Painting Vinyl Windows Black (Products to Use & Tips)

Among a favorite trend for improving the look and feel of a home is changing the windows. Homeowners are investing in large sliding glass doors or folding patio doors to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Painting their vinyl windows and trims black and other colorful hues also seems to be having an uptrend. But there’s one color that stands out among the rest: black.  

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Get the best tips and advice on transforming your vinyl windows into black and bringing your house to the modern era. [toc] 

Can You Paint Vinyl Windows Black?

Brush dipped in black paint for vinyl windows

It is possible to paint vinyl windows black, but is it the right color for you? Black is a striking color that can make or break the overall design of your home. While it can add sophistication to your space, this only works if your interior and exterior design are harmonious with it.

Painting your vinyl windows black also raises the concern of absorbing more heat, thus warping your window frames. While this factor largely depends on the quality of your window frames rather than their color, it helps to consider the temperature and weather in your location. Otherwise, you can find a compromise by painting your frames in darker shades of gray instead.

Since black windows can also serve as architectural detail, consider not putting up curtains and blinds. That said, think twice about where you should have a naked window. They are best in areas with a great outdoor view or where there is plenty of natural light.

Painting White Windows

Contractor painting vinyl window frame

White vinyl windows are favored because they can complement any design. But what if you are ready for a dramatic change? 

Turning white vinyl windows to black may seem laborious because the colors are extremes. But you don’t have to buy new black vinyl windows to upgrade your home and achieve a high-end look. All you have to do is follow the proper steps in painting vinyl.

Do note that going this route may void the warranty from your manufacturer. If you decide to paint over your white frames, check the terms and conditions with your supplier.   

How to Paint Windows in Black

Brush black paint vinyl windows

Successfully painting your vinyl window frames boils down to preparation and having the correct type of materials. Follow the steps below to achieve appealing black-painted vinyl windows. 

Inspect your windows: Paint can only do so much in concealing dents and damages. That said, carefully check every nook and cranny of your frames if they are in top shape. If your windows are beyond rescue, consider replacing them to save your time and money in the long run. 

Prepare the surface: With a bucket of warm water and soap, clean off mildew, dust, and collected dirt. Let it dry before sanding the vinyl window frames for better paint adhesion. Afterward, remove the dust and give it another wash. 

Apply vinyl-safe primer: Aside from making it easy for paint to stick on the surface, primers also add a layer of protection to your frames. Do not skip this procedure if you want your painted surfaces to last.

But before doing so, keep your surrounding walls clean by taping the sides and edges of your window. Typically, one coat of primer goes a long way. Be patient when priming, as it may take a couple of hours before they are dry.  

TIP: Use an alkyd-based primer. 

Paint your vinyl windows: Unlike wood or aluminum windows, vinyl is more friendly to a variety of paint. You need to choose a special type of acrylic latex paint for outdoor use.

Apply two coats, but ensure that each layer dries up before applying another coat. 

For your applicator, you can either choose a spray or sponge brush. The latter option prevents the creating of brush marks on your vinyl frames. Keep in mind to schedule your home improvement on a sunny day, as well. 

Best Primer For Vinyl Frame Windows

Contractor painting frame of vinyl window black

Choosing bonding primer is a crucial part of your painting process. 

Since most types of windows are exposed to external factors, like rain, debris, dirt, and heat from the sun, a less durable primer will affect the longevity of your window. 

Below are some of the best primers for vinyl in the market.  

INSL-X Stix Acrylic Waterborne Bonding Primer

INSL X stix acrylic waterborne bonding primerSee this acrylic waterborne bonding primer at Amazon [sponsored link]

An acrylic-utherane bonding primer-sealer, the INSL-X Primer is made for hard-to-coat surfaces like vinyl, PVC plastic, and tiles. 

It is eco-friendly and can be top-coated with any paint, making it a convenient choice. One gallon is good for 300 to 400 square feet of space and dries up in 30 minutes. 

Curing time may take three to four hours, depending on how humid your place is.

Kilz Adhesion High-Bonding Primer

See this adhesion high-bonding primer at Amazon [sponsored link]

Kilz is a highly regarded primer manufacturer. One of their best product is Kidz Adhesion High-Bonding Primer which works better than traditional primers. 

You can use this for interior and exterior applications. After coating, it quickly dries up in 20 to 30 minutes and can be re-coated in an hour. A quarter gallon of Kilz Adhesion Primer covers around 300 square feet. 

What Vinyl-Safe Black Paint Can You Use?

Can of black paint brush wood flooring for vinyl windows

While vinyl-safe paint is becoming more common, finding them in the black shade is tricky. Most vinyl-safe colors range from white and vibrant to bold hues, with charcoal gray as the darkest shade. 

Fortunately, paint shops that carry Sherwin Williams VinylSafe color technology can mix different hues to achieve black paint. You can also check out Benjamin Moore’s color palette for similar options.

When in doubt and you want to avoid the hassle of painting over your vinyl windows, purchase ready-made window products with a solid color or dual finish. Dual finish frames have black exteriors and a different shade of your choice for the interior side. See more related content in our article about how to get paint off glass on this page.

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