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Poker Table Dimensions (Different Shapes & Sizes)

Here’s our poker table dimensions guide including different card table shapes & sizes and how much room is needed for a poker table & chairs.
8 person poker tableIf you love the game or the idea of poker, then buying a poker table for your home will be a fun furniture addition if you have friends and family over. You can play poker virtually everywhere, but a home poker table will take the experience of playing the game to the next level and add a convenient playing surface for everyone. 

Once you have come to the decision that you want a poker table, the deciding factor is what type you should get and how big you want them. There are different poker tables, from professional poker tables to folding and lightweight models, so anything you want should be available for your home space.

Typical Poker Table Size 

A typical poker table is what you usually see in the casinos or in any place where gambling is allowed. 

It will most often have a length of around 92 to 104 inches or about 234 to 264 centimeters while having a width of 44 inches or 112 centimeters and a table height of 30 inches or approximately 76 centimeters from the ground up.

Sometimes a racetrack railing is also found in a typical poker table, and that will add around 4 inches or 10 centimeters of railing to the length and the width of the poker table. 

There are no fixed dimensions for poker tables because of the different manufacturers and kinds available, so choosing one that will fit your space is an easy decision. 

Standard poker table sizesA standard poker table for home games for 4 to 5 people should have an octagonal or round table with a diameter of about 54 inches. Poker games with 6 to 7 people should have an octagonal or round table of 54” to 58” diameter. 

How Tall Is A Poker Table?

As stated above, the height of a poker table is pretty standard at 30 inches or about 76 centimeters. A rule of thumb is looking at the chairs available to be used when playing on the poker table and the chair height will mostly dictate how high or low the optimum height for playing on your poker table should be. 

If you are looking to sit on a marathon of poker games, investing in a tilt and swivel chairs with gas lifts for easy height adjustment is an excellent investment so that there will be no need to use a raiser for the poker table itself to achieve the optimum reach height for hours of comfortable poker playing. 

Octagon Poker Table Dimensions

Octagonal poker table dimensionsOne of the most popular poker tables utilized for home use is the octagon poker table. Octagon poker tables are compact enough, but they can easily handle 4 up to 8 players in a game depending on the size. 

For folding table models of octagon poker tables, they will usually come in dimensions of 48 by 48 by 30 inches or about 122 by 122 by 76 centimeters for 4 players. In comparison, tabletop poker tables will come bigger and be 50 inches or 127 centimeters wide. 

Each octagon poker table will weigh 46 to 60 pounds, depending on whether they are folding. The materials used for these octagon poker tables will dictate their price, with the vinyl ones being more affordable than wooden ones by a mile. 

Hexagon Poker Table Dimensions

Hexagon poker table sizesThe hexagon poker tables are uniquely designed with a six-sided face that can easily sit up to 12 people playing at a time, depending on their size. 

A small hexagonal poker table is about 4 feet and 6 inches or 137 centimeters. This table will be enough to sit 6 people, but if you are looking for a more comfortable option, going up to 5 feet and 6 inches or about 168 centimeters is better, with more space for each player. 

For a 12 person hexagonal poker table, the size will go up to 7 feet and 6 inches or about 229 centimeters on all table sides. 

Round Poker Table Dimensions

Round poker tables are the least typical design for poker tables utilized by commercial and even at-home poker players, and this shape of poker table will usually come in one permanent option. 

A round poker table will range to be 48 to 60 inches wide in diameter or about 122 to 152 centimeters. Tabletop versions for a round poker table will be harder to find, but they are mostly about 48 inches or 122 centimeters wide. 

One of the reasons that make this table out of vogue versus octagon or even a hexagonal table is that they don’t hold that many players. You would be lucky if you managed to squeeze in a fifth player with this poker table size. 

Casino Poker Table Dimensions

Casino Poker table dimensionsPoker tables used for the casino are often the oval ones you see inside or in any movie with a Las Vegas casino scene. They are also the typical poker table design that has the racetrack railing all around the table. 

A casino poker table will usually range to have lengths of about 92 to 104 inches or 234 to 264 centimeters. It will have a width of 44 inches or 112 centimeters with a table height of 30 inches or 76 centimeters. 

With the addition of the 4 inches of train track on the side, the widths can go up to 48 inches or 122 centimeters. 

Home Poker Table Dimensions

Home poker tables are usually the oval poker tables, the most common design for widely available home models. Permanent home poker tables will have the size of 92 inches or about 234 centimeters for their length while having a width of 44 inches or about 122 centimeters and a height of 30 inches or 76 centimeters. 

For small home poker games that seat four to five players a table of 54” to 60” in diameter will be sufficient. 

Home poker tables will weigh between 54 to 80 pounds and their price range will depend on the material you are planning to acquire for your home. Most of these oval home tables will hold as many as 10 players, with some smaller ones able to comfortably fit as many as 7 players. 

8 Person Poker Table Dimensions

8 person poker table dimensionsIf you are still unsure about deciding the perfect poker table for your home simply depending on the shape, why not select the ideal poker table for you based on how many players are planning to play at the same time.

If you are looking for a poker table that could hold up to 8 players all at the same time, a more oversized table is the choice for you. 

It will have a length of 84 inches or approximately 213 centimeters for this size. The width will be 42 inches or 107 centimeters, with a standard table height of 30 inches or around 76 centimeters. 

This size can even accommodate up to 9 poker players comfortably. 

10 Person Poker Table Dimensions

10 person poker table dimensionsIf an 8-player poker table is still not enough for you and you are choosing to go for a poker table that could hold up to 10 to 11 players, there are still more extensive poker tables for you, and these are the most oversized available in the market. 

This particular poker table will have a width of around 44 inches or 112 centimeters with a table length of 96 inches or approximately 244 centimeters. This table will still have the standard poker table height of 30 inches or around 76 centimeters. 

If you want a poker table bigger than this, most will be available custom, which will require a higher price tag. 

Standard Folding Table Dimensions 

 Foldable poker table

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If your budget doesn’t allow you to acquire a full-on poker table, going for a folding poker table is the next great thing. Foldable poker tables are also very convenient, especially for smaller homes and apartments. 

Once playing is done, cleaning up will be as easy as folding the table and keeping it on the back of your sofa. It won’t require ample space and won’t also take up your floor area permanently. 

Poker or game tables will come in many dimensions and shapes. A square can be as small as 3 feet or about 91 centimeters and as big as 5 feet or 152 centimeters, holding almost 6 people in one game.

Oval folding tables will start at 48 inches or about 122 centimeters, and you can have them bigger if you want to, but this size can hold up to 6 players. 

How Much Room Do You Need For A Card Table?

Small folding card table sizes require about 34 inches or 86 centimeters for people to be able to stand up and get in and out of their games with ease.

Leaving about 36 inches or 91 centimeters of space from the wall to the nearest table edge is essential. With this amount of space, everyone can easily go in and out and even around the table. 

How Much Room Do You Need For A Card Chairs?

The rule of thumb in deciding how much open space you need for each of your game chairs is the same as for dining room chairs, and that is leaving each person about 24 inches of room around the table. 

This space will be enough for them to move the chair backward and leave the table on any side they choose with ease and without bumping the person seated next to them. 

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