Types of Chandeliers (Design Styles & Materials)

This gallery features the different types of chandeliers, their materials, design styles, light bulbs, cost, installation and types of crystals for chandeliers & their lamp shades.
Stunning living room with wood floors, glass wall, high awning windows and wood beams with modern metal chandelier Chandeliers are a strong indicator of modern grandeur, dangling from every ballroom and dining room we encounter. Nowadays, it appears that if you want to go for a classy style and, of course, have a high ceiling, a chandelier would be among the best lighting options.

However, one size does not fit all when it comes to chandeliers. Chandeliers come in a variety of styles, and each one can accentuate a particular style of décor. Therefore, before deciding, it is best to browse around first to see what you like.

Incorporating a chandelier into your home can greatly boost the elegance of your interior design. Chandeliers come in a variety of styles; thus it is necessary to be familiar with all of them.

Luxury living room with incredible furniture, glass beads chandelier, and big glass windows with curtains Different Types Of Chandelier Styles

Below is a comprehensive guide to the various types of chandeliers available and their distinct styles.

Candle Chandeliers

A luxurious dining room in blue, white and black color with candle chandeliers, a large round served table and chairs This type of chandelier is precisely what the name implies – a chandelier with lights that resemble candles. This design is frequently a mix of different styles. This is also a relatively formal aesthetic because the purpose is to mimic traditional candle lighting.

A candle chandelier returns the decoration to its origins. Chandeliers of this sort often feature at least five branches, each with distinct candle-like lighting at the end.

This is suitable for people who prefer a more rustic look. The excellent thing is that because these chandeliers are not as massive as some other types, they do not require a lot of space.

Furthermore, candle chandeliers may work best in a dining room environment. This is particularly applicable if you want a simpler, yet attractive style.

Sadly, for those seeking pure authenticity, most candle chandeliers nowadays are no longer made with real candles. Instead, they employ lights shaped like candles to provide the characteristic effect without the danger or inconvenience of genuine candles.

A few versions of candle chandeliers offer a minor shift of pace by arranging lampshades on the candles, providing the iconic item with a more modern aspect.

Crystal Chandeliers

Fancy armchairs in the living room with bay window and crystal chandeliers Crystal chandeliers, a broad design of chandeliers, were given the name after the materials used to make them. A crystal chandelier can come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. These are the ideal chandeliers to purchase if you want to achieve a sense of exquisite grandeur.

Indeed, crystal chandeliers look great in dining rooms and living rooms, as well as large, spiraling staircases if you have one. Bedrooms are not a good place for them because they would look too flamboyant in there.

Crystal is what most people think of when they think of chandeliers. It consists of a series of lights enclosed by glass crystals that reflect light around the space. It has a very stately and elaborate aesthetic.

It is not for everyone’s taste, particularly in today’s more informally constructed homes. The contrasting of a magnificent crystal chandelier against a more informal style, on the other hand, can have a stunning effect.

A raindrop chandelier is a common style for crystal chandeliers. This style is exactly what it seems like – a chandelier with crystals designed to resemble rain.

A staircase chandelier is another complex, not to mention stunning, crystal chandelier design. Staircase chandeliers have crystals organized in a spiraling effect that extends downward, mimicking a spiral staircase.

However, both the raindrop and staircase designs of crystal chandeliers occupy a significant amount of vertical space, thus if you do not have tall ceilings, you might prefer to avoid using them. There are also small chandeliers available that might fit even if you do not have sufficient space for a standard-sized chandelier.

Glass Chandeliers

Master bedroom with glass chandelier Glass chandeliers, another chandelier style named by its material, are popular for their versatility. They are created in a broad array of styles; thus, you should have no trouble picking one that matches your personality.

Furthermore, considering the range of shapes that glass chandeliers can take, you must be able to quickly choose one that fits the room. Furthermore, the diversity implies that there are not many rooms where a glass chandelier would not fit, providing you can select one that matches the ambiance of the room.

Drum Chandeliers

Black and white drum chandeliers in different sizes A drum chandelier is formed like a drum and gets its name from its unusual shape. It acquires this shape from a huge shade that surrounds the sequence of lights. This style provides a softer illumination throughout the area, making it ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, baths, dining areas, as well as living rooms.

Numerous variations of this chandelier feature a single, spherical shade that simulates a drum over each of the lighting fixtures. A drum chandelier can assist in giving off a romantic light, thus if you are searching for something to complement your love nest, you can look no further.

Since drum chandeliers might vary in size, it is indeed important to look at a few different models before determining which one will work best in your house.

Caged Chandeliers

Stunning custom kitchen with caged chandeliers, oversized fridge, vent hood and wooden island with stools The lights in a cage-type chandelier are enclosed in a cage appearance. Whatever shape such as a triangle, globe, square, or rectangle, can be used.

Caged chandeliers are sophisticated designs in which the light source is in the middle of an elegant cage, which is a significant monument to modern design. Most of these designs have a more literal application to the idea of ‘cage,’ but some take a creative approach, constructing a round cage out of overlapping round bars.

In any case, these chandeliers are frequently aesthetically gorgeous and therefore should draw a lot of attention. Caged chandeliers are typical of average size and can fit modern homes without difficulty.

Due to its size and exquisite design, a caged chandelier is frequently used as an entry element, hanging above the door to impress guests. It can also be used in kitchens, dining areas, and living rooms, but it does not appear to be a bedroom element.

In regard to the mood, most homeowners would avoid rustic. If you are happy with a little futuristic element, it could blend well with modern, vintage, or even a more Victorian design.

Having said that, you can match the cage to the style. If your room has a more Victorian aesthetic, you should enter a cage with a more traditional appearance.

Linear Chandeliers

Modern apartment with a linear chandelier, dining set along living area with furniture and panoramic windows A linear chandelier is a cutting-edge form of hanging chandelier that will bring a new look to kitchen island spaces, dining halls, and other spaces. The layouts are long, thus the name “linear,” and typically narrow.

The design is appropriate for application over kitchen islands, long dining area tables, and customized areas including pool tables and workspaces.

A linear chandelier is a collection of light fixtures connected by a vertical bar. The lights can be mounted on the upper end of the vertical framework or hung from below. The chandelier is mounted to the ceiling and may be adjusted in height based on the room and your preferences.

A linear chandelier in an entryway, for example, is typically moved nearer to the ceiling to brighten the entire space, as opposed to illuminating a dining room, which is descended over the table to concentrate on the dining space. There are numerous designs available, each with its own set of bulbs, shades, and framework.

Smaller and more complex linear chandelier models feature fewer lights that can be utilized to efficiently illuminate tiny areas. Linear chandeliers can also be enormous and glamorous, with more than 15 bulbs, to highlight the grandeur of a place.

The bulb shades vary from extravagant and classical to minimalist and modern décor. The primary goal of every structure, large or little, is to provide optimal lighting with an emphasis on usefulness.

Tiered Chandeliers

Master bedroom in new luxury home with tiered chandeliers and view of bathroom If you want something very extravagant, tiered chandeliers are a good option. Tiered chandeliers have been created in a variety of designs, but they always have one thing in common: many tiers and extra arms.

The notion of layering causes tiered chandeliers to be longer than other types, while there are versions that are even taller such as raindrop and staircase chandeliers.

Essentially, unless you have a lot of room, avoid using a tiered chandelier. You can also try to disregard the tiers when designing. A tiered traditional chandelier will not operate if a traditional chandelier would not work.

The same may be said for almost every style that has tiers. Ultimately, tiered chandeliers can make a terrific accent for dining rooms, foyers, and living spaces if you can fit them.

Globe Chandelier

Dining area and family room with gray furnitures, wood tile flooring and globe chandeliers A globe-style chandelier is another exquisite light fixture that is fashioned like a globe. The shape is composed of a sequence of lights that are often encased in a metal cage or cloth to give the appearance of a globe. Captivating spheres enclose the light branches in globe chandeliers.

Globe chandelier lights vary from extremely simple to pretty striking, with numerous styles and options in between, allowing you to easily match a globe chandelier to the preexisting décor of your room.

The multiple lights design allows illumination to spread elegantly over the room, covering all corners and sections as you envisioned. This style works well for mid-century model room designs or other designs depending on the look and materials used.

Bowl Chandeliers

Deco warm brass gold bowl chandelier See this Deco warm brass gold bowl chandelier at Amazon [Sponsored link]

A bowl-style chandelier has primary lighting at the bottom that is shaped like a bowl and is encircled by smaller lights. It could be a pendant if it were only the middle bowl, but when encircled by fewer lights, it becomes a chandelier.

Clearly, the bowl chandelier is a pendant light that resembles an actual bowl. It is one of the most minimalistic designs. This shape creates a fascinating light impact, with much of the light focused on the ceiling or seeping out through the holes in the design, and the bowl itself creating a subtle glow.

This design can work with a variety of moods, but it might be especially suitable for people who want a more stylishly subtle approach. This may also be an option for those who are sensitive to bright light.

Bowl chandeliers exist in a variety of sizes, primarily determined by how low the bowl hangs on some types. The majority, on the other hand, do not appear to take up much room. Because of its modest glow, this would be ideal for kitchens as well as bedrooms.

Bubble Chandelier

Dining area with kitchen and fashionable designer dining table , bubble chandelier, and black countertop with blue chairs A bubble chandelier is made up of glass bubbles that are individually assembled to form a shape resembling floating clouds. Sunlight will produce patterns of reflected light around your home, while a soothing glow streaming through the glass bubbles will brighten your evenings.

Modern clear glass bubble chandeliers are typically made of glass and metal and have numerous transparent glass globes with bulbs hidden inside to complete the effect.

Beaded Chandeliers

Luxury expensive beaded chandeliers hanging under ceiling Beaded chandeliers are innovative chandelier designs that can give your property a more exotic appearance. Due to their almost complete bead composition, they can also be quite the talking point.

The beads themselves are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some constructed of glass, others of wood, and some crafted entirely of shells.

Given the time and effort required to create a huge bead chandelier, most are likely to be moderately sized and will fit in most settings. To emphasize, this is a fairly hit-or-miss type of design, thus think about it and possibly seek feedback before investing in anything.

If you are trying for a new-age or unique design, this might work in bedrooms. They can also be used in kitchens and entryways. It can practically suit anywhere that complements the style.

Antler Chandeliers

A log home cabin interior with antler chandelier Antler chandeliers provide a genuinely rustic accent that can transform your home into a wildlife lover’s daydream for individuals who are exceptionally enamored of the outdoors. Thankfully, the antlers are not real, thus you can achieve the effect without harming any living creatures.

These chandeliers do not take up much area, hence you do not need a mansion to make them function. Take into consideration that, while this works for a more rustic look, there are not many other designs that match well with antlers.

However, antler chandeliers should probably not be placed in a kitchen or dining room. People’s appetites may be affected by the sight of antlers. Nevertheless, if your home has a more rustic feel, this will look excellent in the living room.

Furthermore, if you are lucky enough to have a gaming room with a pool or billiards, this will work perfectly. If you enjoy hunting, this would be an excellent addition to your trophy collection.

Flush Mount Chandelier

Fabulous living room with with flush mount chandelier, luxurious furnitures and fixtures A flush-mount ceiling chandelier is normally a dome-like ceiling lighting fixture that is recessed within and flushes with the ceiling. A semi-flush mount chandelier seems to be more ornamental, with its base extending slightly below the ceiling.

Moreover, a flush-mount chandelier emits light downward. These flush mount lights are perfect for preventing dust and detritus away from the bulb and shade since there is no gap between the ceiling as well as the light itself.

Modern Chandeliers

Modern dining room design with stylish chandelier, large wooden dining table top and fabric blue chairs Modern style chandeliers provide a more contemporary vibe for individuals looking for an avant-garde look. There are modern versions that come with sharp edges and geometric shapes that complement the modern age well.

This is not to imply that you cannot choose a more abstract or unique design, but such a design will most likely be executed in a fairly geometric manner. Complexity is not merely a hallmark of modern design, so you might want to skip this one if you cannot make your idea work without some details.

Furthermore, modern chandeliers are not renowned for their size, therefore they ought to fit in most rooms. These are best employed in the living room or entrance hall. Their style makes an impression, but it can appear a little strange in other locations, such as kitchens or bedrooms.

Living room with modern chandelier light fixtureHere are the two variations under modern chandeliers:

• Sputnik 

Modern kitchen with sputnik chandelier, quartz waterfall countertops and white cabinetry The Sputnik chandelier is a light intensification with light branches radiating from a central point. Several models are symmetrical and form a circle, whereas others are more haphazard. The arms are straight and, in some instances, feature lights on both sides, whereas others only have lighting on one side.

Sputnik chandeliers, which are modern and newfangled, make ideal accent lighting elements in modern interiors. Spindles capped with light bulbs emerge from centralized filaments, frequently in the form of a sunburst but also in other minimalist and geometric shapes.

• Geometric

Contemporary geometric chandeliers, the same as square and globe chandeliers, have lighting fixtures housed in cage-like frameworks built of spherical and geometric shapes. They are available in a variety of materials and designs and are a lovely modern alternative to the more traditional square and globe shapes.

Transitional Chandeliers

Modern dining room and living room with luxury decor including transitional chandeliers Transitional chandeliers are a combination of old- and new-style types of light, combining the futuristic sharpness of a modern chandelier with the rustic charm of an earlier version.

One distinct advantage of this one-of-a-kind chandelier is that it must go well with either style, as well as possibly a few others. Transitional chandeliers look great in dining rooms and passageways but not always in bedrooms.

Empire Chandeliers

Empire chandelierChandeliers designed in the Empire style have a very formal and classic appearance. The shape is the aspect that normally defines it. It usually contains two portions.

The upper portion is shaped like a cone. The bottom half is shaped like an inverted bell or bowl. The entire piece is made up of small lights as well as crystals.

The Empire style is a subset of crystals since the whole light is made up of crystals. The French type is a prominent Empire chandelier style.

Wagon Wheel Chandeliers

Spacious family room and dining area with hardwood floors, beautiful furnitures and wagon wheel chandeliers A wagon wheel chandelier, as the name suggests, is a chandelier fashioned from, or designed to seem like, a wagon wheel. This wheel chandelier is a lighting installation that hangs from the ceiling in the shape of a movable wheel. The Roman era has the earliest and most significant examples of this chandelier type.

Wheel chandeliers were created for the utilitarian purpose of lighting large religious institutions and other public locations, but sometimes, they also have a spiritual meaning in religion.

Although wagon wheel chandelier styles differ, they frequently branch out and have multiple smaller lights rather than one main light. They give any place a rustic, Western feel.

In these chandeliers, one or more huge, light-affixed metal rings are strung from a chain. These designs are simple and streamlined, with no decoration, and can be adapted to suit any type of home.

Chandelier Ceiling Fan

Chandelier ceiling fanSee this chandelier ceiling fan with remote control at Home Depot [sponsored link]

Fortunately, you can find these multipurpose light fixtures on the market. As the name suggests, these chandeliers are also incorporated with ceiling fans. Hence, they can provide sufficient lighting, eye-catching design, as well as a functional ceiling fan to improve the ventilation in a specific area.

Many interior designers dislike regular ceiling fans because they often aren’t as stylish as many modern light fixtures. This ceiling fan design aims to create an attractive fixture with the functionality one wants.

Mini Chandelier 

Mini chandelier in walk-in closetA mini chandelier is a compact chandelier designed for use in small areas. Although this might appear to others to be an unusual option, it makes sense to those who want chandeliers but do not have huge rooms and high ceilings. 

Chandeliers were traditionally massive ceiling lights that necessitated a lot of space; nevertheless, because chandeliers are being used in numerous rooms of the house, smaller options are also more convenient in rooms that cannot accommodate a bigger design.

You can often find bathroom chandeliers in smaller sizes since they require proper spacing to pass inspections. A chandelier should be placed at least 8 feet above a tub or 3 feet away from it. In addition, many bathrooms have sloped ceilings which may create the need for a smaller diameter light fixture.

Another popular choice for mini chandeliers is in a walk-in closet above an island or bench. This can enhance the appeal of the design while also providing much needed light for changing and trying on different clothing.

Outdoor Chandelier 

Outdoor chandelier in sunroom Outdoor chandeliers transform a plain and somewhat dull patio area into a beautiful getaway from the continual demand for indoor devices. With these damp-rated and high-quality chandeliers, outdoor living places move from tacky to tastefully gorgeous.

Moreover, outdoor chandeliers for gazebos, which range in style from rustic to gentle contemporary and modern, replicate the warmth and comfort of the interior dining room or living room for outdoor nighttime delight.

Unique Chandeliers

Gorgeous wooden dining area with a unique chandelier, table and chairs There are a plethora of magnificent, distinctive, statement pieces available if you want to take a more artistic step away from standard chandelier types.

Unique chandeliers are ceiling-mounted pieces of artwork that also function as light fixtures. Normally, unique chandeliers function as decorations more than lights.

Chandelier Materials

Classic retro interior design of living room with glass tiered chandelier Chandeliers are now made from a variety of materials. Metal, alabaster, crystal, glass, and wood grain are all popular mediums. Let us describe them one by one.


Metal chandeliers are simplistic structures, but some of them might be the most attractive. Brass, nickel, and wrought iron are popular metal surface treatments. They are a basic feature used to embellish traditional lighting fixtures and are made to fit household objects.


Alabaster is a fine-textured compressed plaster that is used all around the globe for different sizes of chandeliers. It most certainly is an alabaster-based chandelier if it has a touch of the square but also has a clay hue.


Crystal or glass chandeliers are often more expensive than the low-cost blast of genuine glass bushes. They are popular because they offer the appearance of being upper-class while charging middle-class prices.

These chandeliers are composed of glass that contains a lead oxide, which gives them a more bright and prismatic appearance. A crystal chandelier adds a bold statement to any interior layout.

Types Of Crystals For Chandeliers

A luxury home interior showing living room and dining area with stunning furnitures and fixtures including crystal chandeliers Swarovski Crystal 

Swarovski Elements, the purest crystal in the world, is produced in the Austrian Alps by Swarovski AG utilizing a centuries-old proprietary technique. This crystal glass line, offered in a broad range of colors, sizes, and shapes, provides a fantastic spectrum for lighting designers.

To attain optimum visual clarity, Swarovski is often machine-cut and then machine-polished. Swarovski Elements glass is subsequently treated with a transparent optical coating, which makes it easier to clean and preserve. Each crystal element has the company logo laser engraved in detail.

Egyptian/Moroccan Crystal

Gem-cut crystal is high-quality, machine-cut crystal glass with exceptional clarity and precision. Gem-cut, while not as good as Swarovski crystal, has its own unique splendor, visual pureness, sharp faceting, and perfect polishing.

Turkish Crystal

The techniques used to create this sort of crystal extend back generations. Crystal is fashioned by hand in two phases on iron and then sandstone-grinding wheels in an extreme procedure.

The crystals are then polished using marble dust on a wooden wheel. As a symbol of provenance, you may find small remnants of the wood wheel in the final works.

Spectra Crystal 

Spectra crystal is usually less costly than Swarovski crystal. However, it is only available in a few sizes and shapes.

Italian/Venetian Crystal

This crystal originates from the ancient glass-making region of Venice and has a distinct appearance and texture. Instead of being hand- or machine-cut, Venetian crystal is sculpted and fire-polished, bringing in a stunningly delicate brilliance. When compared to cut crystal, it is reasonably priced.

Chinese Crystal

This crystal kind is mass-produced and delivers great beauty at a reasonable price. It has a great optic grade with accurate facets and is trimmed and refined like more pricey grades. This is a great pick for shoppers looking for good value and more for their money.

Types Of Chandelier Lamp Shades 

Stylish living room with chandelier lamp shades, purple sofas and beautiful table accessories Chandelier lampshades are a terrific way to dress up your chandelier.

Lampshades for chandeliers are available in the same materials as desk lamp shades, featuring modern and classic chandelier shades made out of linen, silk, organza, or paper.

Several chandelier shades are also constructed of metal, such as hammered tin or copper for industrial-themed chandelier shades or chandelier lampshades that are distinctively your taste.

• Pheasant or peacock feather lampshades, beaded chandelier shades, customized fabrics, leopard or zebra designs, string, and embroidered chandelier shades are also available at some retailers.

• Burlap, rawhide, as well as leather-based chandelier shades, are more rustic, while straw, birch wood, wicker, and parchment chandelier shades are more nautical-themed.

Chandelier Light Bulbs 

Dining area with small round wood table, modern chandelier with light bulbs and wood flooring LED Bulbs (Light-Emitting Diode)

This bulb is one of the most energy-efficient lighting sources, emitting no heat, no mercury, but still offers a strong light. They produce direct lighting, making them ideal for chandeliers.

Some lighting systems have LED lights built in, which are known as integrated LEDs. They are long-lasting and affordable as well.

Incandescent Bulbs

These are the most often used and lowest-priced types of bulbs. They produce a warm light, may be dimmed, and often last up to a year, which is longer than halogen light bulbs but not as prolonged as CFL or LED light bulbs. They are also less energy-efficient than other types of lightbulbs.

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL)

Depending on the manufacturer, these energy-saving lights can emit a broad spectrum of colors. They frequently take a little time to warm up and become brighter. You can use these to light up vast areas like long dining rooms.

They cost less than LED lights and last longer than incandescent lights. Because these lightbulbs contain mercury, they must be handled with care. They are recyclable once they have burned out.

Halogen Bulbs

These lights provide a white light that looks like noon daylight. They are ideal for recessed lighting and chandeliers since they are energy-efficient and dimmable. The life expectancy of this lamp is the shortest of the four bulbs on this list. 

It is vital to remember, nevertheless, that they heat up quickly and therefore must stay separate from fire-hazardous objects. We also suggest wearing gloves when changing the bulb on your chandeliers because the oil on your hands can cause the bulb to ignite if it becomes too hot.

How Much Does A Chandelier Cost? 

A beautiful luxury dining area with black and white accent table and chairs and large crystal chandelier Some chandeliers are surprisingly cheap, while others are more pricey. A low-cost chandelier might cost:

A 5-light chandelier in a simple style would be around $100

• A more sophisticated chandelier with 5 lights will cost around $140.

• A French-inspired 5-light chandelier costs around $240.

• A 5-light vintage chandelier costs $240.

Chandeliers can be significantly more expensive. A more premium chandelier will typically have more intricacy and lighting.

These chandeliers come in a variety of styles. Chandeliers made of crystal are popular and can cost as much as the prices below:

• A 3-light crystal chandelier costs around $280.

• A 5-light crystal chandelier costs around $500.

• A more complex crystal chandelier costs around $900.

• A more decorative crystal chandelier with more than 5 lights can cost up to $1000.

Crystal chandeliers are only one form of the chandelier; another variety may be better suited to your needs. Chandeliers of more elegant types and designs can be much more expensive.

• Basket chandeliers can cost anywhere from $200 to $4500 for a huge and intricate chandelier.

• Pendant chandeliers can range in price from $500 to $3700.

• Flush-mount chandeliers are suspended from the ceiling. A little chandelier might cost around $230, while a 37-inch wide chandelier can cost around $2000.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Chandelier? 

The cost of replacing an existing chandelier is typically between $100 and $200. Installing a chandelier in a different location on the other hand, can range from $300 to $2,000, depending on the chandelier’s weight and the complexity of the configuration.

How To Clean A Chandelier 

Contemporary living room with L shape sofa, modern chandeliers and center table Here’s the steps required to clean a chandelier.

1. Prepare Your Supplies

Cleaning a chandelier requires only a few simple supplies. To access the fixture, you will need to have a step ladder and pads or a dropping pad. If you drop something, this pad will assist prevent glass or crystal prism from shattering, and it will also protect fragile furnishings and tabletops.

Clean gloves or soft, lint-free towels are advised, particularly while cleaning crystal, which attracts fingerprints rapidly.

2. Turn Off the Power of the Chandelier

Work progressively and observe basic, common-sense safety precautions when working around any electrical device. To start, turn off the power of the chandelier at the power outlet.

It is indeed a good idea to cover the wall switch with tape to prevent the light from accidentally turning on while you are working. To be extra safe, turn off the electricity at the breaker box. But remember to have backup lighting handy to prevent working under darkness.

3. Apply the Glass-Off Cleaning Method

Pulling out all crystal and glass allows for a more thorough cleaning, enabling you to reach every crevice and corner of the body. This method also provides more access to the chandelier structure.

Prepare a cleaning solution of one part rubbing alcohol to four parts distilled water in a spray container to clean the chandelier.

Hand-washing the glass in tepid soapy water with a gentle dishwashing liquid would be another option for chandeliers with greater dirt and muck accumulation. Rinse quickly in clean water and pat dry with a delicate clean cloth for this procedure. Dust your chandelier carefully every 2 to 3 months with a feathery duster to extend the time between cleanings.

How to Clean a Chandelier Without Taking It Down 

To expedite the cleaning process, you can use the glass-on cleaning method. This means that you will not have to take the chandelier down to clean it. If your chandelier does not necessitate extensive cleaning, leaving the crystal or glass in place saves time and effort.

To clean a chandelier with the glass or crystal in place, apply the same cleaning solution as indicated above.

A small amount of the solution should be sprayed onto a clean cotton glove or lint-free cloth. Wipe the glass or crystal with a moist cloth and instantly dry it with a different glove or towel. To avert damaging any of the suspended glass or decorations, work gradually and cautiously.

Ammonia-based cleaners should be avoided since they can remove the finish from the gold- or silver-finish metal hooks that keep the crystal components in position.

How to Clean a Crystal Chandelier 

Formal dining in spacious room with elegant crystal chandelier, French glass windows, coffered ceiling and wood floors The best approach to clean a crystal chandelier is to use a microfiber cloth sprayed with a cleaning solution consisting of a 1:4 ratio of isopropyl alcohol to distilled water. Use a pair of white cotton gloves to protect the prisms from fingerprints.

Detailed Cleaning Steps:

1. Place a blanket on the floor beneath the chandelier to catch any falling parts and keep them from breaking.

2. For safety purposes, turn off the chandelier. Cover the light switch with tape to prevent someone from mistakenly turning on the lighting while you are working.

3. If necessary, use a ladder to get to your crystal chandelier.

4. Use a clean, lint-free cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, to apply your homemade cleaning solution. Spraying directly onto the chandelier will simply make a mess.

5. Wipe each crystal piece delicately with the damp towel. Following that, use a dry, lint-free towel to prevent water marks.

How to Clean a Brass Chandelier 

A large dining area with kitchen in white and wooden interior with brass chandeliers and large dining set with carpet on floor When cleaning a brass chandelier, you can follow the same guidelines as for crystal chandeliers except for one thing. Instead of using isopropyl alcohol, you can use vinegar.

Vinegar is perfect for cleaning a brass chandelier. A cloth immersed in table salt after being soaked in tepid distilled white vinegar can be used to wipe tarnished brass and remove buildup. Simply rinse and dry the brass chandelier once finished.

How High Should The Chandelier Be Above The Table? 

With an 8-foot ceiling height, it would be ideal to install a chandelier 30 to 34 inches above a table. If your ceiling is higher than 8 feet, you can install the chandelier 3 inches higher for every foot of ceiling height.

What Type Of Chandelier For Dining Room? 

Open dining area with with unique chandelier hanging above dining table with natural light coming through the windows We highly recommend using these three types of chandeliers for your dining room as these are arguably the best options:

• Candle chandeliers. These chandeliers offer a lot of brightness to your dining room because there are no shades to hide the bulbs. You will want to pick appealing bulbs that will contribute to the visual attractiveness of your chandelier to guarantee that you get the greatest splendor out of it.

• Drum Chandeliers. A drum chandelier provides plenty of illumination and depends on a lampshade to help disperse the light in your dining area so that it is not too intense or too brilliant. Unlike ordinary chandeliers, which have separate lampshades for each light source, a drum chandelier features a wide round shade that wraps around all of the light bulbs in one go.

• Crystal Chandeliers. A crystal chandelier is the most opulent and elegant sort of lighting fixture you can employ in your dining area. They look excellent in formal dining rooms, but they will not be a good fit in small dining areas.

What Size Chandelier for Dining Room? 

The simplest method to determine this is to choose a chandelier with a diameter that is 1⁄2 to 3 quarters the diameter or width of the tabletop. For instance, if the dining table is 48 inches wide by 60 inches long, a diameter of 24 to 36 inches would be the best chandelier size to complement a dining table.

What Shape Chandelier for Rectangular Table? 

Shapes that match look best. Therefore, rectangular chandeliers are best suited to long, rectangular tables as well.

Visit our gallery of gorgeous living room chandelier ideas for more interior design guides for your home.

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