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How to Get Paint Off Glass (Removal Tips)

Here we share how to get paint off the glass, including removal tips, the different products you can use, and ways to remove paint from different glass fixtures without using a razor.
How to remove paint off glassPainting your home can be fun and exciting. But that is before you splatter the paint anywhere you’re not supposed to, like on glass or your windows! 

You can start panicking now or do something about that little accident. And yes, you can get that paint off that glass.

Quicklist: Ways to Remove Paint from Glass Windows

  • Use Vinegar
  • Use Nail Polish Remover
  • Use Rubbing Alcohol
  • Use Paint Thinner
  • Use a Razor
  • Use Fine Steel Wool
  • Use Scouring Pad

How to get paint off glass by scraping

How to Remove Paint From Glass Windows Step By Step

“Paint that gets onto glass can be easily removed by scraping with a razor blade, provided paint removal is done soon after the paint dries.” – Judy Ostrow, Painting Rooms

You need to do this step by step in cleaning up this mess. While you can do this in several ways, this is one of the easiest methods. 

1. Collect the materials you will need for the job. In this case, you will need rubber gloves, a glass cleaner, cleaning rags, a dry cloth, and vinegar

2. Bring 1 cup of white vinegar to a boil. 

3. Wear rubber gloves and dip the cleaning rag into the vinegar. 

4. Use the soaked rag to rub the paint off the glass. 

5. Spray the glass down and use a glass cleaner to help. 

6. Use a new dry cloth to wipe down everything left behind.

Remember to have protective equipment like a disposable N-100 particulate respirator to avoid ingesting or inhaling lead dust from paint, especially when scraping it off the windows. [Source: US Environmental Protection Agency]

Will Nail Polish Remover Remove Paint From Glass?

Acetone nail polish remover paint glassIf the nail polish remover you are going to use is acetone, then you can remove paint from the glass with it. 

You must soak a microfiber cloth with a nail polish remover and rub the affected area. Let it sit before getting a microfiber cloth to wipe the paint and acetone clean from the glass.  

Tip: Make sure not to use acetone on fiberglass! It can dissolve its protective outer coating, particularly if you’re applying it on the surface of fiberglass windows

Will Rubbing Alcohol Remove Paint From Glass?

Rubbing alcohol being poured on tissueYes, rubbing alcohol can remove paint from glass. Whatever type of glass door, window, or mirror it may be, rubbing alcohol can clean that up! 

You need to apply alcohol to the glass and let it soften before you soak a microfiber rag in the alcohol. Rub it vigorously on the affected area until you remove the paint. 

Tip: The higher the concentration of the alcohol you use, the better! Use 70% to 90% concentrated rubbing alcohol. 

Will Paint Thinner Remove Paint From Glass?

Paint thinner being poured in containerPaint thinners are technically to remove paint in the first place. A whole new question is whether it works as well when the paint is on the glass. A cellulose paint thinner effectively removes any type of paint from a glass. 

“Chemical paint remover is the most expensive way to remove paint.” – Terry Meany, Working Windows: A Guide to the Repair and Restoration of Wood Windows

Tip: Make sure to fully protect your environment and project with sheets and masking tape before you use any paint stripper! You don’t want to remove paint that you’ve painted in the first place. 

How To Get Spray Paint Off Glass

Window glass spray paint cleanIn getting paint off the glass, the first thing to do is know what paint was used. In the case of spray paint, one of the most popular ways to get it off the glass is using a razor. 

Spray paint is an aerosol paint kept in a pressurized container and uses compressed air to release its paint-propellant mixture. 

To get it off the glass, you first need to prepare the materials you will need. This includes a razor, a cloth, a cleaning pad, dishwashing liquid, and a bucket. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Wash the glass and remove any dirt from it. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly.

2. Mix dishwashing liquid and warm water in a bucket until you see foam. 

3. Soak your cleaning pad in the mixture.
4. Apply the mixture to the glass, especially the affected area. 

5. Get the razor and keep the blade’s edge at a 45-degree angle. Start to carefully and gently scrape the paint. (Make sure to lift the blade after every scrape) 

6. Use a clean cloth to wipe the glass. 

7. Repeat 4, 5, and 6 until the paint is fully removed. Make sure to keep the glass wet with the mixture.

Tip: Remember that you can’t use acetone-based solvents for fiberglass if you are working with it.

How To Remove Spray Paint from Mirror

Cleaning mirror from spray paintYou can use fine steel wool when removing spray paint from a mirror. Fine steel wool can’t scratch the glass. 

Start using olive oil or warm water with soap to lubricate the mirror, specifically the area where the paint is. Make sure to gently soak the paint before using the fine steel wool to scrub the spray paint off the mirror. 

Once you remove the paint, get a microfiber or a cloth to clean the mirror. You can use a glass cleaner or just warm water with soap to clean it. Finally, dry the mirror using another clean cloth. 

How To Remove Spray Paint From Glass Table

Spray paint being cleaned on glass tableIf you accidentally used spray paint on your glass table, you can do something about it! 

With spray paint being used to paint graffiti all over the streets, a remover is now being offered in the market, especially if you’ve already tried everything and the paint still wouldn’t come off. 

You can use that to graffiti remover to remove the paint off the glass table. Whether it’s a kitchen or dining table made of glass, here are the steps you can use on it:

1. Collect everything you need: graffiti remover, bucket, microfiber cloth, scouring pad, cleaning rag, safety glasses, and rubber gloves. 

2. Use your rubber gloves and safety glasses to start working on the glass table. 

3. Apply the graffiti cleaner on the area where the spray paint is and let it is for at least 30 seconds. 

4. Take out your scouring pad and lightly and carefully scrub the spray paint. 

5. Get the cleaning rag, dip it in water, wring it out, and wipe the removed paint and graffiti remover away. 

6. Use a microfiber cloth to dry your glass table. 

Tip: Clean your glass table right away once you get spray paint on it to make it easier! It will be harder once the paint hardens. 

How To Remove Paint From Glass Without Razor

Window glass power washingRemoving paint from glass can be done professionally or DIY. And the most popular DIY method always involves a razor in it. 

If you feel like you can’t work with a razor, there is still something you can do to get that paint off. Here are some of the items you can work with:

 Turpentine: this will also remove silicone glue residue, which is normally used when glass is installed, specifically in glass doors. It’s also affordable, non-sticky, and has less odor.

 Oil: you only need a toothbrush, cotton ball, and washcloth. 

Mineral Spirits: these are affordable, but make sure to use them immediately after the paint has been accidentally used on the glass since they can only be used on fresh paint

 Hairspray: contains alcohol that will help clean the paint off the glass

 Stripping Gel:  this solvent gel can also be labeled as paint and varnish stripper in the market

 Pressure Washer: wash the paint away and make sure that the nozzle is at a 40 to 45 angle. Be careful not to shatter the glass, so stick with pressure between 1,200 and 2,000 PSI.

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Marsha Harrison

Tuesday 13th of December 2022

One of the best ways to remove spray paint from mirrors and glass surfaces is by using acetone. WD-40 also can remove paint from glass. While it is not effective for erasing paint from skin, it is useful for removing paint from glass, including car windows.