15 Paint Colors For Large Rooms With High Ceilings

When choosing paint colors for large rooms with high ceilings, it’s important to consider how the hues will enhance the spaciousness and architectural features of the room. These colors should complement the abundance of light to capture the desired atmosphere and character of the room.

different interior designs with high ceilings

With the right selection, you can visually extend or scale down a section or the whole room through your chosen paint colors.

Painting Ideas for High Ceilings 

bedroom with gray walls and windows

Through the paint colors you choose, you’ve got an opportunity to showcase the vertical expanse or any other architectural feature that comes with a high ceiling of 9 feet or higher. Here are some painting ideas for high ceilings: 

Light and Soft Hues with Warm Undertones for Limited Natural Light

To increase the limited light source, choose paint colors with light and soft tones that can bounce off light, allowing distribution of light through other corners of the room. The warm undertones prevent a stale atmosphere as the play of light creates varying degrees of color throughout the day.

Simply White (2143-70)

 Benjamin Moore’s Simply White (2143-70): An uplifting white tone that’s not stark or stale is Simply White by Benjamin Moore. This color can be used on the walls up to your high ceilings. The paint has yellow undertones, which create a mood-lifting effect.

Dover White (SW 6385)

 Sherwin Williams’ Dover White (SW 6385): With an LRV of 82, you’ll expect to have a bright ceiling area when painted with Dover White. Though it is darker than most popular whites, it has a warmer yellow undertone.

Swiss Coffee 12

 Behr Swiss Coffee: Having a slightly higher LRV (84), the Swiss Coffee paint by Behr is the perfect color to warm up stark a high ceiling design and walls with its warm golden undertones.

luxurious living room with windows and fireplace

Cool and Medium to Dark Tones or Undertones to Diffuse Light

If you want to diffuse light coming from a full fenestration such as clerestories or atrium windows, you can choose cool and dark tones as they absorb light while keeping the room cooler.

Copley Gray HC-104

 Benjamin Moore Copley Gray HC-104: Part of Benjamin Moore’s Historical Collection, Copley Gray is a flat ceiling paint with a darker hue and soft green undertone. It’s perfect for wall paint colors of white or cream, or go monochromatic with a moody paint color.

Providence Blue 636

 Benjamin Moore Providence Blue 636: A classic of Benjamin Moore with its original name as Charlotte Slate AC-24, Providence Blue is best for spaces that are well-lit and when you want to lessen the light from high windows.

Gateway Gray 6744

 Sherwin Williams Gateway Gray 6744: A medium color with a green undertone, Gateway Gray can easily diffuse light without making the ceiling visually overbearing. The coffee-toned paint can be used on walls as well if you plan for continuous color paint on the ceiling and walls.

Two-tone Ceiling to Visually Break a Wide Ceiling

If you plan to have an all-white wall, you can prevent that cold, monotonous feel by introducing another color. You can choose to have light-colored wood grain paneling on your ceiling, not necessarily paint, and leave the beams in a white color that’s similar to your walls. This still allows continuity from the walls to the ceilings while visually breaking the expansive ceiling.

Silvery Blue

 Benjamin Moore Silvery Blue: To emphasize the spaciousness and vertical height of a room, the soft powdery tone of Silvery Blue can be applied generously without being overwhelming due to its relaxed tone. Pair it with white-painted vaults and beams to showcase the architectural details.

Studio Green 93

 Farrow and Ball Studio Green: If you’re looking for a darker paint color with a hint of green, Farrow & Balls Studio Green is the perfect pair for white or peach tones. It has a romantic quality to it and can make a room feel cozy—perfect if you’re looking for romantic bedroom colors.

New Dawn 133

 Benjamin Moore New Dawn 133:  Do you have a tray ceiling? Create an aesthetic surprise with a fun and cheery color from the orange family. New Dawn is a warm color with hints of cream hues. You’ll find it a gorgeous paint color on a recessed or tray ceiling. Match it with other Benjamin Moore neutrals such as Horizon 1478, Britannia Blue 1623, and Ylang Ylang AF-305.

Dark Paint for a Cozy Atmosphere

Similar to your two-tone ceiling, dark paints, specifically black-toned paints, can bring the ceiling visually closer to the ground. This is the perfect paint color for dining and bedroom areas or any room where you want to make the atmosphere more intimate and cozier.

Black Ink 2127-20

 Benjamin Moore Black Ink 2127-20: With an LRV of 5.81, it’s the perfect black tone to make a high-ceiling room cozier, but it has just the right amount of coolness and warmth—just the right amount of black. You’ll need a good amount of natural light and artificial lighting fixtures for the flat paint, as the tone can be 2 to 3 times darker than your typical wall color. It has a navy-blue undertone.

Cyberspace 7076

 Sherwin Williams Cyberspace 7076: The mood-provoking charcoal black is perfect for layering light as it has a calming and mesmerizing quality. Make a high-ceiling space more tranquil but welcoming with Cyberspace ceiling paint.

Incardine No.248

 Farrow and Ball Incardine No.248: A bold color you’ll love, this crimson tone has a deep red tone that’s perfect for formal dining areas, traditional-themed living, or great rooms.

seafoam green room with high celing and furniture

Soft blues and Seafoam Greens for that Cool Coastal Effect

Reminiscent of the tranquil ambiance of the coastal environments, soft blues, and seafoam greens are the perfect palette for your next painting project. Paired with white walls, sandy neutrals, and distressed wood floors to complete the look. 

Delft SW 9134

 Sherwin Williams Delft SW 9134: A chill tone that has undertones of gray and relaxed tones of blue, Sherwin Williams Delft is a versatile color tone that can be paired with neutral tones, whether dark or light.

November Skies 2128-50

 Benjamin Moore November Skies 2128-50: Easy on the eyes and exuding that relaxing vibe, November skies are the perfect color for any type of coastal home. The tone is perfect for soft-colored wood. 

White Paint or Dark Gray Paints for that Industrial-themed Space

Industrial-themed spaces typically showcase high ceilings with exposed iron beams or exposed wood planks. To showcase these architectural features, you can use a white ceiling as a backdrop or to get that urban, edgy, and bold mood industrial-themed interiors are known for.

Stone Harbor 2111-50

 Benjamin Moore Stone Harbor 2111-50: It has a touch of warmth from its brown undertone but mainly exudes the quality of gray. Stone Harbor is a lovely medium-toned neutral that goes well with almost any light or dark paint color. It can draw the eyes upward to the ceiling while maintaining a sense of airiness in the room.

Urbane Bronze 7048

 Sherwin Williams 7048 Urbane Bronze: If you’re looking for a paint color in between sophistication and casual, Urbane Bronze is the perfect paint color to use. It became popular in the year 2021 when it became the color of the year that same year.

What Color Walls Look Best With Tall Ceilings?

spacious living room with furniture pieces

The best colors for tall ceilings are neutral or cool tones. The lightness or darkness of the color paint will depend on your preferences and needs. The amount of light coming into your room will also influence the color tone you choose, that is, whether you want to increase or decrease light in the room.

What Color Should a Vaulted Ceiling Be Painted?

The best color for vaulted ceilings is usually white or light tones, and the rafters are in dark or black tones. This contrast of color allows each architectural element to be showcased without creating a heavy visual weight, especially if your vaults are closely spaced.

Know this: a high ceiling in a room with tall walls will make for a majestic interior environment. So if you can afford it, and if it fits into your preferred design, go for it. – Cut The Chaos: A Homeowner’s Guide to Residential Remodeling, Tim P Jones

How Do You Make a Large Room With Higher Ceilings Feel Cozy?

kitchen and living space next to each other with tall windows

A large room with a high ceiling can feel cozier by using darker or warmer tones- colors on the walls or ceiling. You can also visually break the areas, such as the wall or ceiling that is wide and high, by painting a section or part of the wall a different color. If you still desire white or cream tones for your walls or ceiling, you can prevent that cold and monotonous look by choosing a paint color with undertones.

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