Round Coffee Table Decor Ideas

See round coffee table decor ideas with a vase of flowers, trays, plants, a pile of books and more popular accessories to style your coffee tables.
Home staged with beautiful furniture in greeting roomSome may consider Queen Anne-type tables ageless, but we found those tables to be a little outdated. If you are hunting for something unique and fresh, it is time to consider getting a round coffee table. A round coffee table is a wise choice, and styling it is also a breeze.

Of course, we all want to decorate every surface in our house perfectly, but that’s not always possible when you are busy! 

If you don’t have any children or dogs at home, a few “breakables” on the coffee table are OK. However, you may choose to leave your coffee table empty most of the time and style it when you entertain or have visitors around. That also works!

Best Coffee Table Decor

family living room in newly built houseHere are the best things you can use as coffee table décor. These objects may be arranged on a tray or put directly on the table.

• Vase of flowers

• A pile of books

• A candle or candle holder

• A plant in a pot

• Frame or frames with photograph

• A work of art

• A piece of ceramic

• Tiny basket or tray

How To Decorate A Round Coffee Table

Wooden tray with pottery tea set and candles on glass top table next to sofa in the living roomBegin with a Tray

A tray is great to put on top of your coffee table. If you need to use the table, raise the tray, and in 2 seconds, it is ready to use. If your table is circular, we recommend using a square or rectangle tray.

You can easily find them at Target and HomeGoods. Just make sure they are big enough to hold all of the stuff you will need to style. Read more on coffee table staging design guide for additional tips to design your living room.

Think of the Layout as Triangle

Zebra print rug and other colorful accents to the rest of the white in the roomIf you have a round table, avoid putting too many round things on it. However, one spherical object that closely resembles its form is fantastic! We don’t want utter anarchy on the coffee table, but we want it to seem filled.

It isn’t a place to dump your belongings! Create triangle-shaped groups to serve as a guide. It will appear aesthetically appealing and three-dimensional, and it does so on purpose! 

Start with a Center of Attention

Decorative tea set and glass vase on wooden round table in living room interiorBegin with one or two huge pieces that will be the focal point of the table. It might be a vase, a jar, or a sculpture. We like to fill vases and pots with fresh flowers and foliage if we have them. It can provide a genuine and vivid breath of life. An empty one is as attractive!

Create Layers + Break Up the Shapes

Bright living room in a modern luxury houseWe want to work in three-person groups to prevent a jumble of forms. You may break off portions and add height by stacking books or utilizing a tray to store everything. Then add the fun, smaller items, such as magnifying glasses, miniature bowls, and coasters.

It is also essential to maintain a sense of equilibrium. Choose items that aren’t too large or too little. Allow your eyes to lead you. Using varied heights on your coffee table can make it appear more intriguing! See coffee table dimensions here.

The Bottom Anchor

Modern home with glass tables and built in desk and shelvesMany coffee tables include an open bottom layer, which allows for additional decorating options. Please do not make it appear like a dumping ground for miscellaneous items! Instead, construct two-piece clusters with more significant, more solid pieces.

Alternatively, keep it basic and color-coordinated with the objects on top. For example, you can save a rectangle-shaped basket with several blue design books under your circular coffee table.

The Looks

Modern design minimalist style living room design with sofa table Look No. 1: Round Table with Accessories

Connected room and kitchen You can find a hyacinth basket online. If you’ve been using a tray on your coffee table for years, it was nice to switch things up. The basket is much smaller, so there’s plenty of space for beverages and other items.

You can use hydrangeas, a candle, and a stack of miniature books in one of your favorite pitchers as well. Keep the rule of three in mind and vary the heights of your pieces.

Look No. 2: A Set of Three

Colourful pillow on white sofa in modern and eclectic style living roomGrouping things in threes is a traditional idea to follow in writing, photography, and design. The rule of three means that items appear better in groups of three when decorating.

For example, displaying a matched set of décor—three various sizes of the same sort of object—is the simplest method to follow the rule of three.

Or you may combine matched sets to create coordinated but different groups instead of presenting matching things as a group. It is a simple technique to make numerous distinct yet coordinated setups for a single space.

Look No. 3: Classic Flower Pot

Round coffee table in living room with big sofa and pendant lampsNow is the moment to violate the rule of three and go with a simple flower pitcher on the oval tray. It is, without a doubt, one of many people’s favorite looks. The tall, slender pitcher protrudes from the wicker tray, adding texture and intrigue. 

Farmhouse style ceiling fan and decorative rug in front family roomUsing just one thing on your coffee table can create a significant impact, and it is straightforward. Another option is to use a giant bowl filled with natural components or even empty. For more decorating tips, visit our decorating ideas for small living rooms here.

Family room and kitchen with round coffee table round mirror and blue comfortable chairsFinally, don’t go overboard with the color. Keep your vignette to no more than three or four colors. And then you take the last step. Take a peek behind and around the table to make sure you’re happy with everything!

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