 500 to 1000 lumens to be considered bright enough to be functional.

Here is a closet lumens table you can use for reference:

Size of the Closet Number of Lumens Needed (Minimum)
7 x 10 feet (70 square feet) 1400 lumens
10 x 12 feet (120 square feet) 2400 lumens
12 x 12 feet (144 square feet) 2880

Is A Chandelier In The Closet Worth It?

A good closet requires an innovative design, stunning style, and durable structural material. It also needs to be well-lit and conveniently operable even when at night. To help achieve this you can install effective closet lighting such as chandeliers that will add value to the room’s utility and furniture and contribute to the convenience and overall enjoyment of the space.

Will adding chandelier lighting to a small closet seem like too much? Lighting for your closet with a chandelier is not exclusive only for a walk-in closet where you can easily emphasize important pieces of your selection like a mall. Even small closets with limited storage space can highly benefit from good chandelier lighting if the ceiling height is adequate.

Adding the proper light fixture for your closet will make it easier for you to find the pieces you need for your outfit of the day and allow you to do so in style. 

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