How To Wash Blackout Curtains

How to wash blackout curtains guide with several DIY methods such as dusting, spot cleaning and deep cleaning using rags or a garment steamer.

Woman cleaning blackout curtain with vacuum cleanerIf you’ve installed blackout curtains in your bedroom, you need to know how to wash blackout curtains. Washing blackout curtains is an important part of your cleaning routine as it helps keep your home free from allergens and prevent the buildup of dust.

The heavy material of blackout curtains helps keep out the sunlight and can help improve your sleep as well as protect delicate materials – such as paintings and artworks – from damage caused by direct sunlight. They can also help insulate your room, trapping either heat from a heater or cool air from an air-conditioning in a room and saving energy.

However, they can also be a place where allergens and dust particles can accumulate, this is why they need to be washed. In this post, we’re going to tell you how you can properly clean and maintain your blackout curtains. [toc]

Can You Wash Blackout Curtains?

Putting a blue curtain to wash in a washing machineThe first question we need to answer about blackout curtain cleaning is, can you wash blackout curtains? The short answer is yes. The longer answer is yes, as long as you follow the washing instructions.

No matter what material your blackout curtains are made out of, there will be care instructions. These instructions, which will also specify how you should clean and wash your curtains, will be found attached to the back edges of your curtains. Read more about blackout curtains vs shades comparison here.

How To Clean Blackout CurtainsWoman in gloves with a rag cleaning silk blackout curtains

You don’t have to wash your blackout curtains that often if you make sure to keep them clean. Before taking down your curtains and throwing them into water and detergent, you should do the following first.

1. Regularly remove dust from your blackout curtains

You should regularly dust and even vacuum your blackout curtains. This will remove dust and prevent dirt buildup. 

You can clean your blackout curtains this way without removing them from the curtain rods. Just stretch out the material and use a feather duster to dust both sides of the curtain.

If you have a handheld vacuum cleaner, you can also use it either after the feather dusting or instead of a feather duster. If your vacuum cleaner has a soft-bristled dust attachment, you can also use it on your blackout curtains. 

2. Use water and detergent to spot clean your blackout curtains

If you notice staining or dirt buildup on your blackout curtains while you are dusting them, you might want to spot clean. 

Mix some mild detergent and warm water in a container. Make sure that you don’t use detergents with bleach, fabric softener or harsh chemicals.

Take a sponge or small cloth and blot at any stains you might find on your curtains. You can also rub gently in small circular motions at any particularly stubborn dirty patches.

While you can do this while your curtains are hanging, it might be more efficient to take down your blackout curtains and spread them on a table. 

You should make sure to dust your curtains about once or twice a month, following it up with spot cleaning as needed.

Washing Curtains With Blackout Lining

Even if you regularly clean your curtains, it’s best to deep clean your curtains at least two to three times a year. 

Some blackout curtains may have blackout lining or coating that may make it difficult to wash them in a washing machine. Make sure to check the care labels first. Most type of curtains with blackout lining can be carefully washed with soapy water, however.

First, take down your curtains. You might want to dust them beforehand, or just give them a good shake to remove some dust and dirt.

Find a container that can hold enough water for you to immerse your curtains completely. Fill it with warm, soapy water. Again, make sure that you use a mild detergent.

The rule of thumb is, add the same amount of soap as you would if you were washing a small load in your washing machine.

Immerse the curtains, pushing them down till they are submerged. Swirl the water and the curtains around. You can also grab bunches of curtain fabric and squeeze and twist it a bit. 

Remove the curtains and drain the soapy water. Rinse the curtains with clean water until all the soap is out. Wring the excess water out and hang them to dry. Stretch them out to prevent wrinkles.

Hands of a man with a clothes or garment steamer to clean curtainsAnother way that you can wash curtains with blackout lining is to steam clean them or dry clean them. Again, it all depends on what the care instructions say.

If steam cleaning or dry cleaning is recommended and easier for you, make sure to deep clean your curtains that way once or twice a year.

Can I Wash Blackout Curtains In A Washing Machine?

Depending on the type of blackout curtains that you have, you may be able to wash blackout curtains in the washing machine. 

If the back of your blackout curtains doesn’t have a synthetic coating like if it’s made from triple-weave fabric, there’s a good chance that it’s machine washable.

Some blackout curtain coatings might also be machine washable. Again, the key here is to check what the care label on your curtains says.

Even if your curtains are machine washable, however, you still need to be careful with them. You should wash them in the lowest, most delicate cycle in cold water Also, only use a mild detergent with no harsh chemicals.

Take special care if your curtains have a latex coat or back lining. If the latex is brittle or breaking down, the liner could break off in the wash. This won’t just ruin your curtains, but could also clog the washing machine.

Can Blackout Curtains Be Ironed?

Hand ironing a white blackout with garment steamerAgain, the answer to this question is found in your blackout curtains care instructions. Most blackout curtains can be ironed, as long as you keep the iron on low heat but check the care instructions to make sure.

It’s best to iron your blackout curtains with the fabric side up. Heat can damage the coating of your blackout curtains. 

While learning about washing, visit our laundry room essentials guide to get complete washing needs.  

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