Moody Bedroom Paint Colors (13 Alluring Designer Picks)

For those looking for intrigue and mystery, using moody bedroom paint colors can transform a simple room into a luxurious retreat. Below, we’ll explore the hues that can provide drama and character without overwhelming the senses and set the tone for your entire bedroom design.

moody bedroom designs with different paint colors

Here are the different moody bedroom paint color options to be considered, tips on the ideal color palette, and sophisticated shades for an accent wall.

Moody Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

Darkroom SW 7083

Sherwin Williams Darkroom SW 7083: A color of the year for the year 2023, this black paint color has strong violet undertones, which effectively level up the ambiance due to its regal tone. But, at the same time, it has that relaxing and familiar feel.

Considered a very dark shade of pink, this paint color can evoke a romantic atmosphere. Choose to have dark wooden furniture for a luxurious and rich look. Light-colored wood usually has that yellowish tone, which passes as the complementary color for the dark tone.

You can also pair the violet-tinged backdrop with white or gray accessories. A white or light-toned types of floor tiles and ceiling are recommended to create contrasting colors. However, dark-on-dark can also be possible. Metal elements such as brass or matte black hardware can further update your luxury bedroom space.

LRV: 5

Hex Value: #443E40

Red Pepper (S-G-190)

Behr Red Pepper PPU2-02: When looking for that perfect moody red tone, this beautiful earthy red tone is perfect for grounding elements and, when paired with white, creates a strong yet meditative ambiance. If the color is too overwhelming to use, you can always paint it in one section of your bedroom and layer lights.

The earthy red can also be layered with browns together with natural elements such as rattan, hardwood, and carpeted floor covers.

LRV: 8

Hex Value: 7A3F38

Liquorice No.CB10

Farrow and Ball Liquorice No.CB10: If the darker the better for your mood-evoking bedroom, then you’ll love Liquorice. This warm and rich black hue has an enveloping and welcoming quality, and the deep color is partnered with a complementary white Au Lait by Farrow and Ball for a more serene feel. However, you can always go without its white pair. 

Pair it with vibrant yellow, orange, and blue to channel an Art Deco or African-inspired bedroom ambiance. You can always pair it with a more relaxing hue, such as pinkish, fleshy, or beige accent colors. 

Hex Value: 363a38

Old Burgundy 95-17B

Valspar Old Burgundy 95-17B: Among the eye-catching burgundy shades of Valspar, the Old Burgundy exudes that sophisticated yet earthy quality. When paired with dusty pinks such as Valspar’s Mosaic Pink, it creates an interesting, rich, and romantic vibe. Add statement pieces or maximalist decorating to complete the look.

LRV: 3.86% 

Hex Value: 502D36

Caponata AF-650

Benjamin Moore Caponata AF-650: Create a spectrum of deep purple hues for your bedroom space. The mood-evoking plum tone has that mystical, dramatic, and inviting characteristic that’s perfect for moody purple bedroom designs with personality.

Other violet tones you can layer with Caponata are, Black Raspberry 2072-20, Shadow 2117-30, Cinnamon Slate 2113-40, and Mystical Grape 2071-30. These are popular violet tones that can inject subtle glamor and inspiration.

LRV: 6.36 %

Hex Value: 453133

Moody Color Palette 

dark bedroom with blue walls and bed

Tech Colors: Inspired by Dunn Edwards’ View to Wonder Color Collection for 2024, this bedroom color palette evokes a dreamy and inspirational ambiance as it exudes undertones of optimism.

Nightshade DET407

Dunn Edwards Nightshade DET407

LRV: 6

Hex Code: 4F4352

Wall Color: 4F4352 – A dreamy eggplant hue that, when combined with other vibrant hues, creates an inspiring and dreamlike state.

Secondary Color: 2E4A7D – Nautical Shade)


D07360 – Coral/Orange

85443F – Berry/Reddish

453027 – Turquoise 

FCF9BD – Light Yellow 

EBD1C7 – Orange

FFBD31 – Vibrant Orange 

The Blackberry and Terracotta Hues: A moody yet casual color palette that utilizes the two primary shades of blue, green, and red tones. 

Naval SW 6244

Sherwin Williams Naval SW 6244

LRV: 4

Hex Code: 2F3D4C

Wall Color: 2F3D4C – A versatile backdrop that showcases celestial qualities. 

Secondary Color: A7361C – Medium Red 


7B1D0E – Dark Red 

C25241 – Light Red-pinkish

EED5BF – Cream 

Cozy and Meditative Colors: A color scheme for meditative bedroom spaces with a tinge of oriental accents with Behr’s color of the year 2024 as the main backdrop. 

Cracked Pepper PPU18-1 

Behr Cracked Pepper PPU18-1 


Hex Code: 4C4D4F

Wall Color: 4C4D4F

Secondary Color: 3D372B


4C6C9B – Blue Green

6A4E1C – Orange Brown

9D8770 – Tan/Beige

Moody Accent Wall Colors

London Clay

Farrow & Ball London Clay: The earthy color makes it a comforting backdrop for the headboard area, especially when added with layered lighting, which adds to the cozy vibe. Since it has that eggshell finish, the low light reflectance makes it suitable for painting expansive feature walls. 

Believe it or not, the color of your bedroom can help or hinder sleep. Bright shades that are beautiful outdoors in nature, like red and golden yellow, can become aggressive on walls. – The Calm and Cozy Book of Sleep, Beth Wyatt

Primarily, the bedroom paint color is a dark and deep gray, but the brown undertones stand out lending that calming, warm and welcoming quality. The rich paint color suits well with neutrals and is a perfect color to break a monotonous white wall surround. 

LRV: 9

Hex Value: #786963

Nicolson Red CW-270

Benjamin Moore Nicolson Red CW-270: Reminiscent of the richness of colonial interiors, the Nicolson Red has a deep shade of red that can evoke a modern aesthetic against cool white and cream tones.

At the same time, it has that theatrical and old-school air when paired with warmer light neutrals. Add luminescent accents to welcome light and balance the opaque surface, and this becomes one of the best bedroom paint colors to consider.

LRV: 8.86

Hex Value: #62403D.

Night Owl CC-662

Benjamin Moore Night Owl CC-662: The rich chestnut color falls under the green color shades of Benjamin Moore paints and has been in the paint collection since 2006. The restful color matches well with other dark hues and accommodates bedrooms with less natural light without being gloomy due to the earthy green tinge.

LRV: 10.07 

Hex Value: #59523c

Dark Night SW 6237

Sherwin Williams Dark Night SW 6237: A bedroom with dark reddish wood flooring, large leafy greeneries, and metallic accents needs that soothing quality of deep blue-green hues. Since emerald green made its way to our bathroom backdrops, the desire for that meditative and relaxing deep blue-green continues in our bedrooms.

Deep blue greens can exude either that casual and dreamy bedroom or that mid-century sophistication, depending on the available elements. The Dark Night is the perfect hue that has that mystique and alluring quality.

LRV: 4

Hex Value: #23383F

Iron Ore SW 7069

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore SW 7069: This dark color is quite dark and perfect for highlighting wall sections or architectural features. It does have a soft quality to it. With undertones of green, there’s more of a charcoal gray quality, but it is versatile in many aesthetic demands of the mood-evoking room. The almost black color can be matched with almost any tone and layered to create a more monochromatic feel in the bedroom.

LRV: 6

Hex value: 434341

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