Card Table Dimensions (Sizes Guide)

Here’s our card table dimensions guide including standard widths & heights for square, rectangular, circular, oval, and hexagonal shapes and tablecloth sizes.
Oval 8 seater card table

Card tables are a fun addition to any home for Friday game nights and extra space for leisure activities like scrapbooking or journaling. Here, we provide the standard dimensions for each card shape to guide you.

Standard Card Table Size

Shape Width (inches) Length (inches) Height (inches)
Square 34 34 28 to 30
Rectangular 48 92 28 to 30
Circular 42 to 48 (diameter) 42 to 48 (diameter) 28 to 30
Oval 32 48 28 to 30
Hexagonal 48 48 28 to 30

Standard sizes of game tables vary depending on what shape you want and how many will be seated. There are square, rectangular, or circular shapes for you to utilize for your needs. Here are the typical dimensions for your family entertainment or weekend poker games. 

Standard card table dimensions

Table Width 

The measure of standard types from side to side varies for each type. A typical square card table generally has a width of 34″. For rectangular shapes, it’s usually a width of 48″. Circular ones typically have a diameter of 42 to 48″. 

There are also oval types you can usually see in casinos or game houses. They typically have a width of 32″.

There are also hexagonal-shaped options that have grown in popularity in recent years and are usually utilized in poker games. The more common size has a width of 48″. 

Table Length 

A standard square surface usually has a length of 34″, the same as its width since a square has four equal sides. A standard rectangular table is 92″ long, and a standard circular game table also follows its diameter of 42 to 48″. 

Oval shapes with a width of 32″ have a length of 48″, while a hexagonal design with equal sides also has a length of 48″. 

Table Height

All standard game surfaces have a height measurement requirement of 28 to 30″. This height is tall enough to fit a regular chair with a seat commonly 17 to 20″ above the floor. 

Dimensions of a Square Table

Square card table dimensions

One popular standard square card table comes in sizes of 34 by 34″, but you could go smaller or bigger depending on your needs, the available space in your house or apartment, and how many people will sit around it. 

A square card type is perfect for small and confined spaces, especially for small families of four living in apartments and buildings where rooms are usually smaller and more cramped.

These designs are also lightweight, so moving and putting them into storage will be easier—a perfect piece of starter furniture for college students and young couples. 

If you prefer a square shape but have more than four people in your family, or you’d like a more oversized surface area, square tops are available in a size of 60″, and they could fit up to eight people. 

Rectangular Table Sizes

Rectangular card table dimensions

For a rectangular table, the widths are more extended than their lengths, and they usually have dimensions of 24″ by 36″ and up to 48″ to 92″.

This rectangular design can comfortably seat eight people in a long game of Monopoly or Uno and has enough leg space and room for them to stretch out. 

Rectangular-shaped surfaces are great, especially for bigger families or people who love to have friends over and host a game night.

This larger area can accommodate and provide ample space for several people to spread out and be cozy. It is also an excellent choice for bigger homes as the furniture’s proportion usually completes a bigger room. 

How Big is a Folding Card Table?

Card tables can come in squares or rectangles and have a range of dimensions with the ones mentioned above, and more often, they can have a folded version. Folding products are convenient because they can be easily stored away once you are done with game nights. 

Folding tables are not only available in the usual square or circle shapes, but you can also have oval and hexagonal designs, as we mentioned earlier. This can be another option, but they could also easily seat many people. 

Oval foldable options, with their larger diameter, can accommodate seating up to 10 people. This is another excellent option for a bigger family. Oval surfaces can have a diameter between 36 to 60″for your needs, and they fold in half, so it is easier to keep and take out once you need them. 

On the other hand, hexagonal designs can have dimensions of 48 by 48 by 30″ for the ones that fold flat. But you can always go bigger to up to 50″ wide to fit every single one of the family members. This type can often be found in materials made of wood, plastic, or even steel. 

In the world of gaming, the dimensions of a poker table are not mere measurements; they are the fine lines between a player’s comfort and the intimacy required for a shared adventure in every deal. – Jack McCarty

Round Card Table Dimensions

Round card tables are probably the most versatile option. It can easily seat up to six people for 48-inch products.

Circular card options are available in the following sizes: 36″ could fit four people, 54″ could work for six persons, and you go up 6 inches more for your circular surface to fit 8 of your family and friends. 

What Size Tablecloth To Use For Card Games

Tablecloth size for 36-inch tableFor people planning to cover their surface with a tablecloth, there is a drop length or an overhang allowance to consider. This is the same for gaming tables.

To illustrate, to cover the surface of a 36-inch square type, you need to add 6 inches on all sides, so you will need 42 inches of the tablecloth to cover the 36-inch square surface. 

The novelty of playing cards on tables came from England, where they were a necessity in the homes of the rich. They are also a sign of prosperity and the development of leisure time.

Although the first tables designed for the fashionable pastime of playing cards were made in the late 17th century, the form did not become popular until the 18th century. – Miller’s Antiques Handbook & Price Guide 2016-2017, Judith Miller 

Luckily for us now, not only the super-rich enjoy the novelty of playing any games and activities we would like to do in our free time from home. 

Did you find what you need about surface dimensions? Let us know, and don’t hesitate to comment your questions below! See more related content in our article about pool table dimensions here.

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