What Colors Go with Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture  

Here we share what colors go with cherry wood bedroom furniture, including the best paint and accent color ideas to help you enhance your bedroom style and design.
Log cabin bedroom under pitched ceiling with cherrywood furniture set

Cherry wood bedroom furniture can enhance your bedroom’s overall appearance and design as it looks stylish and eye-pleasing. The subtle effect of dark reddish color gets very deep over time because of its natural oxidation procedure. And that makes a bedroom more classy.

However, to effectively decorate your bedroom that contains cherry wood furniture, you must choose the most ideal and complementing colors. Fortunately, this furniture material can be combined with various colors and accents. We will discuss them in this article.

Quick-look: What Colors Go With Cherry Furniture

  • White
  • Taupe
  • Lemongrass
  • Pale Green
  • Gray

Light accent colors that go with cherry: Light brown, light green, light blue, or light gray

Dark accent colors that go with cherry: Royal blue, jewel green, and mustard yellow

Paint Colors That Go With Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture

Below are the best paint colors for bedrooms with cherry wood furniture and some paint picks to help you choose the right shade.


A beautiful classic master bedroom with vaulted white wood ceiling and cherry wood furniture

White is always the safest and easiest option to pair with cherry wood furniture. Well, actually, white can always be paired with numerous colors. But when it comes to this furniture, white is one of the choices that blends really well. 

White helps reduce the intensity of the cherry wood to produce a more balanced and subtle overall appearance. But at the same time, white shades can help make your bedroom furniture appear more dominant and extraordinary.

Rust oleum ultra matte linen white 285140
Rustoleum ultra matte linen white

Rust-Oleum Ultra Matte Linen White (285140) is one of the market’s most recommended white paint colors to blend with your wooden furniture.

This ultra-matte latex chalk paint works well on wood surfaces. It has a slight gray tint over a complete white.

It is very easy to apply, and it can adhere excellently to your walls and other surfaces. Check our gallery of gorgeous white bedroom ideas here.


Large master bedroom with hardwood floor and sliding glass door to backyard

Taupe is one of the best options for creating harmony with cherry-hued bedroom furniture. This paint color can help enhance and highlight the natural wood’s hues and texture.

Painting your bedroom walls with taupe will coordinate well with the elements of these wood-tones, creating a consistent and balanced overall bedroom appearance.

Prestige interior paint and primer taupe paint 983bm pcm

Prestige Interior Paint and Primer Taupe Paint (983BM-PCM) is a great choice as it harmonizes well with cherry wood. It offers an eggshell paint finish. It is easy to maintain.


The color of the wood itself might look dim and dull by itself. So, it is also advisable to pair it with a much more joyful color, such as lemongrass. 

Pairing your cherry wood bedroom furniture with lemongrass paint can produce a cheerful and vibrant indoor space.

The combination of lemongrass and cherrywood perfectly balances calmness, subtleness, and vibrancy. 

Microblend lemongrass interior paint #f6e7b6

Microblend Lemongrass Interior Paint (#F6E7B6) offers a luxurious and smooth finish. It is infused with an inviting, warm color that compliments excellently.

Pale Green

Cherry wood furniture can truly make your bedroom look more natural and earthy. It can perfectly make the ambiance eye-pleasing and refreshing. 

But if you want to amplify these qualities and effects thoroughly, one of the best things you can do is pair it with pale green. Pale green will make your furniture appear more natural and refreshing.

Glidden green interior paint gloin10wb 04

Glidden Green Interior Paint (GLOIN10WB/04) is a good pale green paint option that you can buy in stores. It boasts a naturally pale green that pairs very well, making it look more earthy and feel more calming.


Bedroom interior with grey plaster venetian wall finish and cherry wood furniture

To generate contrast and depth between your walls and cherry wood furniture, one of the most ideal options is gray. Gray can give sufficient depth to make the furniture’s natural accents appear better. See our guide on using accent wall colors for more ideas.

Gray is not that dark or bright, so it is a great pick for contrasting and coordinating the color of your cherry-toned furniture.

Using a gray paint color can make your indoor space, specifically your bedroom, appear cleaner and more vibrant. 

Kilz gray interior paint 15126501

KILZ Gray Interior Paint (‎15126501) offers a silvery gray effect that makes the bedroom’s ambiance more elegant and relaxing. It can coordinate very well with cherry-tones.

What Accent Color Goes With Cherry Wood?

Light Accent Colors

The naturally dark tones of your cherry wood furniture can appear outstanding if they are contrasted with light accent colors. Light shades are very exceptional in terms of emphasizing the unique features of the wood-grain.

Kids bedroom interior in blue tones with cherry wooden furniture and nice curtains

The contrast of light accent colors and these wood tones appear more noticeable as the cherry wood becomes elegantly dark over time.

Accent colors such as light brown, light green, light blue, or light gray can truly make your bedroom furniture eye-catching. See our gallery of stylish gray & yellow bedroom designs.

Light accent hues that can be paired well with cherry wood are light caramel, pale yellow, and creamy ivory. These slightly neutral accents can blend well with the wood. 

Bedroom interior with cherry wooden furniture and carpet floor

You can also go with complementary colors that are still in the light accent color category, such as muted green, since cherry-red and green are opposites in the color wheel.

Another light accent color that can make your wooden bedroom more energizing and cheerful is a pastel color. Pastel colors or hues can transform your room to become more inviting. 

These shades will appear even brighter when the pieces turn darker as they age.

However, if a male occupant is in your bedroom, pastel hues may be an awkward choice. 

If this is the case, you can go with pastel colors with a splash of teal or turquoise to make the bedroom look more masculine.

Dark Accent Colors

Although light accent colors are the top selection to partner with cherry wood, there is no doubt that they can also match well with intense and dark accent shades. 

Bedroom interior with cherry wood shelf bed with blanket wooden floors and painting decorations on wall

Royal blue, jewel green, and mustard yellow can stand out against cherry-hued furniture.

These intense accent colors can produce excellent coordination. Instead of contrasting it, dark accents allow the cherry wood to blend in. Both of these choices can stand out together.

Purple and red accent colors can also enhance your cherry wood bedroom furniture. Those purple accents complement the dark undertones, while red accent shades emphasize the red tones of the wooden surfaces.

Earth Accent Colors

Large bedroom with fireplace cherry wood furniture and green walls

When we say earth accent colors, these refer to neutral colors such as pastel green, brown, cream, or sage

These earth shades might look dull, but their subtle effect can create a refreshing and soothing atmosphere when paired with cherry wood furniture.

Earth accent colors are never an incorrect option for your cherry-toned furnishings. They are superior in terms of making the surfaces appear more natural and eye-relaxing.

For more ideas like this, visit our guide to the best bedroom paint colors.

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