Types of Picture Hangers (Best Hardware to Choose)

Here’s our guide to the types of picture hangers including hangers that do not need nails and some tips on how to choose the right hardware for your picture frames.
Stylish room interior design with floral paintings and frames hanging on the wallPeople love hanging pictures on their walls whether they are photographs or paintings in frames. The pictures show memories and milestones in the family. Most people hang family pictures, graduation pictures, wedding portraits, and candid moments. 

People use picture hangers to mount their frames on the wall. Your choice of hanger will depend on the size and weight of the picture frame.


Picture Hanger Styles

Below are the different types of picture hangers with tips for which is best.

Saw Tooth Hangers

A sawtooth picture hanger is a common type of picture hanger. They come in all sizes and styles. They are good for picture frames that weigh 25 pounds. Most picture frames come with this type of picture hanger.

Sawtooth hangerSee this Sawtooth picture hanger at Amazon [sponsored link]

How can you use a sawtooth hanger? First, screw the sawtooth hanger at the back of the picture frame. Screw it at the center. Then, put a nail on the part of the wall where you want to place the picture. 

The sawtooth will catch on the nail. You can now straighten the picture you want to hang. 

One advantage of the saw tooth hanger is that it does not bow. You do not have to adjust your frame. It stays in place. It keeps everything aligned. 

Command strips

These are strips that you can use to hang pictures. You do not need any tools. You can hang pictures on walls fast. You do not have to worry about adhesive residue.

Make sure to follow instructions. This will prevent the picture from falling off. Take note of the weight limit of the strip. Check out our tips on how high to hang pictures.

Black hook hanger sticky command adhesiveDo not hang the picture immediately. Give time for the strip to have a strong hold on the wall. Then, hang the picture.

Command strips are quite expensive. Yet, you do not have to patch up walls when you remove the picture.

Before putting command strips, clean the wall well. Remove all dirt for the strip to stick. Separate two strips. Put the Velcro parts together. 

Command strips come in small, medium, and large sizes. Make sure to match the weight of the picture frame and the size of the command strip.

Using a command strip is one way of hanging a picture without nails.

Wall Anchors with Screws

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Wall anchors and screws are good for heavy picture frames. They are strong and secure. You drill the anchors to the wall. Then secure them using screws. 

Wall anchors go well with plaster walls. You can drill the anchors to the wall with ease. Yet, they can leave big holes after you remove the anchors.

Ring Hangers

Ring hangers are ideal for heavy picture frames. They can support heavyweights. They come in various shapes and sizes. 

You can find the hanger hardware at the back of the frame. It comes mounted for a secure hold. You can place a screw, nail, or hook on the wall.

Hang the picture frame on the nail, hook, or screw.

D-ring Hangers

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Bigger and heavier picture frames are hard to hand on the wall. Keep them secure by using a D-ring. This type of picture hanger can support heavy picture frames. It will allow the picture frame to lie flat on the wall. 

You do not have to adjust the position of the frame. It stays in place. Use the small screws to attach the Aframe to the D-ring. 

You can hang the ring to a nail, hook, or screw. Make sure that the material you use can support heavyweights.

Monkey Hooks

Monkey hooks come in several sizes. Use small hooks for light materials. The heavier the picture frame, the bigger the hooks.

To install a monkey hook, insert the straight end into the wall. Do this completely. Only the hook must remain. Hang the picture frame on the hook.

Use a small drill when working on plaster walls to make the holes. You can insert the hooks on drywall without any tool.

You can push, insert, or twist the hook to install. It creates a very small hole. The picture frame remains in place. It never slips.

Monkey hooks can support heavyweights. It transfers the weight of the object from the hole to the wall.

It has a self-locking mechanism. The hook is unnoticeable. People only see the picture.

French Cleat Hook

French cleat hangerSee this French cleat hanger at Amazon [sponsored link]

Use a French cleat hook for heavy picture frames. French cleat hooks can support objects that weigh up to 50 pounds. 

A French cleat hanger has two parts. You attach one part to the picture frame. Mount the other part to your wall.

These two parts hold the frame. The picture will never move or sway. You do not have to adjust them from time to time.

French cleat hooks can hold odd-shaped pictures. 

Dual Head Picture Hangers

DIY home decoration tool set for picture frameDual head picture hangers look like a nail with two heads. You use them with your sawtooth hanger or ring-style hardware.

The part that looks like a nail can create small damage on the wall. The head keeps a stronghold on the picture.

With the two heads, your picture frame is always secure and remains in place.

Picture Wire

Wooden frames hanging on wire against oak tree panels wall with colorful autumn picturesA picture wire is a piece of wire that you use with a ring hanger. Place two ring hangers at both ends of the picture frame. 

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String the picture wire to the ring hangers. This will create a strand where you can hang your picture frame. Do not stretch the wire too much. Leave some slack.

Screw Eyes

Most picture frames come with screw eyes at the back. The screw eyes attach the frame to the picture wire.

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Screw eyes are easy to use but they can create damage, especially the very small ones. A split can develop on the wood where the screw eyes are. To prevent damage, use screws with large eyes. 

How To Choose The Right Picture Hangers

There are many types of picture hangers. Choosing the right type of picture hanger is important. Here is a guide on how to choose the right picture hanger.

Patterned framed posters on the wall above desk with computer monitor in grey home office interiorConsider the weight of the frame.

For lightweight picture frames, you can choose picture hangers with hooks at the back. You will need monkey hooks and other picture hangers for items that weigh 25-pounds or more.

Take note of the shape of the frame

Not all picture frames have regular shapes. For those with irregular shapes, you can use French cleat hooks.

Hangers That Do Not Need Nails

Renters are not free to hang pictures. Some homeowners do not allow using nails. But, you have options. You can use picture hangers that do not need nails.

Modern room interior with furniture and framed plants paint on green wall1. Adhesive strips

These are adhesive strips placed at the back of the frame. They can hold heavy frames. They do not leave adhesive residue as well. Make sure the surface is clean before using them.

2. Adhesive hooks and nails

These materials have adhesives that stick to walls. You hang the pictures on these hooks or nails.

3. Press-in hooks

Insert press-in hooks on walls. The holes that they make are very tiny. Some of these press-in hooks can support heavyweights.

 4. Use picture strings

Find a wall feature that will allow you to place a string between them. Hang the picture on the frame.

With these picture hangers, you do not have to use nails. You can avoid causing damage to the wall or causing marks. Read more about how to hang up heavy frames without nails.

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