37 Luxury Master Bedrooms with Fireplaces

Luxury master bedrooms with fireplaces are inviting and romantic. A fireplace allows you to create the perfect ambiance in your bedroom to cozy up and enjoy the space. They look attractive, can help keep things warm during colder months and increase a home’s resale value. Below, you’ll find bedroom fireplace designs to give you ideas for creating your own relaxing master suite retreat.

Traditional created bedroom with elegant fireplace ocean views and balcony

The traditional style bedroom in the picture above has a nice neutral color palette to accentuate its elegant design. Further enhancing the cozy atmosphere of the space is the built-in electric fireplace with a mantel framing, making it look like a traditional wood fireplace to match with the interior style but without consuming as much space.

Fireplaces have always been an integral part of homes, especially in countries with four seasons, as it is integral in keeping the interiors warm and livable. With the advent of modern technology, and with the rising cost of land and floor space, the fireplace has taken a backseat and was replaced with the more fancy and efficient centralized heating systems.

Bedroom Fireplace Designs

Nowadays, the fireplace has been given a face-lift and now comes in slimmer, more modern designs that would probably find a place in your home no matter what style it is in or how small your place is. There are now many different kinds of fireplaces on the market depending on the style and space you have available for such. We can generally categorize them into three, namely:

  • Wood-burning fireplaces – this is the traditional fireplace we see in older homes and buildings. It’s the classic & romantic smell and sound of the wood that attracts people to use the traditional style. It needs to be integrated into the architectural design of the house/building for it to be efficient.
  • Gas-burning fireplaces – these are more modern fireplaces that burns ethanol instead if wood. They are easy to install and come in a variety of designs, from traditional style to more contemporary silhouettes. It does not, however, provide as much heat as gas or wood-burning fireplaces, but are easier to install, odorless and more environmentally-friendly
  • Electric fireplace – the most effective and cost-efficient type currently on the market. They are easy to install, remote-controlled and has a variety of fire effects to choose from

Stacked stone fireplace in a luxurious bedroom with pool views

Whether you want to install a traditional wood-burning fireplace or a contemporary electric fireplace really depends on your needs and what your structure and building allows you to.

Whichever type you choose, fireplaces definitely adds a romantic ambiance to any space, which is something that centralized heating systems don’t have. Below are some excellent examples of fireplaces inside bedrooms:

Contemporary crafted bedroom with linear fireplace and water view

A gorgeous contemporary style bedroom with a very clean and sleek look. It has plain, cream-colored walls and ceiling, and dark wengue wood frames for the furniture pieces and window frames. To match the interior style, they used a linear gas fireplace installed on a wall niche with a wall-mounted TV right above it.

Bedroom with built-in niche fireplace and hillside view

This simple modern bedroom integrates its minimalist electric fireplace into its entertainment center design, seamlessly blending it into the wall to make it look like it’s part of the wall. When turned off, it simply looks like a wall-mounted TV, so it can perfectly change the ambiance of the place as needed.

Beautiful beige color bedroom with alcoves next to fireplace and stone mantel

Light yellow accents combines with creamy beige wall paint adds a warm feel to this cozy Mediterranean style bedroom, but the built-in electric fireplace completes the cozy ambiance and increase the warm feel of the space. The black electric fireplace was framed with a stone mantel to match the style of the room and accentuate the area.

Beautiful white bedroom with paneled wall fireplace and wood board flooring

This gorgeous bedroom has a more casual feel then the previous examples, but it still has the warm, cozy feel despite its all-white color scheme. A few pieces of beige pillows, golden walnut wood flooring and jute rug adds enough warm tones and texture to the space to make it feel less “cold”.

Of course, the low-profile electric fireplace built into the wall completes the ambiance to create a more romantic atmosphere to the space.

Bedroom with cozy fireplace and city view

Due to the very limited space of the floor plan, the built-in gas-burning fireplace is the perfect choice for this space as it doesn’t consume too much space. It was installed on a wall in front of the bed and was framed with slate tiles and wooden mantel to accentuate the area. There are also some scented candles and other decorative pieces placed on the mantel.

Bedroom with large black fireplace and mountain view

This bedroom is a gorgeous mix of contemporary interior architecture and classic furniture pieces. The plain surfaces of the walls, floor and ceiling helps balance the over-all look, as classic furniture pieces have more intricate forms and details. In front of the bed, there is a built-in fireplace placed on a niche made for the purpose, making it integrated into the interior architectural structure.

Contemporary suite bedroom with expansive views and fireplace

The taupe palette used in this bedroom design gives it a very universally-pleasing aesthetic which will definitely last through various shift in trends. The high ceiling makes the room feel more spacious, despite its actual floor area.

To enhance the ambiance of the design, a gas-burning fireplace was installed on a veneer-clad wall. The modern matte black frame of the fireplace creates a matching look with the TV placed right above it, making them look like a set piece.

Contemporary bedroom with travertine fireplace and padded wall bed headboard

The larger floor area of this bedroom allows the use of bigger furniture pieces, and also makes it feel a little more grand. It has a neutral cream color scheme with pops of purple and blue for accent. The floors uses gorgeous polished beige limestone, which extends up to the protruding wall made for the fireplace.

The gas-burning fireplace used in the space is built onto a niche on the limestone wall, creating a seamless frame so that it looks like the fireplace was carved out of the wall.

Country bedroom with panel fireplace and knotty floors

Large wood planks on the floor and classic French furniture pieces create a lovely French provincial vibe to this bedroom space. Because this room is on an old structure, it has a real wood-burning fireplace which is made from fire bricks and framed with white paneled wood boards.

Decorated bedroom with one of a kind fireplace

The wood-burning fireplace in this bedroom is definitely the focal point of the space as it is smacked right in the middle of the room to separate the sleeping area from the sitting area of the room.

This also allows the fireplace to be used for both the sitting area & the sleeping area simultaneously, or separately, as needed. The fireplace is clad with stone masonry, and the covered with wood paneling and brick accents to further enhance its look.

Elegant bedroom with electric fireplace

This simple bedroom uses solid wood rococo furniture creating curvy silhouettes and elegant curved lines. The layout is divided into a sitting area and a sleeping area via a diagonal wall partition in which a gas-burning fireplace was installed on.

The small fireplace definitely blends into the design, looking like a small cabinet when not turned on, but providing the room with warmth when used.

Grand bedroom design with window seating nook and intricate fireplace

A Mediterranean-inspired bedroom with a lovely neutral color palette, this design looks elegant and classy with its combination of textures, colors and finishes. On one wall of the room is a classic wood-burning fireplace which was installed on a slightly raised platform so that it can efficiently provide warmth for the high bed. The fireplace has firebricks inside, but the mantel used is made from white marble to match the elegant look.

This contemporary bedroom goes for a very subtle nautical-inspired theme. The colors are mostly composed of white and grays, with navy blue accents. Because of the modern styling of the space, it also goes for a modern-style gas-burning fireplace which is built onto a partition wall in the room. It has a dark gray metal framing to match with the modern theme of the space.

bedroom with peninsula fireplace, hardwood flooring and sitting area

This Luxurious bedroom places its modern style gas-burning fireplace in a very unique location. While fireplaces are usually built onto walls or partitions, this room intergrated it into a column-like structure, and has glass on its 3 exposed sides, instead of the usual front side.

bedroom with plaster fireplace, wood beam ceilings and outdoor balcony

What better way to complete the look of this classic style bedroom than with a romantic wood-burning fireplace? It definitely completes the cozy ambiance of the design and gives it a more relaxing atmosphere.

Luxury Mediterranean designed bedroom with french doors and wood plank flooring

While lots of glass doors makes this room look very pleasant and airy, it can be a little too cold during winter therefore making the electric fireplace installed on the wall very integral in the design.

bedroom with exposed beam ceiling and custom fireplace

Heavy wood furniture pieces with elegant curvy forms in combination with solid wood floors & exposed wood ceiling gives this room a rest-house like feel. To match with the classic feel of the interiors, an equally classic wood-burning fireplace with solid stone mantel was used.

Mediterranean design bedroom with rustic fireplace and four poster bed

From this perspective of the master suite, you can see the rich details of the stone fireplace with rustic wrought iron screen. Luxury master bedrooms with fireplaces can definitely create a warm ambiance that will increase the room’s ambiance and overall appeal.

You can find a similar looking fireplace screen with a powder coated frame.

bedroom with brick base and textured walls

Yellow walls give this bedroom a youthful & casual feel despite its use of classic furniture pieces. The design was also fixed with a wood-burning fireplace placed on the room corner. It has no stand-out mantel and simply blends in with the wall color for a cleaner look.

bedroom with center fireplace and large picture windows

Large windows allows natural light to seep into the interiors of the bedroom well, which, in turn, tend to make the room a little cooler during colder months. To make up for it, aside from the centralized heating system, a classic-style gas burning fireplace was installed in front of the bed, adding to both the warmth of the room & its ambiance.

bedroom with stone intricate carved fireplace, exposed beam ceiling and wall columns

Since this bedroom uses carpet flooring all throughout, the wood-burning fireplace used in the floor plan was raised from the floor & surrounded with solid marble to avoid burning. While this has a very classic look, the TV hung right above it somehow makes it look a little more modern.

bedroom with wrought iron fireplace

While the previous example raised its fireplace to prevent burning the carpet, this example raised its wood-burning fireplace to help warm the high bed more.

Mediterranean bedroom with arched ceiling and outdoor balcony views

A mixture of contemporary interior architecture & classic furniture pieces, the bedroom exudes both the classy vibe of traditional style interiors & the sleek clean look of modern design.

Mediterranean bedroom with terracotta tile floors

A modern Mediterranean-inspired bedroom which has large arch windows allowing natural light inside & a gorgeous view from the bed. Since the space is quite small, the fireplace was built into the corner of the room in a quarter circular shape & arched opening to match with the architectural style of the space.

bedroom with grey tile and white grout fireplace

This a gorgeous contemporary bedroom design with a simple beige, gray and white color scheme. The large layout has a sleeping area & a sitting area separated by a partition wall. The gas-burning fireplace was installed around the edge of the partition and has glass on 2 sides so that it serves both the sleeping & sitting areas.

bedroom with marble fireplace

This penthouse bedroom separates its sleeping area from the kitchen with a partial wall partition & clads its edge with the same marble finish used on the countertops to create a coordinating look. The gas-burning fireplace installed on the wall partition is modern in style, with black metal frames and glass on its 3 sides.

bedroom with gas fireplace with marble base

This minimalist bedroom integrates its modern style into its electric fireplace. The fireplace used has a very modern minimalist design, with black framing,  reflective glass and a slim design, making it look like a small tv or a media cabinet instead of an actual fireplace.

Modern bedroom with suspended fireplace

A contemporary bedroom which combines minimalist aesthetics with South Asian patterns and colors to create a simple eclectic look. Engineered Mahogany was widely used on the basic surfaces to create a dark yet warm & cozy feel. They used a hanging stainless steel fireplace with an onion bulb shape to match the South Asian motifs.

Romantic bedroom

To match the look of this bedroom which has classic furniture pieces & contemporary styling, a modern style electric fireplace was used,which in turn helped save space as the room is quite small. To give it a more classic look, the surrounding surface of the fireplace was clad in white slate tiles and framed with white wood for the mantel.

Rustic craftsman bedroom with rough rock fireplace and forest views

The combination of wood & stone definitely gives this bedroom a very rustic & romantic appeal. Due to the limited space, a gas-burning fireplace was used, but in order for it blend with the rest of the interiors, the fireplace was clad in slate masonry tiles.

Rustic style bedroom with cross beams

Similar to the previous example, this bedroom has a pleasing combination of a warm neutral palette, wood & masonry finishes. The higher ceiling height & bigger floor area gives it a lighter feel, however. A gas-burning fireplace was used for this as well and was also clad in faux stone masonry to match the look of the columns.

Rustic bedroom retreat with decorative fireplace

Modern styling aesthetics combined with classic motifs and furniture style give this room a modern yet classy appeal. For this, a gas-burning fireplace with black matte body. It has an all-white neo-classic inspired mantel for added emphasis.

fireplace facing bed in bedroom

This classic style bedroom has a light and casual feel because of its soft cream color scheme and numerous windows. The indoor plant also adds to the ambiance of the room. The gas burning fireplace adds a romantic feel to the room. It was framed with a painted wood mantel to accentuate the area.

Traditional bedroom with designer furnishings

A gorgeous bedroom with a soft yellow & white color scheme and a light, contemporary look. The electric fireplace adds to the ambiance of the place and completes the romantic appeal of the room.

Amazing views from bedroom with large windows and corner fireplace

This gorgeous modern bedroom with large picture windows is definitely dream house material. In this room, an electric fireplace was installed on a diagonal wall corner with horizontal sandstone tiles as accent and an artwork hung right above it for further emphasis.

Waterfront bedroom in white

Luxury master bedrooms with fireplaces such as the one in the image, use a muted color palette to showcase the dramatic picture window and water views. The electric fireplace was discreetly installed on the wall on the side of the bed and framed with simple white-painted wooden mantel to accentuate the area.

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