Wood Tile Countertops (Ceramic & Porcelain Ideas)

A countertop, whether for the kitchen or the bathroom, must be durable and aesthetically pleasing. An authentic hardwood counter is one of the most durable, with stunning stains and designs. The downside is that they can be expensive, which is not a good option if you have a limited budget. You can choose wood tile countertops for durability, excellent aesthetics, and lower cost than hardwood material. 

White kitchen with wood tile countertops and stainless steel appliances

While they may have started as a fad, wood tiles became a constant in the market because they seamlessly gained popularity with homeowners as a more affordable alternative to hardwood countertops.

Yes, even with a limited budget, you can now enjoy your home’s elegant natural wood aesthetics. But what are wood tiles, and what would you be dealing with if you chose this material for your countertops? [toc]

What Are Ceramic Wood-Look Countertops 

A new kitchen with ceramic tile countertop

Wood tiles are generally designed to look like authentic wood but are actually made from porcelain or ceramic. Ceramic wood tile countertops are elements of the home that may look like wood but are manufactured from ceramic tiles, which usually come in planks rather than squares.

These tiles though can also be manufactured in unique shapes, proof of the material’s versatility. See our guide on countertops that look like wood here.

For many years, butcher block countertops have been popular, not just for the natural wood look with rich and varied texture. This is the reason why these counters rule the kitchen. This changed with the introduction of wood tile counters, offering both affordability and versatility. 

Manufacturing ceramic wood tiles makes use of new technologies that allow the creation of new textures, shapes, and designs. The design looks so real that you won’t be able to differentiate these tiles from authentic butcher blocks or hardwood countertops.

Modern kitchen with fitted appliances including tile worksurfaces, cupboards and drawers

The wood-like tiles even have marks and chipped edges, creating even more realistic designs, along with particular patterns and wood graining. 

Ceramic wood tile countertops are also more durable and able to handle scratches from pets and shoe scuffs simultaneously. The tiles are also UV-resistant, meaning the color and designs don’t fade even with sunlight exposure.

It is also bacteria-resistant, making it an excellent option for bathrooms and kitchens. Compared to porcelain, though, ceramic tiles don’t have excellent water protection. 

Ceramic wood tiles are also easy-to-clean, making them easier to maintain. Well-maintained ceramic wood tile countertops can last longer than natural wood, around 50 to 100 years, and look even brand new after that. 

Wood Tile Countertop Ideas 

A modern and new kitchen with wood type tile

The best thing about wood tiles is their versatility, resulting in a variety of ideas you can integrate into your countertops. You will always need to consider all other elements in your kitchen or bathroom if you plan on using wood tile.

Check out these wood tile countertop ideas you can use as inspiration.

Natural Look Countertops 

A beautiful kitchen with fresh and natural faux wood

If you choose wood tile countertops, it means you are bringing an element of the outdoors inside your home. Despite not using a natural material, these surfaces can imitate the realistic look of wood and are resistant to heat, scratches, and stains, making them ideal for high-use areas.

You can use them to go with a natural theme inside the home, with hardwood flooring and wooden pieces of furniture. Use neutral colors along with these wooden and wood-like elements in order to add warmth to the space in general. 

Modern Wood Countertops

A modern wooden countertop in a white kitchen

With the versatility that wood tiles offer, they can come in a variety of sizes and designs. This gives way to wood-like tiles with round ages and even an octagon shape, giving the countertops this modern look you wouldn’t find in natural wooden counters.

The new shapes create a unique design with an interesting edge, whether a smooth and contoured one from wound wood tiles to a countertop that has more corners than just a rectangle. Check out more ideas in our wood kitchen countertops design guide.

Can You Use Wood Look Floor Tile On Countertops? 

Kitchen with tile that looks like wood

Yes, you can use wood look floor tiles on your countertops, whether it’s in the kitchen or bathroom. The most popular types of tiles used for kitchen countertops include quartz, granite, marble stone, glass, metal, and ceramic tiles. And wood tiles, while having aesthetics like wood, are made from porcelain and ceramic.

Ceramic and porcelain wood tiles are materials that are heat-resistant and stain-resistant, with a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. More than that, these tiles are also incredibly durable, making them great options for counters that are abused every day from tasks like food preparation. 

How Do You Maintain Tile Surface Countertops?

Kitchen with wood style tile and light grey cabinets

A tile countertop is a popular addition to one’s home and one of the top reasons for that is that it’s easy to clean and maintain. Unlike other materials, these countertops do not require thorough cleaning and meticulous maintenance.

If you use butcher block, you will need to protect the surface since the material is naturally porous. The sealant will protect the wood from moisture and other elements, and oiling may also be necessary to maintain that glossy and stunning look. You don’t need to worry about these with wood tile counters. 

Wood tile offers the stunning aesthetics of wooden countertops without the rigorous cleaning and maintenance that come with them. These tile counters are water-resistant, meaning moisture is something to consider. And if they are made from porcelain, bacteria won’t be an issue either.  

Here are some tasks you need to do to maintain your wood tile countertops:

1. Get a sponge or washcloth and wipe the surface after food preparation

2. If necessary, and if you see stubborn grime, grease, or dirt, spray an all-purpose kitchen cleaning solution and wipe it down after a few minutes

3. Wipe spills immediately from the counter after you see them

4. Scrub food deposits on the surface and grout lines of the tiles using a small brush

5. Do not use acid-based cleaners on the surface like vinegar because they can damage the glossy surface of the ceramic or porcelain tiles

6. Make sure you seal the grout lines of the tiles at least annually because they are the part of the countertops that’s porous and can be damaged by moisture and lead up to mold buildup

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping and maintaining the quality of wood tile countertops even with smaller tasks like daily wipe up. You might also want to consider deep cleaning and polishing every now and then but they are not required. 

For more ideas check out our guide on wood countertops pros and cons.

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