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A changing table is a safe place to change your baby’s diapers without worrying about your baby rolling off. Featuring a cushioned mat for comfort, and built-in drawers for storing fresh diapers and wipes, many prefer a changing table because it is designed to offer comfort and convenience. It is tall enough that you won’t need to bend over for diaper changes, providing ease for adults and safety for the child.

Having a changing table is essential in giving your baby the best care possible. However, not everyone can afford or accommodate the style, especially considering the myriad of pregnancy and birth expenses. Moreover, the issue of limited room space in the nursery can arise, further complicating the matter. It doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t carve out a secure, efficient space for changing your baby’s diapers.

Thankfully, various practical and stylish alternatives can help navigate around these challenges so you won’t have to worry about these issues. The key is to be creative and open to new ideas. Here are some innovative alternatives worth considering, which can even double as a fun DIY project.[toc]

Key Takeaways: Changing Table Alternatives

  • Long dresser with changing pad and drawers
  • Cube storage customized with a changing mat, and basket for essentials
  • Bedside table
  • Changing pad on the floor – perfect for a child‘s room with limited space
  • Wall mounted changing table
  • Bed footboard bench or ottoman
  • Using the sofa
  • Folding diaper table
  • Portable changing station, akin to a small picnic-style basket
  • Crib top changing table with side pouch for cleaning gear

Long Dresser With Changing Pad

Dresser with changing pad on top next to plush armchair

One popular technique involves repurposing a long dresser with a changing pad. This multi-functional, space-saving, and budget-friendly option proves incredibly useful when space and money constraints are at play.


 Multi-functional and kids can use it for many years

 Space-saving and budget-friendly (if you already have a long dresser at home)

 Sturdy and can easily support the baby’s weight


 May not have enough space to accommodate your baby

 Not completely safe since your baby may roll away and fall

Nursery with wooden long dresser, changing pad, wood floor, window, and indoor plantSee this diaper pad cover at Home Depot [sponsored link]

If you already have a dresser with drawers at home, it is an incredible alternative that you can double as a changing table. You can store all your baby supplies and clothes in these dressers and place a changing pad on top whenever you need to use it as a diaper station. 

Cube Storage 

Bedroom with cube storage as changing table mattress, and pillows

Cube storage is very similar to a long dresser if you choose this as an alternative for a changing table. It regularly works as one of the shelf or nightstand alternatives, where you can keep different items inside for safekeeping.

The classic cube storage for a nursery is usually 6 cubes but it may be more when necessary or preferred.

The top part of the cube storage may be used as a changing table alternative and the storage shelves can be used for supplies, diaper bag, or a child’s toys. Depending on the dimensions, a single cube may not accommodate your baby.

You will have to use more than 1 cube for a changing table, so make sure that when you do, they don’t separate through the seams and cause your baby to fall.



 Ideal for displaying individual items in an aesthetically pleasing way

 Versatile as a storage option and dimensions (can be piled on top of the other)


 Not completely safe

 May need more than one cube to be an effective changing table alternative

 Takes up a lot of space (As you add more cubes) 

Bedside Table

Bedroom with pillow, mirror, chair, vase, and bedside table

Switching to an innovative solution such as a bedside table can work wonders when space is at a premium. Not only does it provide a convenient spot for diaper changes, but it also adds a unique style to any room, making it a suitable fixture in any child‘s room.

While considering safety aspects when dealing with kids, our list should highlight a product issue: it is not safe since the baby may roll over.

As simple as a bedside table can also be an alternative for a changing table. Most beds are always paired with a bedside table, where you can place all the product essentials and items you will probably need at night.

This means you won’t have to purchase another piece of furniture dedicated to changing diapers. You also won’t need to prepare enough space in the family nursery to accommodate the stand. This is better if your family tends to sleep with your baby rather than using a crib.



 Space-saving and budget-friendly

 A wide variety of designs and styles


 May require you to bend over while changing your babies diaper unhealthily

 Not safe since the baby may roll over

Changing Pad On The Floor 

Diaper pad on the floor for home nurseriesFor more options see this diaper station at Amazon [sponsored link]

You can lay the changing pad on the floor without fuss. With many cases of babies and toddlers falling, it is considered the safest option when cleaning a diaper. You won’t have to worry about the baby falling over and getting injured.

We recommend that baby-siiters and other people not used to changing diapers use the floor. It is much safer. – The Sears Baby Book, Revised Edition: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two, James Sears, Robert W. Sears, William Sears, Martha Sears

Your baby can wriggle, crawl, roll, and move around as much as possible. It’s also the reason why pediatricians highly recommend this option. 

When choosing this alternative, ensure the floor is clean before laying down the pad. In addition, choose a pad that’s comfortable and portable so that it would be more convenient.


 A convenient and simple option

 Space-saving and budget-friendly

 Safest option with no chance of the baby falling over

 Recommended by many pediatricians


 Hard and uncomfortable surface

 May not always be hygienic

Wall Mounted Changing Table

Folding diaper table for nursery rooms and house interiors

A wall-mounted changing table is typically seen in common bathrooms in commercial buildings like malls. It is an incredible option for small nurseries and bedrooms with limited floor space to spare.

A sturdy and level surface is mounted on the wall, where it’s folded when not in use and then spread out for a nappy change. 

You can also DIY this alternative and customize it however you want to. You can use the preferred material and incorporate designs matching the nursery or your bedroom. 


 Saves floor space

 More stylish compared to folding tables

 Makes the most of unused wall space


 May not be stable depending on the installation

Bed Footboard Bench Or Ottoman

Bedroom with bedding, pillows, headboard, nightstands, bench, lamps, and window curtains

If you have a bed footboard bench or ottoman at home, they can also be used to change your baby’s diaper instead of having a changing table.

Footboard benches or ottomans can look great in your bedroom and add character to the room’s look. There are different designs you can choose from and match the ambiance of your bedroom with. 

The correct dimensions, though, can also be used as an alternative as long as you ensure your baby won’t roll and fall over. You can do this by placing pillows on your baby’s sides.



 Convenient and space-saving

 Budget-friendly (If you already have one at home)

 Stylish and can be an accent element 


 Not proper height and so would need to bend over

 Not ideal in the nursery 

 Not that safe since the baby may fall over

Using The Sofa

Bedroom with sofa, bedding, pouf, pillows, lamp, nightstand, floating shelf, and window curtains

While it’s used by the entire family a sofa can double as a changing station if you have limited choices. Whether you don’t have the budget or space to get a stand-alone unit, your sofa can be a good alternative as long as you ensure your baby won’t roll over and fall on the floor. This is even better if you have an extra soft sofa that can nestle your baby comfortably. 

Pros of using the sofa



 Usually soft and comfortable to lie in

Cons of using the sofa

 Possibility of the baby rolling and falling over

 You might need to bend over for a nappy change

Folding Changing Table

Nursery with folding table for diaper changes, rug, and wood flooringSee this folding changing table at Amazon [sponsored link]

A folding changing table has a more innovative and convenient design than a traditional one. This smart solution may be inexpensive, but compared to other alternatives, you would have to newly purchase this item since it’s not common in a home. 

The good thing about this type is that it only takes up space when needed. When not needed, you can fold it and tuck it in the cabinet for safekeeping. 


 Space-saving (Can be folded and tucked away when not needed)

 Innovative design 

 Structured with the right height


 Needs to be newly purchased

Portable Changing Station

Portable changing station to help change diapers of babySee this portable diaper station at Amazon [sponsored link]

A portable changing station is an on-the-go baby accessory with large mats and sturdy caddies. Since it is not a permanent piece of furniture, you can take them out when needed and store them in a closet when done. A piece of furniture is also significantly more expensive than a portable diaper station. 

The downside with a portable pad is that you must set up the station whenever needed. Ensure you have a clean and flat surface to place the station. 


 On-the-go and portable


 Space-saving and easy to store when not in use


 Not the most convenient option

 May require you to bend down for a nappy change

 Needs to be set up every time

Crib Top Diaper Pad

Nursery room with crib top pad, floor rug, and windowSee this crib with top pad at Home Depot [sponsored link]

A crib top changing table is one of the most sophisticated alternatives you can look into. Beyond its innovative design, it is also incredibly practical because it’s designed to fit on top of the crib.

This is usually made of wooden trays that can easily slide on the top of the crib, which also means that it won’t need extra floor space to be accommodated. 

This product comes with the crib when purchased. This ensemble is structured to fit together so the tray may be stable enough for the baby.

It is more economical compared to when you need to purchase a new changing table rather than just getting this as an accessory to the crib. 

Pros of crib top tables

 Sophisticated and stylish look

 Innovative and practical design

 Removable and can be taken out when not needed

 Comes with the crib when purchased

 Space-saving (If you already have a crib)

Cons of crib top tables

 Can be expensive when considering the cost of the crib too

 Needs to be set up every time


Top alternatives to a diaper baby table

Did we miss any essential information about changing table ideas or do you have questions about the practicality of their use? Share your comments online with us in the section below. For more related content, visit our article about the different types of tables on this page.

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