15 Timeless Bedroom Paint Colors to Impress Any Guest

different bedroom designs for guests

Having an extra room prepared for guests adds value to your home. Especially if at the same time, the room is versatile enough to be turned into any functional space if the event calls for it, adding more value to your quality of living.

However, as we know, creating a versatile space can be challenging. To start, know the best guest bedroom paint colors that are available when putting together your functional space.

The following are popular colors from known paint brands that are suitable for creating a welcoming ambiance for your guests.

Key Takeaways

  • Best neutrals – Beige, cream, light gray, pastel shades, and taupe.
  • Best neutral combinations – Greens and beige, creams and whites, greige and light blue.
  • Colorful combinations – Pinks & blushes with white, muted pink & warm grays, bridal pink with revere pewter, lavender & creams, mustard and terracotta, emerald and reddish brown, duck green with deep reddish brown.

What Colors Are Best For a Guest Room?

attic bedroom for guests with wood flooring and indoor plants

Neutral colors are best for guest bedrooms due to their versatility. You can adapt or adjust accessories according to your guest’s preference, and because it doesn’t pertain to a specific gender, neutrals can be used as a generic color for any guest room. 

Moreover, most neutrals have that relaxing quality, as they are not categorized strongly into a solely one-color temperature. Beige, taupe, and pastels are some contemporary colors popularly used as base or grounding colors. 

While shades of gray, soft whites, and blacks are known to be standard neutrals, beige and cream shades do not pertain to a particular gender and are perfect base colors for an interior ensemble. 

Best Neutrals

relaxing and inviting guest bedroom with nightstand and chair

Here we share the neutral colors you can consider for your guest rooms.

Greens and Beige’s

Tupelo Tree with Restoration Ivory: Inspired by the marsh landscapes of the north, the green and beige colors remind us of the dreamy and gentle beauty of nature. The Tupelo Tree paint color channels the natural colors of nature, peaceful and comforting, while Beige is a balancing color tone. A sandy and light-toned floor, for instance, can be paired with the marsh-green wall paint to create that balanced look.

Tupelo Tree SW 6417

Sherwin Williams Tupelo Tree SW 6417

LRV: 28

Hex Code: 9C9152

Restoration Ivory SW 6413

Sherwin Williams  Restoration Ivory SW 6413

LRV: 75

Hex Code: E91CA

Creams and Whites 

Swiss Coffee with White Dove: If you’re finding a way to brighten up a guest room with fewer or smaller windows, or is north-facing room, creams and whites are what you need to add warmth while maintaining that serene ambiance.

Swiss Coffee is a popular cream color, and as its name suggests has a smooth but rich quality. The paint color is tinged with beige and gray to have that modern touch, and when combined with white, such as White Dove creates a brighter and serene sleeping area.

Swiss Coffee (OC-45)

Benjamin Moore  Swiss Coffee OC-45

LRV: 81.91

Hex Code: EEECE1

White Dove OC-17

Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17

LRV: 83.16

Hex Code: F0EDE4

Greiges and Blue Tints 

Agreeable Gray with Hinting Blue: Greige is a term brought about by combining gray and beige, among the two most versatile colors in the spectrum. The color’s light adaptability makes it easier to adjust to other shades and lighting conditions you have in your guest bedroom.

Greige paint hues carry both warm and cool tones, maintaining that neutral base color. Layering gray with light blue completes the foundation colors and can have a distribution of 70–30 in either color.

For instance, 70% green and 30% sky blue, or vice versa. Hinting Blue Paint has undertones of violet that balance off the warm undertones of Agreeable Gray Paint. 

Agreeable Gray SW 7029

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029

LRV: 60

Hex Code: D1CBC1

Hinting Blue SW S519

Sherwin Williams Hinting Blue SW S519

LRV: 68 

Hex Code: CED9DD

For a bolder timeless look you can pair the agreeable gray with a navy blue and include other neutral tones with excellent results. An alternative is to use a charcoal-gray shade with the hinting blue to offset the darker tones. This works well when the darker shade is used for an accent wall to avoid overwhelming the space.

What Colors Are Inviting and Welcoming?

bedroom with picture windows and accent wall

Happy colors such as yellow, sky blue, lemon green, orange, pink, purple, and red can be utilized in your guest bedroom to make it feel livelier and welcoming. However, be cautious of how much visual coverage your vibrant colors cover, as it can make the space look busy and overwhelming, especially with all the must-have bedroom essentials in it. Using a neutral together with the happy color can help balance and, in particular cases tone down the presence of the vibrant color. 

Colorful Bedrooms

lavender paint and blush pink bedroom

Pinks and Blushes – Pink and blush colors can add life and a welcoming atmosphere that’s easily paired with white tones. Add the blush tone if you want to maintain that clean and neat look without making the guest bedroom feel clinical. 

Muted Pink & Warm Grays – For a touch of sophistication a pairing of muted pink with gray tones can be combined effectively. Muted pink offers a gentle, welcoming ambiance and pairs elegantly with sophisticated warm grays to provide a neutral backdrop. Use muted pink lightly for an accent wall or bedding, balancing it with more warm grays on the main walls, furniture pieces, and decor pieces. Bring in varied textures and metallic elements to add depth and style. Keeping the pink soft and grays sleekly modern can creates a more peaceful, contemporary look.

Bridal Pink with Revere Pewter: Light and muted pink colors give off a cheerful yet settling quality. Pink can be used as a base or secondary color. The Bridal Pink paint color, for instance, is a perfect wall color with its uplifting soft orange and peach undertones. The pink paint color looks great with white, or you can add warm gray paint, such as Revere Pewter, to balance the bright color. 

Bridal Pink 2013-70

Benjamin Moore Bridal Pink 2013-70

LRV: 55.51

Hex Code: FDEDE5

Revere Pewter HC -172

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC -172

LRV: 84.98

Hex Code: #CCC4B8

Lavender & Creams  

Lavender Memory with Paper Heart: If you’re looking for a color that has a feminine touch but is not as defined as pink shades, then lavender is a great alternative.

The Versailles cream and pink colors are appropriate for a girl, but they are sophisticated and elegant enough to work perfectly in guest quarters. – Carter’s Way: A No-Nonsense Method for Designing Your Own Super Stylish Home, Carter Oosterhouse, Chris Peterson

With the right combination, can pass off as a gender-neutral tone. The warm peach cream color balances off the carefree nature of the lavender color and adds a hint of excitement and optimism.  

Lavender Memory M550-2

Behr Lavender Memory M550-2

LRV: 66

Hex Code: D1D2E2

Paper Heart M210-2

Behr Paper Heart M210-2

LRV: 74 

Hex Code: F7DAC7

Mustard and terracotta

Yellow Mustard with Coral Curry: The captivating colors of dusk, mustard yellow, and terracotta red are muted sunset hues that are perfect guest bedroom colors as they give off that relaxing and reminiscent nature of a sunset. To not overwhelm the guest bedroom, you can add hints of white to balance off the warm colors or add light gray to the mixture to inject a contemporary feel into the space.

Yellow Mustard 3007-1A

Valspar Yellow Mustard 3007-1A

LRV: 64.49

Hex Code: FFCA00

Coral Curry X49R110D

Valspar Coral Curry X49R110D

LRV: 30.6

Hex Code: #c88572

Emerald and Reddish Brown

Duck Green with Deep Reddish Brown: The rain forest color gives off this captivating and familiar characteristic as it reminds us of the richness and nourishing quality of nature. Like the evergreen forests, the hints of reddish-brown colors from trunks and twigs make the perfect complementary hue to the dark green.

Duck Green paint has that friendly yet strong, sophisticated color of nature, and when combined with white or a reddish-brown color such as the earthy Deep Reddish-Brown No. In W101, you get an enveloping guest bedroom ambiance.

Duck Green W55

Farrow and Ball Duck Green W55

LRV: 8.19

Hex Code: 53665c

Deep Reddish Brown

Farrow and Ball Deep Reddish Brown

LRV: 10 

Hex Code: 70483E

Another hue-combination that works well in the combination is to replace the duck-green with a sage green and reddish brown pairing. The browns could work well for curtains, bedding or other elements sparingly to avoid the room looking too dark.

When choosing paint colors for a small guest bedroom, it’s best to opt for soft, neutral tones like light grays, creamy whites, pale blues, muted sage greens, lavender, or warm beiges and taupes. These colors will make the room feel calm, cozy, and spacious. Accent shades can be added in the bedding, furnishings, decor and artwork. But keeping the walls light and neutral creates a welcoming room for guests to relax in and helps keep a small space from looking too dark.

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