Romantic Bedroom Lighting (17 Alluring Ideas)

The bedroom serves as a safe haven, especially for a couple who goes through a hard day of work separately. And sometimes, setting the right mood for both of you can feel like work after your real work. But if you want to make an effort on it, one trick you can do is to use your lighting to your advantage. You can create a romantic ambiance by choosing the right bedroom lighting.

Mirror with light bulbs in romantic bedroom setting with wood floor and windows with large blinds

Using warm-toned light is one good way to set the mood. By choosing lamps that emit red or orange tones, and bulbs in shades of red and soft pink you can recreate the calming warmth of a sunset that always works wonders when kindling romance.


How Can I Make My Bedroom Light Romantic? 

Bedroom with romantic lighting, cozy bed, brick wall, and flowers on side table

If you plan to make your bedroom more romantic for you and your partner, there are different ways you can do to make this possible. Rose petals on your bed, scented candles, chocolates, and a bottle of champagne all come to mind.

While these options may be excellent for special occasions like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, they are not something you can do on a daily basis. One thing you can do though is to make your bedroom lighting romantic!

To set the mood right for you and your partner, room lights can be used in a variety of ways.

Here are some basic mood lighting tips to follow:

1. Steer away from lighting that’s too bright – Leave that bright LED lighting in your office, you will want something warm, comfortable, and conducive to cuddles. Avoid stark blue or white light that can feel harsh.

2. Be intentional in accentuating the feeling of intimacy – Don’t force a dark and gloomy room if that creeps you out and reinforce the kind of lighting that puts you in a mood for romance. 

Modern bedroom interior with neon light, bed armchairs, floor lamp, and windows with blinds

3. Don’t be afraid to be creative – Be open to trying out different kinds of lighting, as well as different light colors. Red and orange tones can really help set the mood.

4. Unite all elements in your room with the lighting you choose – Be mindful in choosing decor and furniture and make sure to consider your lighting when you approach buying them.

Romantic Mood Lighting In The Bedroom 

Dark bedroom with black walls, wood furniture, candles on headboard, and romantic mood lighting

Lighting can impact emotions and this is the reason why setting a romantic mood lighting in your bedroom can help set the mood for you and your partner.

From layered lighting that includes recessed lighting, strip lights, and dangling lights to minimalistic light fixtures with a monochromatic white color palette, there are many ideas to consider.  

Romantic Cozy Fairy Lights Bedroom 

Comfortable double bed in a bedroom with cozy fairy lights on headboard and plant on the side

If you’re going for an enchanting feeling, installing cozy fairy lights is the way to go. These strings of lights can help establish a soft, dreamy, and magical feeling, as well as a dramatic ambiance, to let the feeling grow and expand.

Contemporary master bedroom and string light wall with lighted headboard

You can also choose fairy lights if you don’t have a big budget for them and do not want a grand and permanent change done to your walls or ceilings. Other alternatives are headboard lighting or running string lights around the corners of the walls.

White bedroom with fairy lights on brick wall, panel floor, and a built-in bench by the window

Install them around your walls or leave them hanging from the ceiling right above your headboard. You can also place some on your canopy (if you have one) or along with your curtains.

This option won’t cost you too much money but can help you set the mood just the same. Add flowers and petals everywhere to support this alluring vibe and pair them with sheer and soft fabric to create a dramatic yet soft look. 

Dim Romantic Bedroom Lights 

Dark luxurious bedroom with dim romantic lights, carpet, and silk sheets on a large bed

Dimming your bedroom light is another way to start setting the mood. Install a dimmer switch to make it possible and convenient to use whenever you feel to. With this switch, you can control the ambiance you want your room to have, and gives you more flexibility with the choice.

And the best thing about it? You also get to save energy and lower your electric bill just by having the dimming option for your switch. 

Combine this dim atmosphere with soft lights for a very romantic feel to level the ambiance up. If you want something more discreet, you can stick with just the subtle lighting.  

Romantic Bedroom Lamps 

Stylish bedroom with a black wardrobe, large window, sheer curtains, wooden walls pendant lamps and plants

Romantic lamps can also help you set the mood in the bedroom but you need to find the right one. Some options you can consider are glowing lamps and accent lamps.

The former creates a dim and enchanting glow that can elevate the vibe in the room while the latter can spice up your bedroom’s romantic feel even with just low-level lighting. 

You can choose mystical glass lamps or glowing salt lamps, depending on your preference. For accent lamps, check out something small and made of glass. Place the lamp on your dresser or nightstand to truly appreciate the aura. 

Romantic Bedroom Ceiling Lights 

Modern apartment bedroom with sitting area, panoramic windows, and round ceiling with lighting fixtures

Set up a romantic ambiance by installing ceiling lights in your bedroom, offering a dreamy and soft vibe. Ceiling spotlights can be in the form of a skylight or starlight.

Recreate a dreamy night sky in your bedroom’s ceiling and snuggle with your partner to enjoy the “fake” glistening pattern of stars and clouds. You can even use a night sky project and flood your room with this incredible lighting. 

Romantic Bedroom Chandelier 

Elegant bedroom with upholstered wall behind bed, carpet floor, and a chandelier

A chandelier is a dramatic ceiling and lighting fixture that can add to your bedroom style and general ambiance. It also adds class and elegance to the room, depending on the kind of hanging lighting fixture you install. Chandeliers are dreamy and offer a sophisticated feel to the room. 

Bedroom with a large white bed, dark walls, light furniture, chandelier, and white marble floor

A chandelier can take you back to the beautiful palaces of the medieval era popular for their romanticism and grandeur.

Make sure you have enough space to accommodate the chandelier you choose though. And if you don’t want to go for chandeliers, you can also go for flush mount lights, which can create a warm glow directed over your bed. 

Romantic Night Lights 

Night light ocean wave projector in bedroom with panoramic windows and king size bedSee this projector night light at Amazon [sponsored link]

Yes, you can also use your bedroom night lights to set a romantic vibe for you and your partner. Night lights are meant to help you feel comfortable and at ease as you sleep but you can also use it as soothing lighting that will put you in the mood.

Night lights can come in different forms, including a golden table lamp or a pastel pink chandelier. These lights can be more than just comfortable and actually be deeply romance enhancing.

A soothing night light is a perfect choice if you don’t want to change too much in your bedroom and gives you a choice between comfortable and romantic. 

Romantic Bedroom Candle Light 

Bedroom with romantic candle lighting, antique candlestick, and flowers in vase

Imagine being in a fine dining restaurant with your partner and only food and candlelight in between the both of you. Isn’t that the very definition of a romantic dinner date? Transform your room to imitate that very same mood by using candles for your quality time with your partner. 

You don’t have to go for the regular candles and choose battery-operated ones instead. They are safer anyway but also offer the same romantic feel as real candles.

If you’re into something renewable and sustainable, check out soy-based clean-burning candles with aromatic scents.

Here are some ways you can integrate candlelight in bedrooms:

• Metal/wooden frame as a chandelier attached with candles

• Tabletop candelabra

• Electric candles scattered on your shelves

Romantic Black Light Bedroom 

Black light

If you want something unique and quirky, you can use a black light in your room. While it might not be a standard choice, it is worth looking into.

Black lights make many things glow in the dark and while this is interesting, it can be overwhelming that instead of setting a romantic mood you might end up being too fascinated with it. 

Blacklight is considered sexy by many people though so if you or your partner’s one of them, this is a good option to consider. 

What Color Light Is Best For Romance?

Luxury bedroom interior with dark tone decorated with hanging lamps and vase on the site table

Do you know that white and yellow are not the only light colors you can use in your bedroom? Yes, colored lights are a useful tool you can wield to set a loving mood for you and your partner. 

Colored lighting can be used in Chromatherapy, which is the use of different colors of light as an alternative medicine method. This method helps balance your mental, emotional, and spiritual state of being.

Different colors can point towards different purposes and emotions, reinforcing them and supporting them whenever necessary. For example, blue is all about spiritual communication while orange leans more towards sexuality. But what is the best color light for romance?

Modern stone pine bed with red LED lighting, wall lamps, and concrete walls and floor

If you want to be technical and cliche, red is the color of love and romance. Remember Valentine’s Day? Warm colors are flattering and inviting so if you want to boost your confidence in the bedroom, red or orange may be the best way to go.

Pink is also all about sweetness and romance but in a subtler way compared to red. Cool colors, while can seem quirky and different when used in lighting, can be dreamy. Blue and purple can be comfortable colors that will make you want to snuggle with your partner. 

The best option for your lighting if you don’t know what color you can use is to have color-changing lighting fixtures. With many colors to choose from, you simply need to set the one that makes you feel romantic at that precise moment.

If you want to stick to what’s normal and ordinary though, settle with soft yellow or white light in a dim setting. They will be enough to set the romantic mood you are looking for as long as you choose the right lighting fixture. 

Visit our romantic bedroom ideas for more related content and inspiration. 

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