How High to Hang Pictures (Tips for Walls, Hallways & More)

Below we answer popular questions, how high to hang pictures on an interior wall, hallway, in the bathroom, bedroom and living room.
Hanging pictures above couch on wall in living roomIt is the common perception that a picture should be hung at the eye level for a better view. However, since the height is a subjective factor, interior design expertise knowledge is crucial in deciding different heights for different locations inside the home.

In terms of interior design heights of the picture frames may vary depending on the location. The article will discuss the required height for a picture to be hung in a hallway, above a couch/towel bar/headboard and a fireplace mantel. [toc]

How high to hang a picture on wall

Hanging picture on bedroom wallGenerally, the rule of thumb is to place the center of the picture from the floor level approximately at 60”-66”. The typical guideline to hang a picture works the same for a picture to be hung on a wall. If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to enjoy the artwork at its optimal height for viewing. For more wall designs see our accent wall ideas gallery.

How high to hang picture in hallway

Picture hanging in hallway and officeHanging art in a hallway is no different to a picture than one hung on a wall. As the article guided the general rule is to make sure the center of the picture and the floor level is at a gap of 60”-66”. The picture to be viewed in a standing position, it is recommended by design experts that above guidelines are the ideal positioning for your artwork.

How high to hang picture above couch

Hang picture above couch in living roomDisplaying your artwork above the couch is a straightforward way to create a focal point. However, there are few guidelines in terms of hanging picture above a couch. It is recommended to ensure the bottom of the artwork and the back of the sofa has a fair gap of 8”-10” of space. In case if you are hanging a set of artworks, keep in mind that the measurements can vary.

It is important to be aware of the spacing of the picture if it is a set of pictures. It is recommended to leave a gap of 2”-5” of space between each piece.

However, make sure the artwork fills up at least 2/3 of the length of the sofa in order to accentuate the consistency with the sofa. You can always play around pairing artwork and mixing and matching to create a perfect balance with the other elements.

How high to hang picture above a towel bar

Hang picture above towel bar in bathroomMake sure the artwork fills up 2/3 of the length of the towel bar in the bathroom. Do not hang too high or too low either. Center your artwork in relation with the towel bar for best results. There is no specific guideline to be followed to hang a picture above a towel bar. However, do take care not to hang your art too close to the towel bar itself, as it can be knocked down or damaged by hands reaching for a towel.

Alternatively, for hanging a picture above a toilet make sure the art is centered approximately 56 to 60 inches from the floor.

How high to hang picture above a headboard

Hang picture above bed headboardThe main focal point of a bed room is the bed and the artwork above. So, a careful consideration is ought to be given to the artwork that you intend to hang on the wall. Be it a grouping of pictures or one large frame, an artwork that satisfy the mind of yours is the perfect go. An abstract painting, or a black and white image or a landscape photograph will do enough good.

As a general guideline the art work needs to fill up 2/3 of the length of the headboard to create perfect harmony. Be it oval or rectangle, as long as the artwork is at center fulfilling the mentioned requirement of the length, shape of the art work will never be an obstacle.

The bottom of the frame and the top of the headboard ought to have a gap of 8”-10”. If you frame the image to the middle of the space that is left above the headboard and the ceiling, chances are that you end up with an imagery that looks very isolated. To avoid such weird placements, it is important to remember the 8“-10” gap placement above the headboard.

How high to hang picture above a fireplace mantle

Hanging picture above fireplace mantelA fireplace mantle and imagery above the mantel piece definitely adds up to the character and the statement of an interior living. Don’t be afraid to hang large pieces or a set of artwork as long as the whole image frame covers up 2/3 of the width of the fireplace mantel. Usually framed pictures, photographs and paintings help to achieve a stunning effect overall to the fireplace mantel.

Ensure that the bottom of the artwork is at a gap of 4”-6” above the fireplace mantel. This gap helps to connect the imagery and the fireplace visually without isolating each element. The gap supposedly could vary depending on the piece of artwork and the visual effect of the fireplace mantel.

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